Supertest Stats & HD Screen shots For Bat-Chat 25 t

Notes from the developers:

Translation by DecoNoir

The purpose of these changes is essentially to make the tank more comfortable to play, and to differentiate the tank from the heavy autoloaders of the tech tree. The change in weaponry will allow the player to fire more confidently, as the increased drum size of six shells will make a single miss or ricochet far less fatal than they had been. The increase in clip size will also come with a shorter intra clip reload, allowing players to put more shells down range in a shorter amount of time. 

Improved accuracy and aim time will not only improve the quality of fire, but also potentially help with the overall survival of the tank, as it reduces the amount of time the player needs to be exposed in order to fire.

The available stats.

  • Tier: 10

  • HP: 1,800

  • Hull Armour: 60/40/30

  • Turret Armour: 50/30/15

  • Hull traverse: 42 ° / s

  • Turret traverse: 38 ° / s

  • View range: 400 m.

  • Max Speed: 65/23

  • Penetration: 252/278/50

  • Damage: 300/300/400

  • Accuracy: 0.36 m/100 m

  • Aim Time:2.5 s

  • Shells in drum: 6

  • Drum Reload Time: 34 s

  • Shell load Time: 2.4 s

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Supertest Stats & HD Screen shots For Bat-Chat 25 t

76 thoughts on “Supertest Stats & HD Screen shots For Bat-Chat 25 t

      1. apache1990 says:

        Most autoloaders in the game are actually nerfed compared to their RL specs already (they’d have a much larger magazine in several cases, especially AMX 13s).

      2. RagnarokBazil says:

        type requires skill to play >> if you let anyone get as close as 50m and they get to hug your sides there’s 0 NOTHING you can do…

      3. AMX 13 has a drum of 10/12 rounds, in the game has only 4.

        Batchat exist actually:

        they are nerfed… but batchat is a tank hard to master… it has good speed but is bad maneouvering… the old 13 90 could beat him in a 1 vs 1 situation.

        But remember, it has only 50 mm of armor, every HE round, of a caliber 150+ could be DEADLY.
        Once tried to track a batchat with my e3, shot a HE 155mm round…
        Took 1100 point of damage.

    1. StevoMS says:

      Thats why they are nerfing it; because it is the best medium in the game, its why its the most common tank in competitive, its why there are so many replays featuring the thing on youtubers channels getting 10k damage 5k spotting and 12 kills. Yes i realise i am exaggerating but im making a point.

      1. Anonymous says:

        yes, and way more idiots dying with it in the 2nd minute of the battle after dealing 800 dmg and no spot at all. it’s a high skill cap tank and a living legend in wot, touching it is kinda blasphemy.

  1. Eqro says:

    Im so close to quit world of tanks this is just getting insane mediums are getting nerfed and heavys are getting buffed to nonsense this is horrible

  2. Ragnarokbazil says:

    Yeah sure bat even fucken needed this -.- when its the best tank in the medium tree… Oh and its better then all the light tanks.. Why drive a light again? Oh your showing us why… Fucktards. ..

  3. SpeedyCraft51 says:

    -one more shot in the clip (one more kill per clip in end game)
    -better full-clip reload (more flexibility)
    -still LT mobility, same HP, same low profile although historical turret size now, same accuracy

    Only downsides are :
    -lower caliber means 150 less clip potential damage. Wow. Now you wont oneclip a tier X MT anymore how sad. They removed the most gamebreaking part of the tank which was only useful in early game anyway and replaced it with better late-game potential.
    -lower pen. You have the fastest MT in the game this thing is a Light Tank get your ass around the ennemies you idiots.

    This is a buff. They nerfed the OP aspects of the tank and compensated A LOT by giving it a huge buff in late-game potential. And BC is supposed to be kept alive for late-game assassinations. The tank is now more reliable and more flexible for competitive gamemodes.
    As for the penetration : it still has enough pen to go through the sides of anything it meets. BC is not a sniper, it needs to get close to its targets and flank them. The pen is good as it is, and you still have gold ammo (oh no it’s not 330mm pen anymore you cant autopen the UFP of a Maus boo-hoo…).

    I though this tank had a high skill cap to be played bur by reading the comments it appears that people driving it are the typical no-skill no-brain only-gold uniscums that are so good and so skilled they think 280mm gold pen is too low and wont make it work… Learn to play properly.
    Now the tank will be how it was supposed to be ; and still the best tier X MT out there for anyone with enough brain cells to make it work.

    1. Destro says:

      Lol first off this is 100% not a buff , second the problem js the ridiculous 300 alpha and 252 pen (7mm sometimes makes the diff) beside the awful 1000 m/s shell velocity at t10 , BC is one of the perfectly balanced tank in the game (u can check it s global win rate values to see urself) im curious to know if u have the tank , the t9 BC will probable be better tier for tier actually

      1. Anonymous says:

        Balanced? LOL
        With the speed, size, dmg potential, camo and accuracy it has IS NOT balanced.
        I really like this change since it kinda balances a broken tank, however… SKODAS t50 need a revision too, pls~

    2. This is definitelly not a buff, because:
      – T10 LTs now have bigger alpha, most notably AMX 13 105, which is an autoloader as well…
      – it is a nerf in burst potential: 4 * 2.73 = 10.92s (time to unload since first round), according to these stats: 5 * 2.4 = 12s… So it will take LONGER to deal LESS dmg! And with less penetration, but that’s different matter entirely (that premium penetration is a joke).
      – We have a Skoda T50/51, which is more flexible, short reload, lower clip potential, very bursty cousin of BC. BC was always all about camo, high per clip dmg potential, long reload, mediocre soft stats and and high straight line speed. Now they want to take that away, pushing it in Skoda-like direction.

      I like those differences, and I don’t like that WG is even thinking (this is a supertest afterall) about taking the diversity away. So overall this is a pretty stupid nerf, and that’s coming from a person who isn’t a big fan of the tank in the first place.

      1. Nafre says:

        It seems more diversified to the skoda now. Bigger clip is always a benefit. Btw the lights only have 4 rounds at tier x with 320 alpha.
        The bc seems much more powerful now. You can do 600 dmg faster than you could do it before which can really save your life

    3. ROMBAT says:

      Dude how much is paying wg for you to sell us such a crap bullshit about how good it will be the batchat after this nerf?
      If it is in supertest it will be also in live server.

      1. Nafre says:

        Wg doesn’t pay people to say good things about their tanks lol. Though I see the charges as a benefit so what if you lose alpha and some pen. The tank is much more flexible now. I will definitely want one now

    4. Anonymous says:

      This is not a buff by any stretch. They’re about to take one of the most quirky, challenging, interesting tanks in the game and turn it into bland. Seriously this balancing team needs fired.

    5. sakatc says:

      They also nerfed the heat penetration by 52mm (330 to 278) which makes penning some armored tanks’ frontal weak spots difficult or impossible, especially since it still has the notorious bat accuracy. The decrease in the interclip is undercut by it being basically the same as the aim time, so you’ll have to be absolutely still for the entire clip in order to not lose significant accuracy. Turning your turret alone will mean you have to wait longer between shells anyway. If they don’t buff the soft stats heavily on the gun and increase the ammo count, then the bat will be shelved forever in favor of tanks like the object 907. Even if they do it will be reduced to a flanking only role and be much more mediocre. Look at that stubby as gun on the model too… it looks like balls.

  4. Destro says:

    Wow if they will nerf my fav tank in the game and make it shit like this ill quit , they cant nerf type5 and maus but nerf BC which is one of the most balanced tank in the game

    1. SpeedyCraft51 says:

      “Most balanced tanks in the game”
      >LT mobility, rather good camo
      >1950 clip damage, best in game outside of Foch155, can oneclip all non heavy tier X tanks (even the heavy TDs on a high roll)
      >still insane pen, better than average accuracy, lol-armor

      Yeah and I guess while this tank is the most balanced in game, things like ARLv39 are completely Op while you’re at it lol…

      Be honest with yourself and just admit that you like playing OP tanks rather than making up some nonsense to justify you being against the nerf.
      Everyone has his opinion, you may not want the tank to be nerfed, but have the balls to not try to hide facts to defend it…

      1. Destro says:

        LT s are actually more mobile but they r not competetive due to nerfs , worst accuracy on a t10 med and 1950 clip dmg that takes around 10 secs to get unloaded (if u dont miss shots even at med range), then again u dont have the tank and probably get outplayed by it while it s driven by skilled players , or maybe some noobs yolo u bcuz u were isolated and u then feel it s op

      2. Anonymous says:

        You don’t sound like you own one. If you did you would know they aren’t OP. Good, but not OP. The gun handling is bad, the turret traverse is bad, the circling is bad and has already been nerfed. In fact nearly all its stats were nerfed in the past. It is the last of the interesting tanks though. WG are about to disenfranchise about 30% of their player base with this nerf. They need a sanity check.

      3. ROMBAT says:

        Dude…bc 25t has not light tank mobility…it has the speed in stright line…t62, obj 140, centurion action x, stb are better than batchat on circle heavy tanks, they have better travers speeds.
        1950 clip dmg is just a pure theory…8 of a 10 bursting 5 shell rounds are not going to pen the side of a grille 15 even in close range because wg programmed with rng that. Just 3 or 4 shoots will pen the side of grille 15 the rest of the shoots will be eaten by tracks.
        Batchat 25 t has worst dpm out of all meds and now is even worst…how come this is a buff.
        Just you and wg thing that all players are so retarded not to realize what iis a nerf and what is a buff.

      4. Tiger says:

        Dude, are you just dumb?

        It’s global WR is right around 50%…nowhere near the top. You don’t even know what OP means. I bet you’re a potato.

      5. SpeedyCraft51 says:

        BC may have 50 % WR but it also has 2k average damage dealt. This places it in the top 25 by damage dealt ; and is way higher than the average.

        Also note how with this average damage per game : it statisticaly works better than Obj140 (an OP soviet tank that is a much better tank with much better DPM, after what you guys say) ; and below E-50M which is known for its terribad dpm for a tier X MT.
        Proof that both DPM and WR do not mean shit. A tank with really high dpm wont work if it doesnt get to fire continuously, unlike autoloaders whicg can burst a crapton of damage in only a few seconds (which is what makes them OP), and armored tanks which get to fire more consistently.

        I may not be a unicum but at least I understand how the game works.
        -BC is a famous tank which means a lot of people play it, including idiots, which makes WR go down. If you took the tank’s WR only for games played with “above average” /good players and above (green+ on XVM scale), the win rate will be higher.
        -WR on a tank with 40s clip reload andnonly 35 shells is obviously gonna be lower than it should be because the tank cannot carry games.
        -Using DPM to evaluate the effectiveness of an Autoloader instead of using burst damage is completely retarded. You don’t use a stat based on continuous fire to test a tank that unloads 2k damages in 10s then does nothing for 40s.

        Having good stats doesnt make you smart. It makes you a good player, or a gold noob depending on how skilled you actualy are. But because you do good in game doesnt always means you understand how everything works. And your arguments prove it. DPM and WR don’t work for all tanks. Autoloaders dont use DPM as a stat. And the most popular tanks will always have lower WR because more idiots will play them, WR above 48 % is high in this case.

      6. Anonymous says:

        Top 25 in DMG dealt?? Is this an achievement now? How many tier10-s do we have again?

  5. So the bat chat which was already very well balanced in comparison to most tier 10 and a fun tank too is now being needed into a tier 10 bat chat ap….gg WG….gg…

    Which idiot at their balance department comes up with this shit…sigh

    1. heinz says:

      The BC can kill tier 10 mediums in 13,6 seconds. In this time the enemy can to 780 dmg to it. That is not fair and hopefully fixed now

      1. As ive said a thousand times, you cannot rate a tank solely on one parameter. Its closed minded morons like you that give shitty feedback to WG.
        The bat chat is currently one of the best balanced tier 10 tanks in the game. Sure it has a good clip but try hitting and penetrating all 5 with that gun handling. Especially at anything but close range. It has 0 armour, poor gun depression, loses a ton of speed when turning, long reload time.
        It is simply different. A different playstyle which is good for the game. Instead of the usual imbalanced tanks with all the same playstyle.
        P.s. most meds can get off 3 shots while a bat chat unloads. That’s more than 780…

      2. Anonymous says:

        Try hitting and penetrating all 5 with that gun handling…
        lol, play the Leopard 1, loses a ton of speed, such lol, It has 0 armour lol, as the leopard 1, long reload time lol
        Its a broken auto, deal with it.

    1. Me says:

      Why to drive an OP fantasy tank if instead we could use the real in service amx30?

      For a reason french dont produced batshit, if WG makes it superior to real service tanks is plain bullshit

    1. Destro says:

      If u think that it deserve that nerfed then it must be cuz of those 2 situations : 1. U get yoloed by noobs that clip u then die (which has nothing to do with anything but the tank capabilities that can be abused sometimes by noobs)
      2. U get outplayed by it with skilled players driving it and then u think it should be nerfed

      1. SpeedyCraft51 says:

        You talk about skilled players but you complain about 280mm pen not being enough to make a gun work lol

  6. Anonymous says:

    278 premium pen is less than the light tanks… I don’t mod making the other options for guns more useful but they need to keep the 105mm

  7. Ulysses says:

    Ive said in the past we need a BatChat HD model ASAP. I take that back. As long as these changes come with HD, i dont want it.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Fucking finally. Batshitters and the unishits that do nothing but farm damage in this completely broken heap of retarded junk deserve this and this is a much needed nerf. The fucking tank has insane damage potential, it can clip a T10 tank in one go and that’s not normal. The gun also suffers from now drawbacks that any other autoloaders get.

    I welcome this change. And I hope every goddamn PoS that farmed unicum points in this machine burns to death in the deepest corner of hell.

    1. dandrew2000 says:

      Dafuq are you on about? The gun is really potato on the bat chat, and “unishits” like to play it because of the high potential of the tank. The bat chat has a relativly high skill floor and skill ceiling, meaning it’s really easy to do one mag, not pen all your shots and die, but if you’re a skilled player you can do a lot more than that. But I guess WarGaming should have the interests of the average pubbie in mind and in that regard I guess bad players are tired of being outplayed so the playing field must be made more even with the medium nerfs and the heavy buffs that means anyone can have an excellent game.

    2. ROMBAT says:

      You are playing another game dude…since when in practice and theory a batchat can oneclip kill a tier 10 heavy. As long as i know all heavies are above 2000hp and batchat has a pottencial dmg of 1950…so do the math.
      After nerfing batchat they will nerf tvp than another tank and another and it will come the time to your favorit tank to be nerfed…will you be happy like now?

    3. Tiger says:

      Keep whining potato. The global WR of the BC puts it at very balanced.

      You just suck. Admit it. Learn from it. Improve.

      I bet you are one of those people that is all for participation trophies.

      1. SpeedyCraft51 says:

        So with bat chat its “oh wow you cant get away from am autoloader able to remove all your health in 10s, you suck so much, and 50 % WR means its balanced” ; but when you get hit by the old arty with their 0.9 accuracy and 3s shell travel time and their >48 % WR, its definitely arty that is the problem.

        I’m sorry the best players in this game like you apparently have brain damage. It’s a shame that being retarded is the only way to be good in a game.

    4. Anonymous says:

      BC25T is 10th on average WR. It has the lowest DPM of any T10 med. Compared to any T10 med it has worse stats for nearly every metric except a few. Go look for yourself. In fact the only thing it does better is brawl when full clip against 1 enemy tank. And god forbid you bounce a single shot. That’s why it’s not nearly as easy to play well as people on the receiving end think. The people who ground to the Bat know this, but they love it like the ugly step child it is because when it does finally pay off, it pays big. The rest of the time is a world of pain and RNG kicks to the nuts. And they are going to make it worse.

      1. SpeedyCraft51 says:

        If you use DPM when talking about autoloaders you have serious problems…

        Autoloaders are not about DPM but about burst damage.
        They may not be able to do a consistent 3k dmg per minute but no other tank can do 2k damage in 10s.

        Stop pulling out random stats out of your ass, DPM means nothing in autoloaders.

    5. Lol, this guy clearly knows what he is talking about.

      “The gun also suffers from now drawbacks that any other autoloaders get.”

      Is this guy for real? Surely not……

      1. Tiger says:

        Speedycraft you are a fucking clown potatoe that obviously knows nothing about the Batchat. Anybody that did the grind and drives one now knows that it is anything but OP. People get irritated by arty because there is hardly anything to counter it outside of other arty. Go watch the Anfield video he did where he played arty with one hand and during the reloads he went and read a book or just laid on his bed and did nothing.

        Regarding the Batchat, the gun is blah. The global WR is around 50%. Doing well in it at all is 50% RNG based it seems like most of the time. You either have great games, or more frequently, “wtf is up with this tanks damn gun”, games. He doesn’t even have a Batchat. Anybody in their right mind thinks it needs a gun handling buff if anything, not nerfs…especially nerfs to pen.

        What in the actual FUCK Wargaming.

  9. RIP_BC25t says:

    I’m so fucking happy I SOLD MY ACCOUNT FOR 400 EURO :D… BC25t was my FAVORITE tank and now they want to nerf it so hard…


  10. Anonymous says:

    Checked its stats imho great scout great 1 vs 1 great sniping abilities
    checked vbaddict winrate and rate of appearance both far to high
    I dont have this tank but I am sure it would deserve a nerf

    1. Tiger says:


      It sucks at sniping. The gun handling is crap. It’s global WR is around 50%. So no, the WR is not far too high. Dumbass.

      Do you just make shit up and post?


  11. Keller says:

    Other than the pen nerd this might not be so bad. As long as the really buff the gun stats like they did with the 1390. The 1390 does not have the same burst damage,but its gun handling and reload more than make up for it. The view nerd to the scouts in the game was dumb. And this is warming after all,so they are going to screw it up. This is why I haven’t started any new lines. Grind the T57,the nerd and bring out the skoda. Grind out the IS7, and they power creep it with massive repeated buffs to the 113. They bait and switch to much. If they screw with my E50m,I’m out. Fyi wargaming, artillery is making ranked battles makes the mode hell.

  12. Anonymous says:

    So now light tank have more damages than medium tanks it’s have no sense to nerf that BC clip, BC is perfect actually he don’t need any changes. And that HD gun is a joke it is ugly as fuck looks like a tier 5 gun… This game is falling down more and more

  13. MrDobalina says:

    This is a straightup nerf thats imho not necessary
    lemme explain why:

    1) Damage potential went from being 11’700 (30 shells @390 alpha) to 10’200 ( 34 shells @300 alpha). Thats a decrease by nearly 10%.

    2) Burst potential changed from 1950 dmg in 10,92sec to 1800 in 12sec. -> you have to stay stil for longer to do even less damage, means you are very likely to get shot more often.

    3) Reduced penetration from 259mm to 252mm, even more bounces and no ability to hit weak spots effectively cause of the utter shit accuracy of .36 and bullcrap dispersion values. furthermore is the decrease of APCR ammo for long distances more important now -> less penetrating hits

    4) the ‘fear factor’ is nearly gone now…the damn 100mm rolls between 225 and 375 damage, and most of the time you only do around the 280-somewhere range

    5) the caliber reduction brings with it a reduction in module damage -> less critical hits, more shots eaten by tracks, modules etc

    DPM i dont care for autoloaders cause it says shit, but i dont like where this is going at all…even though its ‘just’ a supertest, this might go live aswell as other bullshit lately

  14. Mike says:

    Did tier 10 Bat 25T 105mm gun have 6 shot autoloader at 1 time and of so where can I find the change from 6 shot to 5 shot on 105mm.

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