Supertest: T-44-85 M

Good day everyone,

A (semi) new premium has shown up in supertest: T-44-85 M. By all appearances its essentially a stock T-44 with boosted mobility. Here are the stats so far.


HP: 1200
Engine Power: 750
Weight: 31.37 t
Power-to-Weight ratio: 23.91
Speed: + 60 / -20 kph
Hull Traverse: 60 °/s
Turret Traverse: 52.1 °/s
Terrain Resistances: 0.863 / 0.959 / 1.918
Hull Armor: 75/75 mm
Turret Armor: 115/90 mm
View Range: 380 m
Signal Range: 700 m
Crew: 4

Gun: 85 mm ZIS-S-53BM
Damage: 180/180/300
Penetration: 183/248/44 mm
DPM: 2252.6
Rate of fire: 12.514
Reload: 4.795 s
Accuracy: 0.345
Aim Time: 2.01s
Depression/Elevation: -6 ° / + 20 °

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Supertest: T-44-85 M

39 thoughts on “Supertest: T-44-85 M

    1. Would be neat to see how the lowest damaging medium tank at tier 8 plays out. A bold move to add some more variety to the tier 8 medium class which almost all of them do 240/250 dmg with a few of them hitting for 320/390. Hopefully this will open the door for new types of tanks. At this point of world of tanks, it’s nearly impossible to make a popular premium tank that hits such a wide audience as the russian medium players.

    1. That seems a bit unfair to tier 7 players. The tank is far too mobile to be swinging around 90 mm of angled armor. You’d essentially recreate a type 59 at tier 7 with that logic since firing premium rounds with 200 pen in your situation would be blatantly overpowered.

      1. rubberboas says:

        Maybe try reading the entire comment you imbecile. Drop pen to 144 AND drop the entire tank to tier 7

    1. That is debatable, the LTTB is very powerful and this tank has more penetration and simply epic dpm for a tier 8 medium. Also, russian mediums are one of the most played tank classes in world of tanks, if you were going to sell a medium with a ground breaking low alpha then that would be the audience that you would sell it to. The concept of low alpha/dpm medium simply would not work for any other nation without being a flat copy of 240 ish alpha or a captured vehicle.

    1. Wargaming could just sell hats on tanks and make the money they need to keep a MMO like WOT open to thousands of players around the world. There simply isn’t a better solution at the moment that sells as well as or better than premium tanks.

    1. Every gun on the upgrade through a tank does introduce a new gameplay system. Not a bad idea to not let those mechanics go to waste. It does sound disingenuous but this gun is fairly unique to the russian line. The closest weapon to this is the LTTB’s gun and that has less penetration so to call it a clone (which you certainly did not but others have) is a bit of a stretch of the imagination.

  1. Stronk Boi says:

    Why so mad, yes I know its another premium tank, its another soviet, but look closer, this tank with this mobility and gun, looks like its very fun to play 🙂

  2. betterdead thanred says:

    better turret armor than standard 44, but worse frontal armor.

    but interesting gun, speed and mobility

    complained alot before about premiumtanks, but have we really gone that far off track now?

    1. hmm you are right about the armor, out of curiousity, do you see this as a bit of a tier 8 version of an LTTB? more hitpoints and armor (same effective frontal armor but significantly better side armor). Perhaps people are just looking at the picture and just see a T-44 when I look at the stats and see a fairly unique medium with the lowest in class alpha but also highest dpm for one of the best side armored mediums.

      1. betterdead thanred says:

        yeah, LTTB first popped into my mind, with this speed and dpm for potential tracking and circling, it’d be a beast

  3. Okay haha, sorry for the comment spam but this tank is exciting to see from a statistical point of view~ I don’t want to see it shot down for being modeled after an unpopular tank when tier 8 mediums are extremely underpowered as it is. Making them stronger in the dpm area might be what is needed to bring them back to a competitive point in the game!

  4. Anonymous says:

    guess the holydays are over…….WG is starting to pump out premiums at a steady pace…..they spent too much money on Christmas bonuses for themselves……..time to make more MONEY!!!

      1. Anonymous says:

        This is T-44-85 bumped up to tier 8. It’s the exact same model of the T-44 prototype that both T-44-85 and T-44-122 use as those were the three pilot vehicles, the Driver hatch and the model quality give it away, this is the same old tank with different stats.

  5. Anonymous says:

    So a t44 100 with a 85mm gun and somehow worse armor?

    Wheres our french td to replace the fcm?

    from the top of mind ussr has:
    T34 85M
    T44 122
    T44 100
    T44 100R
    T54 mod1
    Obj 907

    Dont get me started on the Hts

  6. Nevermind says:

    dumbest thing I have see all day! Who the hell wants a stock T44 at tier 8? It sucked enough the first time. Rather have the T54 proto or the T44-100

    1. abusemtex says:

      Please take a look at the stats.
      The 85mm cannon has better pen and soft stats than the top 100mm T-44 cannon.
      DPM is rather nice and mobility is also pretty good.

  7. Jonny Texas says:

    Who needs more maps? I get that these things are easy to make, but who gives a crap about gimped clones? I played for 2 hours +/- on three maps yesterday. Prok, overlord, and Himmelsdorf…

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