Supertest:- Panhard EBR 105

The Supertest of the entire French wheeled line is stating with the tier X Panhard EBR 105 after the concept was trialed earlier with the Tier VIII armored car.


The official spiel.

What kind of vehicle is that?

Eight wheels, two driving modes, ‘magnet’ lock-on, the charge mechanic, and other distinct features are in place (and enhanced). The vehicle is extremely vulnerable for enemy fire, with a small HP pool and almost non-existent armor, so rely on its mobility and small size to survive. It counts as a light tank but the spotting distance is much shorter than those of tracked ones. The firepower is enough to finish off a damaged enemy at the end of a battle but not for an even-sided one-on-one engagement. The Panhard’s ace in the sleeve is its mobility. A 105-mm cannon has outstanding stabilization allowing to fire on the move but its reloading speed is to underline that damage dealing isn’t armored cars’ main specialty.

So, the Panhard EBR 105 has all the strong and weak sides of wheeled vehicles pronounced and gathered together. We only have to fine-tune.

How will it play?

At the start of a battle, as an extremely active spotter. At the middle, as a very agile reconnaissance vehicle with limited firepower. At a battle’s end, as a rapid and dangerous predator. ‘Speed and aggression’ is a wheeled vehicle’s creed. The Panhard will be relatively tough to handle and will suit experienced and confident tankers.

Depending on test results, we may change the stats for the Panhard EBR 105. Please follow the news and all the luck in every battle!

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