SuperTest: Swedish Strv 103B Full Stats


these are the ST full stats of the upcoming Swedish tier 10 Strv 103B Tank:


Tier: 10
Hitpoints: 1 600
Engine: 730
Weight: 40 300
Power-to-weight: 18.1
Maximum speed: 50/45 km/h
Hull traverse: 35
Turret traverse: 0
Terrain resistance: 0,8/0,9/1,6
Viewrange: 370
Radio range: 850
Hull armor: 40/30/30
Turret armor: What Turret?

Gun: 10,5 cm kan strv 103 L/62
Damage: 390/390/480
Penetration: 308/350/53
DPM: 2507.7
ROF: 6.43
Reload: 9.33
Accuracy: 0.3

Aimspeed: 3s

Armor and Model:

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SuperTest: Swedish Strv 103B Full Stats

39 thoughts on “SuperTest: Swedish Strv 103B Full Stats

  1. Anonymous says:

    hey there guys, did they mention what are they gonna do about the fact that these guns seem to have 0 degree left and right traverse and no gun depression?

    1. Anonymous says:

      They are implementing the historical suspension these tanks had, which allowed the to raise the back of the tank, no clue on traverse though

    2. apache1990 says:

      The hydraulic suspension gun control mechanism isn’t reflected in these numbers, the ones shown are likely undeployed/on-the-move stats.

  2. Anonymous says:

    308mm base pen? Holy mother of Teresa that’s gonna take the Object 268 out of its throne of the highest AP pen of all the tier X TDs.

      1. septfox says:

        Nowhere near the accuracy and higher aim time. The FV183 is an RNG boat.

        This thing can reliably pen just about anything in the game, provided they don’t move long enough for it to aim, what with the 0 gun traverse. T92s and Mauses and whatnot are very quickly going to learn to dread seeing one on the enemy team.

  3. Death_Bot_3001 says:

    Any tier 8 and up with a 100mm gun can pen this thing with HE.

    It might have good stationary camo but since you have to constantly move the hull to aim, it makes its camo usless.

    1. HaliBURD says:

      Did you see the spaced armor at the front? Did you look at the angling?

      That`s well beyond a 70 degree angle on both armor plates meaning unless it`s 120mm HE, it`ll bounce. Even then, the whole front is practically coated in spaced armor ruining not only HE but HEAT as well.

      1. RedWarning says:

        It’s a special tank, whether it will be good or not depends a lot on WG and their skill at designing the special features it requires.

      2. Patata Caliente says:

        True. The Strv 103B was equipped with a special protective grid to protect it against HEAT ammunition, which is included in the model. Unless it is hit in the lower part of the front plate, this thing should eat HE and HEAT shells without taking much damage at all.

      3. Ragnarokbazil says:

        Unless its hit by the kongo battleship gun on the type 5 and type 4 gun 4 meter splash that’s still going to hurt it lol

  4. kunexar says:

    Ok, “hull” stats can be accurate, but i don’t think that gun stats are right ones. Same as t9?? Nope, always t10 had little better stats (look at any “NATO” gun mediums). Usually ~2-4s faster reload and better aim time. If we consider that and we should get td that have at least 2800DPM with 8.33s reload and almost 3200DPM if we use 7.33s reload. With aim time i would blindly guess at 1.8-2.4s.

      1. Brighteyes says:

        I thought it was going to have at least 3000 dpm, though it has an awfull alpha, and great aim time (about 1.9) though it has no gun traverse. Just like, is there any reason to get this tank? And the same thing goes for the tier 10 heavy, why? Excuse my salt-ness

      2. kunexar says:

        I think that they are correct stats but from first tank that this gun will be possible to mount (t9). On t9 they make sense, and as i said, i expect DPM around 3k on t10 for that gun^^

  5. Brighteyes says:

    Sooo, why would I play this tank? Horrible aim time, bad dpm, no armor or HP. The only thing it got going for it is the pen and suspension

    1. Xavier says:

      Did you just say no armor? Look at the angling. That’s extremely thick effective armor and the front mesh is spaced armor designed to stop HEAT and HE rounds

  6. The armor oddly enough looks amazing so long as you don’t get above the tank, I think it will help keep the vehicle from brawling which is important. The spaced armored on the front looks like an outstanding anti-heat fuck off shield, loving that, dpm is medium tank rate of fire, which for the tank’s mobillity and expected mobillity and accuracy isn’t a bad thing. Plus, keep in mind this will probably be the most sneaky tier X td compared to a grille and this tank has armor which adds enormously to the tank’s carry potential. DPM does seem a bit low, but I have no doubt it will reliably do its damage with .3 accuracy and 300+ pen. Looking forward to the tank, just wish they would call it a medium tank because against the norm of tier X td’s with 750 alpha the 390 alpha is going to look kind of lack luster, but compare this tank to a leopard 1, M48, or AMX 30B and this tank looks pretty balanced. Thankfully not an OP Tier X E25.

  7. real_toothdecay says:

    I seem to recall WG saying they would NEVER implement the “S” tank. Hydraulics and other items are too hard to make happen.
    Does this mean the JP STB-1 gets the same treatment ? Cause it’s suspension has the same adjustability ?

    1. Anonymous says:

      they gave the stb fake turret gun depression to get the value instead so it would be taking that away and putting in hull movement

  8. Stealth_71 says:

    The original works on rich lines. It drove behind them and raised with it’s suspension so high that it could look just over the rich line. Then it drove back a little bit. in case of an attack it drives up fires one or more shots and drop back again. Thats why it is so fast backwards. In this scenario it may work well, but you Need the suspension for that act, and if you are caugth in the open or from the side: Your screwed. 30-70 mm Armor on T10 is a joke. Even Tier 4 can punch through that.

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