Supertest- Tier 5 Light Tank Stats

Finally something actually news worthy. Preliminary stats for the Tier 5 light tanks, straight from Supertest. Heres what we have so far:


Tier V
HP: 320
Speed: + 60 / -20 kph
Hull Traverse: 38 ° / s
Turret Traverse: 44 ° / s
Hull Armor: 25 / 10 / 15 mm
Turret Armor: 25 / 15 / 10 mm
View Range: 360 m

DMG: 110/110/175
Penetration: 110/129/38 mm
DPM: 1245.38
Rate of fire: 11.32
Reload: 5.32 sec
Accuracy: 0.4
Aim Time: 2.3 s


Tier V
HP: 360
Speed: + 60 / -20 kph
Hull Traverse: 48 ° / s
Turret Traverse: 48 ° / s
Hull Armor: 37 / 37 / 37 mm
Turret Armor: 37 / 37 / 15 mm
View Range: 330 m

DMG: 70/70/85
Penetration: 85/120/23 mm
DPM: 2100
Rate of fire: 30
Reload: 2 sec
Accuracy: 0.4
Aim Time: 2 s


M24 Chaffee

Tier V
HP: 360
Speed: + 72.2 / -21 kph
Hull Traverse: 42 ° / s
Turret Traverse: 44 ° / s
Hull Armor: 25 / 25 / 19 mm
Turret Armor: 38 / 25 / 25 mm
View Range: 390 m

DMG: 110/110/175
Penetration: 96/143/38 mm
DPM: 1609.75
Rate of fire: 14.63
Reload: 4.1 sec
Accuracy: 0.44
Aim Time: 1.6 s


VK.16.02 Leopard (w/ 3cm MK103)

Tier V
HP: 380
Speed: + 60 / -22 kph
Hull Traverse: 36 ° / s
Turret Traverse: 40 ° / s
Hull Armor: 50 / 30 / 30 mm
Turret Armor: 50 / 30 / 30 mm
View Range: 360 m

DMG: 30/30/40
Penetration: 95/110/15 mm
DPM: 1126.17
Rate of fire: 37.53
Reload: .14 sec
Clip Reload: 15.7 sec
Clip Size: 12
Accuracy: 0.46
Aim Time: 1.7 s

(w/ 5cm KwK 39 L/60)

DMG: 70/70/90
Penetration: 100/130/25 mm
DPM: 1826.08
Rate of fire: 26.08
Reload: 2.3 sec
Accuracy: .39
Aim Time: 1.7 s



Tier V
HP: 350
Speed: + 60 / -20 kph
Hull Traverse: 48 ° / s
Turret Traverse: 46 ° / s
Hull Armor: 38 / 33 / 31 mm
Turret Armor: 50 / 31 / 31 mm
View Range: 380 m

DMG: 110/110/175
Penetration: 92/127/38 mm
DPM: 1375
Rate of fire: 12.5
Reload: 4.8 sec
Accuracy: 0.38
Aim Time: 1.6 s


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Supertest- Tier 5 Light Tank Stats

120 thoughts on “Supertest- Tier 5 Light Tank Stats

  1. VladCelTroll says:

    The ELC is balanced as it is right now. It could’ve been converted to a TD with siege mode.

    Other than that, everything seems to be sort of fine.

    1. SpeedyCraft51 says:

      Current ELC is OP and isnt a light tank.
      Post “nerf” (it gets a full turret to compensate… Huge buff) it will become a real balanced light tank ; not an invisible lightning that has a bigger gun than tank destroyers of same tier.

      The only people it will bother is statpadders because they’ll have to score more than 2 hits to be purple while playing this tank.

      1. They could’ve moved the tank up 2 tiers and given a small increase to HP, and no one would mind, but removing the entire uniqueness of the elc is just completely unacceptable. I would failtoon this into tier 10 and still have a blast, but now they’re taking away the gun and speed, making it practically useless.

      2. z33dho says:

        What is it that every single tank with something unique has to be blended in to the same nonsense garbage that BALANCED tanks are in. Wait for 2 more patches and you can’t tell the difference between a Maus and a JpzIV…. All will be the same boring tank, just more or less HP. WG is killing the fun in this game: T1, T50, T50/2, PzIV H, Hellcat, VK3601H, Foch155….. and the list goes on and on…. If a tank has some unique feature and the shit part of the player base complains it gets nerfed to oblivion….. It is never the players fault that they never learn to really play this game right and proper…. never. I have just one more thing to say about this, if the duck can’t swim it ain’t the water that’s stupid…..

      3. Melebo says:

        I agree the ELC is very strong, but you have to admit it is very situational and with a high skill cap. Most of all, it is very unique. This new ELC has been moved down a tier, I would have moved it up a tier and kept its general characteristics. Now it’s will probably be the same as the others. Loss of an icon. Furthermore I really can’t figure out why this new DPM has te be so bad, giving it’s alpha dmg has been more than halved.

      4. Kyriakos Antoniou says:

        Man elc is the way i make money in wot this days getting 50k per battle with it if you nerf it so hard then you could give me unlimited premium so i can still get 50k per battle with it after this damn nerf.Turrent traverse seriously? i dont want that i just want my 90mm gun ,as a full ELC-P clan that love elc and everyone of us has about 5k+ fights with it we totally disagree with this and we even hate the nerfs you will do to it
        Or else you can see elc like something special, a tank that has a different way to play it its much more difficult to become a good elc player than rather the op american tier 5 td the t67 which is easy to learn. In the elc you get an experience that you will never ever get in a different tank , I saw above you were talking about it haveing a higher mm gun than any of its td opponents then how about the other tanks ? there are many many many tanks in tier 5 that have better alpha than most of the tier 5 tds some of them are the kv-1, the derp m4 the derp pz the btr the o-i and i wont even talk about artys, Now that i said artys you know when you play elc if the arys splashes you anywhere you are takeing damage even if its far away the place that the arty hit.
        Ok it seems i am very angry just with this changes on the elc(lets scroll down now) hopefully they will never come and hopefully wargaming will listen to us for once
        T-50 good i liked that tank in tier 4 like i was 500 experience away from t-50-2 and then they removed it the next day … ok but about the t-50 it gets nice changes
        Chaffe lovely now i can also be one shot by 120mm guns and derps so easily no words ,,,, also speed nerfed …. now what tank will i play on my humans vs zombies room ????? a room that you will surely find in team training mode at both eu1 and eu2 like you will surely see that should become a real mode only the best drivers can survive the zombie apocalypse lol anyways that change just makes me sad nerfed reload nerfed aiming time just gg that doesnt seems like a light that you can fear anymore
        leo seems it has nice changes
        lastly the m7 why man that just why, just give it a derp so it can play like a small t49 atleast gg

        To summarize the changes
        ELC AMX changes is worth killing someone or even suicideing
        T-50 changes good
        Chaffe changes bad enough to make you sad
        Leopard changes ehm slightly good
        M7 changes bad changes but not worth mentioning noone likes the m7 now and noone will (except some players)

      5. DickHerMax says:

        Whitesample: ELC was cancerous? I bet you have at least 3 autoloaders spiting out 1200dmg and reloading 20s in your garage. ELC’s aim time lets it hit only static close or big targets once every 12s, how is that cancerous comparing to RHM dealing 750 from 100m without being spotted? 😀
        As someone with 3 stripes on ELC I can tell you guys one thing, if you have to use your gun on that tank, it was NOT a good battle. This tank is like a challenge where you must do the most wicked spot possible and make enemies swear “CHEATERS” on chat (well, not anymore :D).
        With if the rumor with full turrent confirms, 75mm like that will make this tank even more “cancerous” for some. Imagine such ELC dancing around your side or butt. With fixed gun shooting was pretty much auxilary, players had to focus on driving in a way to keep out of enemy gun, tank (ram) and focus on making approach smart so he can sell a properly aimed shot (after general acc nerf in 8.x ELC can miss from 3m).
        Now it will be just a matter of getting on someone’s side/ass and pom pom them to death. As for me, neat, I always considered it a troll tank, and camper-shots were just such… “mere-troll”.

      6. whitesample says:

        Good camo, low silhoute, a gun capable of penning tier 8s and lighning speed added to nowadays accuracy is cancerous.

    2. Red Senpai says:

      To be fair, WG is doing away with the light match making as now its -/+ 2 and not 3. So I feel as the ELC is just fine as it is. With the 90mm it has now, I feel would be game breaking fighting tier 5s.

    3. GamerKid says:

      if they change the ELC like that ima gonna visit whoever came up with this and rip their heads clean of. These stats are cancerous as fuck

      1. IRON says:

        Yah, feels like you stole my words! I don’t know who is making these reworks, but he seems to be drunk all days..

        Concretely, it would be far rather sensible to raise that tank to tier 8 and buff it’s soft stats.. Thus we avoid having a complete historical wreck, we end the OP/statpadding issue and it also give a nice and interresting tier 8 LT to play with! 🙂

      1. Nafre says:

        It’s iconic to us. Historically the elc had a plethora of guns. The recoil less rifles would have been fun. Hope they buff the crap elc radio. It could only transmit as far as it could spot

      2. 90mm is the existing gun on the only prototype in france, not terribly familiar with the other prototypes but the fact that they don’t exist and the 90 does probably says something about how well the tests went.

    4. DickHerMax says:

      And … how is ELC AMX crew going to turn behind? They gonna put in a special crew with “Spineless Brotherhood” perk?

    1. They want to confine it in a support / pewpew / run in circles around people kind of light. Not a sniper/spotter kind of… I guess. 330 is really pretty damn bad though, I was almost wondering if it was a typo lol.

    1. I’m wondering the same. I imagine they switched it to a light so the new 10-tier light tank trees will be consistent… especially for crew retraining. Besides, for all intent and purpose the M7 is more light than medium to start with. Good change.

  2. ryanlj says:

    To take away the ELC’s 90mm gun… They should really up tier it. The ELC is too much of a fan favorite for this reason, I hope they listen to their fan base!

      1. Blankman says:

        If that’s the case, i sincerely hope they don’t do the same with vk.28 w/ derp gun.. I love that cute little boom brick..

      2. IRON says:

        Damn. That would be dramatic!

        Thankfully, if they hear the voice of reason, there’s already a pre-prototype of the ELC ( ) wich would make up for a nice tier 7 premium.
        ..As the AMX ELC bis we have in game would be perfect at tier 8 with a gun a bit better and with better soft stats.

        So, if they implement the fully rotating turret of this tank with a special siege mod, they would be able to earn money from that effort, thanks to that potential tier 7 pre-prototype premium! 😉

      3. That’s all grand and all but most people who have already spent 50-60 on this game are already at budget. This is a big stab in the back for long playing players when they lose their content. Frankly I don’t have the cash to be milked nor the interest to be by any kind of reward. There are so many better games to choose from with better bang for your buck.

  3. Luis Carlos says:

    lol just another one to come back premium so people have to waste their actual money on something they had before, remember the pzIV with the schmalturm turret? yep

    1. CbrosTheDude says:

      Which is not clever since the driver and gunner have their legs in the hull and arms in the turret since it’s so flat…

    1. Technically it was and is a medium tank in history and world of tanks respectively. It’s fast enough to be played like a light tank similar to the Leopard, AMX 30 B, Batchat, TVP 50/51 and so forth. It probably will have american camo as a light tank similar to the bulldog or T71 ie. awful camo. So the play style will not change dramatically.

      1. Anlushac11 says:

        The M7 was designed to replace the M3/M5 Stuart light tanks while carrying a 75mm main gun. During development weight ballooned from 14 tons to 27 tons which being almost as heavy as a Sherman led to M7 being re designated as a medium tank. The M7 offered no increase in firepower, had less armor, and was only slightly faster than the M4 so it was canceled.

      1. SpeedyCraft51 says:

        The real one didnt have a 90mm gun.
        You cant have everything.

        If its historical values were shit people wouldnt care about them being changed. Historical accuracy is only good when it makes tanks OP if we listen to players. Otherwise they complain, like with everything.

      2. IRON says:

        I see what you mean Speedycraft51. But the problem is not historical accuracy. The problem is how the rest, like soft-stats or tier matching are handle…

        In the case of the AMX ELC bis, the problem is the tier matching. Indeed, with other value like gun depression being -8° IRL, and buffing soft-stats (that are pretty bad at the moment) this tank would fill perfectly the hole left by the AMX 13 90 at tier 8 !

        This idea is reinforced by the fact that the dates of the different french LT projects are:
        AMX 12t = 1946, AMX 13 75 = 1953, AMX ELC bis = 1961, AMX 13 90 = 1967

        Does historical accuracy seems logical and fair play to you right now?

      3. Fanofde4ever says:

        The Hellcat did get a 90mm gun. 90 mm Gun Motor Carriage M18: M18 with the 76 mm gun replaced with a 90 mm gun; cancelled after the end of the war. It is essentially the elited Hellcat in the game just with the speed neutered. Besides half the other tanks in the game get guns they didn’t historically have. Honestly I’d rather them give the Hellcat back it’s historically accurate top speed, keep the 90mm, and get bumped up to tier 7. That way they can get rid of the god awful T25/2.

    1. on a game balancing level, the American light tanks have no burst or high damage per minute meaning they cannot be relied upon for doing damage and must stick to the support role. In this case, actively spotting targets.

  4. metalscourge says:

    Please don’t change the current stats of the ele… a 90mm in real life for Christ sake!!!! Stop doing your bs of making things balanced over historical accuracy.

    You already messed up the Swedish line. Stop this now.

  5. Soifon99 says:

    i like the caffee at tier 5 how it is, it has very bad pen but the rest is pretty nice.. but with these stats im selling it.. that 0.44 accuracy WHAT THE F!!! it’s not a fucking 122mm derp IS something.. the “balance” department of WG are such morans..

  6. Anonymous says:

    What they should’ve done with the ELC is put the pre-“bis” version with the 75mm at Tier V, then put the ELC bis we all know and love with the 90mm at Tier VI. If anything it would still be a menace in Strongholds.

  7. Swatdennis says:

    Guess WG is throwing History conpletely out of the window, hope they realize that the ELC is my most played and most loved tank in the game, would be a total uninstall, for the 3rd time in my WOT career, the only reason why I had to come back was because of friends playing it, but I think that argument is being made invalid at this moment

    1. "Light" tank-player says:

      They have never claimed to be historical, many things are simply for game balance reasons, and some are ”just because”.
      Toldi 3 is a ”German” tank, panzer 38t has a 47mm gun and a 2cm gun, panzer 4 H has a 105mm gun, and many other examples easily found if you know your stuff.

      For historical accuracy, I suggest War Thunder.
      For arcade style battles, WoT is still basically the best choice for many, including myself.

      1. flakeater says:

        Yeah, but you can pretty much always get the historical gun, and then have an upgrade. this is like only being able to use the Pak42 L/70 in the jagdpanther. Its ridiculous

      2. "Light" tank-player says:

        I get your point, but the jagdpanther might not be a good choice for the comparison, since its historical pak 43 L 71 is better in every way except alpha and aim time than the available ”Top” 105mm gun in game.

        Anyway, the ELC losing the 90mm gun is to make it more of a scout and less of a TD, since with the 75mm gun and less health it won’t be able to troll other tanks as often it seems.
        Light tanks lessening their fighting capabilities is OK by me, as long as they are still able to hunt arty in some way and defend themselves against other scouts, not to mention still being able to scout in some way.

        Off topic, you seem like a good person, flakeater, thanks for posting a reasonable reply instead of the many alternatives 🙂

      3. flakeater says:

        i cant reply to your other comment for some reason (the one just below) so i’ll go here. And yeah, i much better like having a proper discussion instead of slinging shit. Now that i’ve thought about it, what i am irritated with is less the historical side, and more taking something unique, something special, and turning it into something that… already exists? I mean, it’s gonna be like a chaffee or a 2801 that has a little more engine now

    2. flakeater says:

      You are taking words out of my mouth. I’ve come back many times, just because of the ELC.

      And honestly, i wouldn’t mind it being a tier 8 prem, if i can keep my (HISTORICAL) 90 mm and (HISTORICAL) 80 kmh top speed, maybe soft buff to balance

      but giving it a gun it never had, or had considered and moving it to tier 5 is just BAAAAAD

  8. banjoman150 says:

    Another tank that has character gone … for me the one thing AW is lacking are tanks that have enough character that the community make memes out of it. ELC is such a tank. If i want to play an undistiguishable pulb of tanks i can play AW (wich will hopefully change with balance 2.0) so taking away character tanks because “balance” is fokken shit bru

  9. Wahnfried III says:

    If ELC gets changed this way, I am going to sell it.

    If anything they should nerf or better remove its overpowerd gold ammo. Beyond that, the 90mm is fine.

    1. SpeedyCraft51 says:

      Yes totaly fine.
      A tier 5 light tank (big perma camo, big mobility, low profile, etc) with a tier 7 TD gun (with bad aim time but thats not too disturbing for its playstyle). Fine and balanced.

      ELC is a scout, not a TD. And its tier 5. If you want a punchy gun with mobikity drive the hellcat, its at higher tier (where this kind of gun should be) and still good.

      1. Anonymous says:

        Man, right now the ELC AMX is effectively a tier 6 tank in the game cause of its MM. If you don’t know nothing, why are you making posts?

      2. While you are correct, the ELC is quite unflexible and its a unique thing about the tank as well that the DPM is awfull, there are even tons of tier 2 and 3 tanks with better DPM. The gun handling is bad and WOT rng means unless you are right in his face you can always miss a on the move shot.

        The ELC is fine in its current state with really only 2 roles it can play, either scout or TD, ,maybe that’s not how it “should” be, but put an ELC in a fight with any other light and you are pretty much chanceless, no turret, no DPM, bad gun handling etc.

        But you know I guess I’m biased too, cause the ELC is my most played tank and I just love trolling IS3s through their turretsides, and those jap heavies with some premium. No other lights cant do that, BUT they are way better vs other lights, mediums and TDs

  10. Anonymous says:

    hahahahah….nerfing already broken ELC…tank witch need 7 sec to aim…and then RNG EATS SHOT…i rly liked this tank and its good for stats…but u need to know how to play….u cant call tank who can snipe and stay inv good tank…tank lose vs every tier 4…agains some good player. dpm like shit ure dead 7 times… no turret…no accuracy…ispersion on move sucky…gg anway i goan sell this tank if they change it…for me they need to buff allready existent accuracy for that 7 sec long aim…wtf is 7 sec aiming for 0.43 accuracy gun….joke…i dont mind they put it in tier 6 and give it 0.34 accuracy and add 3 sec aim insted of 7-9…joke

  11. None of this makes much sense …
    Nerfing the ELC is just ridiculous … it’s almost as bad as getting rid of the Aufklärungspanzer Panther. Not that I don’t like the SP I C, but if this one also loses the autoloader … I don’t know. WG just keeps surprising in a bad way …

    I totally support ELC getting the siege mode though, that would be interesting.

    Also, M7 is very good medium tank, very similar to Pz III/IV, I don’t see any point to change it into a light tank other than it would just fit better into the tech tree which would be just stupid … and so much like WG.

    It’s good that it is still only in supertest, I hope they will change their mind with the idiotic nerfs …

  12. Krcmis says:

    Worst thing i see is accuracy and DPM of some tanks but i love see t-50 again on tier 5 it’s something pretty nostalgic and thumbs up for it T-34 only way for all is bad already not for this tank its really good but only one for all is something bad when you want all and stuck for long play with one tank 😉 amx elc is fun but on it’s tier is very strong and with -2/+2 match.. don’t thing it’s ok. With tier up probably good way for this tank lovers but it’s WG and they do for russian tanks much more than for others, british tanks are broken from all aspects.. and alc with 110 pen/dmg is really good on it’s tier compare to others with 9x pen. Leo without autoloader is good buff to 🙂 it’s only my way i see all this but for me all these changes are still good when we speak about WG. And last thing i want see is nerfs that may come whan someone wake up with hangover..

  13. nrnstraswa says:

    So the M7 is becoming a light now? Interesting.
    Glad the ELC has a fully revolving turret but the loss of the 90mm is disappointing.

  14. ELC NEED TO GET AIM BUFF FROM 7 SEC TO 3 sec…and gun depreson buffed…and still in tier 5 its declased…people who thing its good tank its not…people just mastering it…you need to learn scout style play…

  15. I feel like wargaming is just making most of the light tanks identical to make sure one isn’t better then the other. The only problem is that if i’m grinding a new line it is because i want to play a different tank: different play style, different strenghts and weaknesses. Right now all you get if you play a different light tank line is a skin and some minor accuracy and dpm changes.

  16. Rip ELC AMX… my favorite tank in the game. The only thing they should’ve done was just to uptier all the lights and add the tier 10 lights and do some slight changes if needed. Every sensible player knew all the time that a light tank is just a one tier higher tank with the wrong label on it. Now they have to do big changes and piss off many players like me… Are people at Wargaming so stupid, that they can’t understand that all this work and hassle could have been avoided by only changing the tier number for the light tanks? Seems like so…

  17. Michael says:

    perhaps people play the ELC because it’s fun? not because of stats.A bit like the T67 IMO, a poor player absolutley sucks while a good player can rock.

    1. Ares says:

      T67 is OP as … People play this to farm WN 8 on bad player in low tiers, not for fun.

      There was no way that elc would have his top gun after MM changes. Deal with it.

  18. tango35 says:

    1st – In patch 8.6, WG slammed the artillery. The heavy drivers cheered.
    2nd – WG nerfed the tank destroyers. The heavy drivers laughed with glee.
    3rd – (Upcoming) Scouts are being hammered. The heavy drivers are pleased.
    Only a matter of time before WG turn to the mediums.

    1. Don’t you understand they have/want to make armour work and you know fixing the real problem, premium ammo, is impossible. (Allthough the type 5 buffs mean angled even premium doesn’t help too much…)

  19. Infernal969 says:

    The day they ruin the ELC is the day I finally uninstall this shit and make space on my HDD for something more fun. Like movies in 4k about paint drying.

  20. Well, I’m trying to look on the bright side; at least now I’ll have a few more tanks I won’t need to worry about playing anymore and can focus on the three left in my garage that are fun to play!

  21. jenik2398 says:

    Well, with that ELC AMX change… Better will be: ELC AMX prototype at tier V with their nerfed/buffed stats and ELC AMX Bis at tier VI/VII as it is or slightly buffed (historically: 8 ton, 80 km/h, siege mod for 360° turret turn when stationary) If they would do a tier VI or VII premim from it I would buy it. I just love my ELC AMX Bis at it is (over 3200 battles, nearly 5 perk crew, 5th on 91%) If they remove the 90mm and give it 360° turret it will be even better for scauting, and best games are that in which I don’t need t shoot (top spotting about 7k) But with it like it is it is unique tank. So maybe this:
    at tier V and elc amx as it is at tier VI or buffed on tier VII?

  22. CAPIRAGE says:

    They are killing the Chaffee with the 0.44 accuracy… just leave the penetration at 90mm, it was workable with the base 0.35 accuracy and good gun soft stats. Now it will be utter garbage. You guys just killed my fav tank, gj.

    1. CAPIRAGE says:

      Okay, my bad with the pen, it hasn’t changed. But also noticed the speed nerf and the DPM ultra nerf. Seriously, who thought it was a good idea?

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