Supertest: T92 Light Tank


an oldie, the US T92 LT has made its way into Supertest server, last time we had heard about this vehicle was a year ago with Storm saying that wasn’t planned for 2015. These are the T92 LT stats:


Tier: 7
Hitpoints: 840
Engine: ???
Weight: ???
Power-to-weight: ??? hp/t
Maximum speed: 60/25 km/h
Hull traverse: 70 deg/s
Turret traverse: 50 deg/s
Terrain resistance: ?/?/?
Viewrange: 400
Radio range: ?
Hull armor: ?/?/?
Turret armor: ?/?/?

Gun: ???
Damage: 150/?/?
Penetration: 175/?/?
ROF: 10.261
Reload: 4.5 s
Accuracy: 0.42

Aimspeed: 1.9

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Thanks to Ctacello for helping. 🙂

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Supertest: T92 Light Tank

18 thoughts on “Supertest: T92 Light Tank

    1. Renarde Martel says:

      I have it in AW and it’s just so weirdly sluggish. The gun isn’t stellar either, but at least it’s decent

  1. What is interesting is the machine gun to the left is a 50 caliber and the machine gun to the far right side is a 30 caliber machine gun. But where will this fit into wot? It has the same 76mm as the Walker Bulldog because it was intended to replace it? Will it be a premium?

  2. The Armored Warfare T92 is a Tier 2 Premium and cost 650 gold.

    Stats are:

    Hitpoints: 840
    Engine: AOI-628-1 Engine
    Maximum speed: 60/25 km/h
    Hull traverse: 33.5 deg/s
    Turret traverse: 47.93 deg/s
    Viewrange: 441.5 m
    Hull armor: 13/19/10 mm
    Turret armor: 32/19/19 mm

    Gun: 76 mm T185E1 Cannon
    Damage: 198 only Heat Dhells
    Penetration: 129 mm
    DPM: 2270
    Reload: 5.22 s
    Accuracy Spread : 0.12 degreees

    Hope this information is informative.

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