Supertest Stats & HD Screen shots For Bat-Chat 25 t

Notes from the developers:

Translation by DecoNoir

The purpose of these changes is essentially to make the tank more comfortable to play, and to differentiate the tank from the heavy autoloaders of the tech tree. The change in weaponry will allow the player to fire more confidently, as the increased drum size of six shells will make a single miss or ricochet far less fatal than they had been. The increase in clip size will also come with a shorter intra clip reload, allowing players to put more shells down range in a shorter amount of time. 

Improved accuracy and aim time will not only improve the quality of fire, but also potentially help with the overall survival of the tank, as it reduces the amount of time the player needs to be exposed in order to fire.

The available stats.

  • Tier: 10

  • HP: 1,800

  • Hull Armour: 60/40/30

  • Turret Armour: 50/30/15

  • Hull traverse: 42 ° / s

  • Turret traverse: 38 ° / s

  • View range: 400 m.

  • Max Speed: 65/23

  • Penetration: 252/278/50

  • Damage: 300/300/400

  • Accuracy: 0.36 m/100 m

  • Aim Time:2.5 s

  • Shells in drum: 6

  • Drum Reload Time: 34 s

  • Shell load Time: 2.4 s

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