Supertest: Ruinberg Pt III

The effort to better balance the two bases is still ongoing as the changes tried two weeks ago failed to do so. In the new test there are two versions. The first version has different starting places for both teams – reaching the key positions should take exactly the same amount of time. Some buildings in the eastern part have been moved, so that the south destroyers can support the allies fighting in the city. To this south-west corner of the map has additional items for destroyers (bushes, and buildings that can not be destroyed).

The second version also offers a pair of new items for Tank destroyers, by adding a new indestructible building in the square K0. Buildings on the east side in this version remain in place, and the central avenue can be controlled from three new positions. These positions are min. additional, destroyed building near the intersection, hill on the road nearby and ruins in square F7 – these ruins are available in the current version, but in version B they are slightly higher, allowing firing on tanks in the bushes on the other side of the road.

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