Supertest: Ruinberg Pt III

The effort to better balance the two bases is still ongoing as the changes tried two weeks ago failed to do so. In the new test there are two versions. The first version has different starting places for both teams – reaching the key positions should take exactly the same amount of time. Some buildings in the eastern part have been moved, so that the south destroyers can support the allies fighting in the city. To this south-west corner of the map has additional items for destroyers (bushes, and buildings that can not be destroyed).

The second version also offers a pair of new items for Tank destroyers, by adding a new indestructible building in the square K0. Buildings on the east side in this version remain in place, and the central avenue can be controlled from three new positions. These positions are min. additional, destroyed building near the intersection, hill on the road nearby and ruins in square F7 – these ruins are available in the current version, but in version B they are slightly higher, allowing firing on tanks in the bushes on the other side of the road.

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Supertest: Ruinberg Pt III

6 thoughts on “Supertest: Ruinberg Pt III

  1. North spawn always has the advantage on this small old shit map
    it has bushes real cover and a clean line of sight to the middle and top village
    it still quicker to get to the middle area and shoot down the high street onto any HT’s etc

    South spawn I hardly ever in a team that Wins here
    if you go up to the tree line and hide in the trees next to the top road that’s it! go there and you get killed most times ~ then its another crush defeat 3-12 battle of 4 minutes

    no matter what WG does to ‘improve it’ it just gets worse than before (WG devs eh lol

    This map is complete Shit its old and from a bygone era of WOT it should RIP

  2. Anonymous says:

    World of Tanks map developers do not really seem to know what they are doing. They introduce terrible maps like Paris, and then when they rework an existing map, it seems to be worse off then when it started. All the maps they get their hands on, they seem to remove the “skill factors” from them, making them mostly “slug fest” maps designed for heavily armored tanks. Can’t these backward Russians hire someone that actually knows how to play the game?

  3. WhiteBaron777 says:

    As long as one team can shoot down into the city and the other team can’t, this map will never be balanced

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