Supertest: Pilsen Map Changes

Good day folks,

Seems that a few changes to the Pilsen map are being tested. Emphasis is being put on making the map a bit more friendly to all classes, as well as opening up the map some. Its size will alwo be increased from 800m×800m to 1km×1km.



That’s all on it for now folks.


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Supertest: Pilsen Map Changes

23 thoughts on “Supertest: Pilsen Map Changes

      1. Glenn A says:

        fuck no it isnt, its far too campy and not to mention its horrible for most arty making it literally the worst city map for arty.

      2. Scorpiany says:

        I actually really enjoy Kharkov, it’s one of my more enjoyed maps – Despite it being a city map, there are sufficient lanes of approach and flanking opportunities; unlike in maps such as Redshire and Himmelsdorf where you know exactly where / how the engagement will occur.

        On Kharkov, there are a variety of possibilities for different vehicle classes for the most part, and as such, is a lot more flexible than the “average” city map.

    1. jesusvsainz says:

      actually they’ve been removed from both RU servers and SEA servers …

      karkov, stalingrad, overlord, pilsen, windstorm, tundra and others NEED a serious rework and/or total removal

  1. Anonymous says:

    Great! Just yesterday thought about when they (WG) will finally recognize that this map needs some massive changes. Next step would be too just remove Stalingrad at all. If they need it for Russian customers due to “patriotism”….they can keep it on the RU clusters. Kharkov only needs some minor tuning. Overlord on the other hand needs “some” rework as well.

  2. OraBera says:

    A full kilometer, YES! I personally hate maps (especially 600x600m) where it seems like everyone’s spotting range runs from one side all the way to the other.

  3. zombietropa says:

    I quite like the changes to the western flank of the map, but the eastern flank…

    It used to be a very good flank for the lights and mediums to have a close range brawl. The sunken lanes provided cover from those camping at the corners of the factory and TDs from the north and south. But now its all open, par from concealment for TD’s and buildings right next to the side of the map.

    I fell the eastern flank is going to get a lot more campy, and all the action is going to happen in the west.

    1. Bonesaw1o1 says:

      I agree, I kinda feel like they could have added the hills on the corners of the east side like they have in this version (give some more spots of TDs and sniper meds to work) but kept the village and lanes for brawlers.Now I feel like everything bar the low ground warehouses in the west is going to become one big killfield for TDs and cloaked tier X mediums which is just going to make more corridor compared to now which is relatively balanced in terms of engagement zones

  4. Pilsen is horrible, possibly the most horrible map as of now (Stalingrad thankfully shows up veeery rarely so it doesn’t matter anymore), so this is a good change.

    The only thing that I’m worried of is the east side, the middle section of east side seems awfully empty that it looks like a dead zone. Perhaps one small hill with gaps there would help for lights to do quick scout and retreat, with some additional small hard covers for protection. That way you could also use that hill to cross fire into line 8-9 which undoubtedly will become the new meta for meds.

  5. wfschepel says:

    Let’s see what they make of it. I dislike Cliff far more than Pilsen, at the moment. The middle ground near the hill is just retarded. It is a decent map for fast tanks and arty, everything else is just screwed. Pilsen is just bad for arty. Everything else has a game.

  6. East side of Pilsen is still very open no cover really, like why WG give us some dam cover on Maps
    anyway its a big improvement over Shit-Pilsen-Heavy Tank only- Heaven

    now remove those garbage corridor shit Maps that is Kharkov and Staligrand
    there is more to WOT than only ‘Heavy Tanks only Maps’ WG for fuck sake

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