SuperTest: Ridge 3 Map video


there a video of the map Ridge 3 which is currently in SuperTest:

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SuperTest: Ridge 3 Map video

12 thoughts on “SuperTest: Ridge 3 Map video

  1. X-RayCAT says:

    This is the place where TOG’s and Japanese heavies get the hot water they need in their built-in tea rooms…..

  2. silentvengace says:

    i like this map long ranges so i can snipe an places were i can brawl in my heavies aswell as a pretty decent arty map for personal missions so i give it a 10/10 WGing really needs to implement new maps playing the same ones over an over does get stale after awhile

  3. vladceltroll says:

    Rita, just as a small bit of info, one of the maps will feature… *drumroll*

    NIGHT BATTLES!!!11!111!11ONE1!1!ELEVEN1!1!1!!111!!
    Yes. You heard that right. Night. Fucking. Battles.

    Now, you may be asking from where did I get this piece of info. Simple, just go to their Facebook page and see for yourself.

  4. Tyrud says:

    Initially I thought this map was going to be a like a frozen version of Komarin, but I’m glad to see I’m wrong about that. It looks really good with some unique objects that aren’t just ‘Castle Wall #4’. I hope we see more stuff like this or like those never released Texas or Arizona maps.

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