Supertest: T92 LT Full Stats


the T92 LT stats just came out, thanks to Ctacello for helping out:



Tier: 7
Hitpoints: 840
Engine: 340
Weight: 16 987
Power-to-weight: 20.02 hp/t
Maximum speed: 60/25 km/h
Hull traverse: 70 deg/s
Turret traverse: 52.1 deg/s
Terrain resistance: 0.288/0.384/1.055
Viewrange: 400
Radio range: 745
Hull armor: 31.8/25.4/?
Turret armor: 28.6/28.6/?

Gun: 76 mm Gun T185E1
Damage: 150/150/185
Penetration: 175/210/38
DPM: 2085.7
ROF: 13.905
Reload: 4.315 s
Accuracy: 0.403

Aimspeed: 1.82

Armor and Model:


In-Game Screenshots:

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Supertest: T92 LT Full Stats

49 thoughts on “Supertest: T92 LT Full Stats

    1. Teknokraatti says:

      It only has the 3D-model. The only textures that the tank has are on the tracks and the base colour, of course. It will look bad until its textures are completed, but I’d guess that this will be a pretty tank.

      1. wheeledtank says:

        Then again, it could be different depending on who’s (WG or Obsidian) sources are correct

    1. T71 CDMC isnt a copy paste.there were 2 designes for the T71 produced by 2 companies. One is what’s in game, the other is the T71 CDMC. If you’re that ignorant on the matter then don’t say anything

      1. It may be real but but having two tanks that are that similar kinda feels like a premium just out to get money. hence copy/ paste

      2. Cromwell B, that’s copy/past premium for the sake of money. T71 CMCD has different firing loading system, different mobility and different armor. Saying that it’s copy/paste is like saying that the T110 tanks are copy/past because they were all designed to use the same engine and 120mm guns

  1. Ultrasonic2 says:

    WOWOW that PW and terrain Resistance will make this amazingly fast / the fastest tank in the game ?

    i might be interested if this has good gun depression but it look like is has stuff all and thus useless

  2. septfox says:

    Power-to-weight: 20.02 hp/t
    Hull traverse: 70 deg/s
    Terrain resistance: 0.288/0.384/1.055

    Ahahaha oh god that’s going to be silly.

    Does anyone happen to know how big it’s supposed to be? 17 tons isn’t exactly the lightest thing (the SP1C for instance is ~10t, the T71 is ~20t), so I’m going to guess it’s bigger than it looks.

    1. Sp1c- Length: 4m, height: 2.39m, width: 2.3m
      T92 LT- length 5m, could not find height and width but it is smaller then the Walker Bulldog (3.2m wide, 2.7m tall)

  3. Soifon99 says:

    hey look a copy of the non auto loading bulldog, or just the same old gun from the american lights as always.. come on people at wg, think of something different for once.. we already have the T71/bulldog/T71CMDC with this gun.. so now the T92? … Zzzz

    1. Were you born this stupid? Or did you have to work on it?

      You’re talking about tanks built in the 1950’s… no shit they would be re-using the same guns/engines/etc, why change development process when what was already being mass produced was effective against what it was used for?

      1. they are not stealing from AW. they planned to add it a long time ago. And plus, if they copy from AW it will only make the game better

      2. Last time i checked, Neither WT or AW or even WG owned the tank’s design, so noone is stealing from anyone, just because its in one game doesn’t mean anything, its like saying “AW stole the basic tank combat design from WG because of the HP system it has and armour penetration mechanics!” Its just pointless and stupid to even bother saying stuff like that.

    1. wheeledtank says:

      Then I hope it has the 3.5 degrees of forward gun depression that way I can charge into battle backwards

    2. Captain obvious says:

      I asked the chieftan back in 2013 about a light tank tree for the US, and he said that this was one of thier priority tanks because it’s unique. They did not steal it from AW, and plus, AW is a literal clone of WoT in almost every respect, and was based on WoT’s code. WG would at any one time the right to rip obsidian a new arsehole because of the similarly and what the devs have said in the past about WG and AW.

  4. big booty no aids says:

    Literally best terrain resistance in the game combined with best hull traverse in the game, on top of that thing is very low on height so I assume batshit good camo values as well. Seems too good for non russian tank, will most likely be “”””””””””””””””rebalanced””””””””””””””””””””””

  5. gpc_4 says:

    Looks like an interesting tank, much better then a slightly different T71. I’d certainly purchase the T92 if it was released as a premium tier VII LT.

    I wonder what the crew layout will be. Hopefully 4 crew that match up with the T37/Bulldog/T49 and not 3 crew like the T71.

    1. wheeledtank says:

      I think it has a crew of 3, with a Commander, Gunner, and Driver. It has an assisted loading system (NOT an autoloader like the AMX-13), so there isn’t/shouldn’t be a loader

  6. Coco says:

    150 alpha for 4.3s reload time? Looks kind of bad to me. The Bulldog non-autoloader gun fires faster than that I believe (I could be wrong, been a long time since I used anything else than the autoloader)

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