Supertest: Soviet Tier VIII med the Object 274a,


The key features of this tank are its good protection and powerful gun. The front turret armor reaches 230 mm. Regarding the hull, its armor plates are sloped at rational angles, and the effective armor thickness for the upper glacis is about 258 mm. Total HP: 1,200

The 107-mm gun uses a standard AP shell with armor penetration of 227 mm. Its special APCR shell has the average armor penetration of 289 mm. The combination of damage per shot of 320 and reload time of 9 seconds gives this tank one of the best damage per shot values among other Tier VIII medium tanks. However, you need to get close to the enemy to realize this potential because the accuracy of 0.38 and aiming time of 2.7 seconds won’t let you deliver sniper fire.

The Object 274a performs best in close-to-mid range combat. Its dynamics characteristics (maximum speed of 58 km/h and power-to-weight ration of 17.2 h.p/ton) allows for closing in on the enemy to realize high damage per minute. At the same time, decent frontal armor will help you survive while doing so.

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Supertest: Soviet Tier VIII med the Object 274a,

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