Supertest: T26E5 Stats Updated


the stats of the Premium T26E5 have been updated:

-Thanks to Ctacello.


  • Primary shells now will be APCR  with 230 mm pen
  • Reverse Speed nerfed to 15 km/h
  • Engine power was buffed but details weren’t given.

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Supertest: T26E5 Stats Updated

13 thoughts on “Supertest: T26E5 Stats Updated

  1. Blade William Mckenzie says:

    Here is how it’ll go, they’ll remove the Super Pershing from premium shop and then they’ll buff the Super Pershing much like they did with the 112. I’m keeping every tank I’m convinced WG consistently buff tanks that are no longer in the store.

  2. psychopatton says:

    My poor Panther 88 with only 237 pen on it’s premium APCR.. And what ever happen to changing the T95E2’s income?? It’s listed as premium but earn no extra credits. They said a long time ago their looking into it. Would be great if you could ask someone that might check.

  3. Jurrunio says:

    Any official or unofficial 9.15.2 patch notes? I found out the basic (old) renderer has one new feature: New track motions. This used to be the improved (new) renderer’s extra effect, but now even the basic one got it. It only works for tanks with HD model though (same as improved renderer? I’m not sure about that). To be specific, it works for my WZ-131 and Cruiser II, but not SU-122-44

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