Supertest- Pilsen Changes

Good day everyone,

A while back you may remember that WarGaming had started testing out a few changes to the Pilsen map. Well a few more changes have been made. While some changes are consistant, such as changes to the map size to 1000×1000m, WG is playing around with several ideas for the eastern portion of the map. Here are the ideas…

#1- Bridge Variant


The open area of the map is now dominated by a small river with a bridge. Overlooked by too small hills with bush cover and additional areas toward the north and south edges of the map for TD (or more likely, heavy tank) sniping.Along with scattered hard cover.

#2- Railway Variant


Similar to variant #1, but with the bridge/river area replaced by a more exposed, and flatter railroad with small houses in the center and more building to the east.

#3- River Variant


Much more drastic change. A river looping in from the east surrounding a few small houses, hills, and a large elevated area to the east. The rear sniping hills are a bit smaller.


More testing will be done hefore it’s decided what variant will be brought to the game. What do you lads think? Any particular version striking your fancy?

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