Supertest Stats- T-26G FT

Brief stats of the Tier 2 Chinese TD, which for the time being will be exclusive to the Chinese server with the rest of the TD line:

Tier: 2

Hit Points: 125

Weight: 10 tons

Power to Weight: 9.5

Engine Power: 95hp

Armor: 18/15/10mm

Hull Traverse: 32 deg/sec

Gun Traverse: 45.9 deg/sec

Speed: +36/-10 kph

Terrain Resistances: 1.151/1.342/2.301

View Range: 270

Signal Range: 300


Gun: 47mm Type 1G FT

Penetration: 81/130/25mm

Damage: 70/70/90

DPM: 1510.3

Reload: 2.781 sec.

Rate of Fire: 21.576

Accuracy: .364

Aim Time: 2.01 sec.


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Supertest Stats- T-26G FT

13 thoughts on “Supertest Stats- T-26G FT

    1. It is already confirmed long before they are introducing new exclusive TDs, when you can literally buy Type 59 gold edition for 10k CNY (~1.6k USD), Tier X Chieftain MK 5 for 30k CNY (~5k USD, also note that 30k CNY is more than 4 times the average of personal monthly income in China). You can also by stuff like M60, VK7201K and T55A. Remember the VK100.01P which was introduced not that long ago? Chinese server had that as a “supertest” vehicle, but for sale, in the live server like 2 years ago just with different stats. It’s like crazy πŸ™‚ Butta ya know it is what it is.

  1. Bricktop says:

    Hmm, yeah, plenty of time and resources to work on a tier 2 td. Sooo good we don’t have a broken tank class on test server that ends soon and desperately needs attention. Yyyep, nothing wrong. Oh, look, is that a bird?

    1. Teknokraatti says:

      KongZhong doesn’t have anything to do with WG Minsk. It has completely independent balancing, sells T10 premiums and hosts the infamous Type 59 Gold.

      Did you even read the article? It was even disclosed that the Chinese TDs aren’t planned to enter the rest of the servers any time soon. Direct quotation: “-which for the time being will be exclusive to the Chinese server with the rest of the TD line”

      I don’t see many different interpretations of that.

    1. Renarde_Martel says:

      Well, 59-Patton was originally said to be CN exclusive, as was the 121B. Pretty sure we ended up getting both of those, so the TDs may yet come.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Actually I would like to see those TDs come to the EU server. The Chinese didn’t get anything since their introduction (I mean, really, the new lights are first new tanks coming since they were introduced in 8.3). And I know, that is because they don’t have historical candidates, but I’m willing to overlook it for the sake of new tanks.

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