Supertest Patchnotes, version 0.9.16 #267


these are the Supertest pachnotes of the version 0.9.16 #267:

-Module/Price  New (Old)

  • Swedish tank destroyer Strv 103-0 ( new )
  • Swedish tank destroyer Strv 103B ( new )
  • German heavy tank VK 65.01 (H)
    • Price 100 ( 5 )
  • Swedish medium tank Strv m/42-57 Alt A.2
    • Price 100 ( 3700 )
    • Radio Ra 400
      • Level 6 ( 9 )
      • Price 21600 ( 43200 )
      • wot_distance 400 ( 710 )
      • Health 120 / 60 ( 150 / 75 )
      • Repair cost 1.2 ( 3 )
  • British heavy tank T95/Chieftain
    • Price 100 ( 5 )
  • Soviet heavy tank Object 257
    • Price 100 ( 5 )
  • Soviet light tank BT-7
    • Turret BT-7 mod. 1935
      • Gun 23 mm VJa
        • Shells BC-23
        • Shells UBR-23
    • Turret BT-7 mod. 1937
      • Gun 23 mm VJa
        • Shells BC-23
        • Shells UBR-23
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Supertest Patchnotes, version 0.9.16 #267

23 thoughts on “Supertest Patchnotes, version 0.9.16 #267

  1. leggasiini says:

    For a second i though about 9.17 full supertest patchnotes after reading it quickly, but then i readed…and blaahhh.

    Was this tbh even worth posting? Its just changes of placeholder gold prices to another placeholder prices and changes to Swede tank’s radio (which we already know). Strv 103-0 and 103b were just re-added to supertest, with UDES 03 moved for further rebalancing (thats what i heard).

      1. You are correct in providing the information and that people have the right to know since i doubt this concerns anyone’s livlihood. I am, however, bothered by how neglegent you and your other writers are to just provide raw statistics that on occasion frame the game incompletely. It’s a poor choice of indirect/neglegent bias from time to time like with the STRV 103-0 post that was confusing and had incomplete information just so that it could get publicity. Kind of like releasing information on the Obj 252 and only saying that the tank was russian and had 440 alpha alone. You’re not wrong and it might be the only information that you recieved but people will unjustly react to the tank without knowing the full picture because there is an enormous amount of hidden stats that generally determine the efficiency of a vehicle as well as consideration for the new siege mode mechanic that very little is known about. I am not asking for fibbing or shapping a post into propoganda but at least a little bit more of referring to unknown statistics as being indeterminate rather than ignoring them. Sorry about getting frusterated by this issue.

      2. We post as how things get leaked. If there’s no more statistical information being leaked we cant pull it off our arses. Its simple like that, it has nothing to do with negligence.

      3. A Dude says:

        Well, don’t listen to them. I came here from For The Record, so I am actually used to a much more frequent leakage of secret information about the game, for example. They came here expecting a blog about World of Tanks. It’s all perspective.

      4. It doesnt heat or cool me in any way dear. And things lately just have been really slow. Been taking the opportunity that things are slow to get some things done, currently studying for my theory test (driving license) and all sorts while the lads take care of it.

      5. Sorry, seems like I was vague.. I will just post up on DecoNoir’s last post because really he’s the one that annoyed me in the first place. Thanks for reading and I wish you goodluck on your test and stuff 🙂

      6. No need to apologise, I do welcome opinions when politely constructed and you gave yours. I wouldn’t have typed things much different than Deconoir, he does a great job, way better than I did when I started. He also only can post the information that is available/out.

        Thank you dear. 🙂

    1. A Dude says:

      Additionally, and I am most sorry the fact I was not able to read the comment written while I was writing my very own comment, I would like to point out that it is in fact a very good thing that new tanks get announced here first, au contraire to what was written here.
      It’s so we know what we can expect in the future.

      You’ve got to see the stats as a extra special treatment, an unnecessary addition that was still made to give more tactical insight about the tank. If an armored vehicle is announced as a T10 russian heavy tank on this blog and there’s only some gun stats leaked so far and not the armor and speed, we can still expect a comparatively fast, flat and well all-around armored vehicle. No matter what the exact stats might be then when they get leaked.

      It has absolutely zero to do with “misinforming people”, as everyone should be aware of the fact that supertest stats are most definitely subject of frequent changes – in a certain frame, of course, usually nothing drastic. Or in different words: Those who believe that shit are running into their very own traps.

      It IS indeed a problem though that many people do not seem to realize the latter – perhaps Rita should state it more clearly. Not that it would be necessary for people with even the slightest bit of common sense and knowledge. But idiots are everywhere it seems.

      Nothing concerning the supertest can be said with CERTAINCY. Thus none of the leaked stats, no matter how complete they seem, are CERTAIN.
      They just point the general direction of how the vehicle is going to perform.

  2. Why are people so quick to whine?

    Information is released as it is gotten. Some people whine that they only give small amount of details in th posts. Others complain that they wait too long to get full stats and want to see me frequent posts.

    If you don’t like it…FUCK OFF. Stop with your entitled bitching. The status report doesn’t owe you shit. You are not special except in the mental sense. So stop whining and bitching as if your life depends on it.

    If it is useful to you then enjoy. If not go away. Simple. If you are interested in it then the comments are here to discuss and talk about it. NOT for some entitled little prick to complain about how he doesn’t get exactly what he or she wants all the time.

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