Supertest Stats- T-26G FT

Brief stats of the Tier 2 Chinese TD, which for the time being will be exclusive to the Chinese server with the rest of the TD line:

Tier: 2

Hit Points: 125

Weight: 10 tons

Power to Weight: 9.5

Engine Power: 95hp

Armor: 18/15/10mm

Hull Traverse: 32 deg/sec

Gun Traverse: 45.9 deg/sec

Speed: +36/-10 kph

Terrain Resistances: 1.151/1.342/2.301

View Range: 270

Signal Range: 300


Gun: 47mm Type 1G FT

Penetration: 81/130/25mm

Damage: 70/70/90

DPM: 1510.3

Reload: 2.781 sec.

Rate of Fire: 21.576

Accuracy: .364

Aim Time: 2.01 sec.


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