Supertest- Tier 6 Arty Stats

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Supertest is running concurrently with Sandbox, testing the new stun mechanics with lower tier artillery. Here are the stats so far:

AMX 12 F3 AM

Tier: 6

HP: 270

Hull Armor: 40/20/15

Hull Traverse: 30°/sec

View Range: 270m

Speed: +60/-14

Penetration: 39mm

Damage: 700

Maximum Stun Time: 22 sec

Stun Radius: 9m

Accuracy: 0.7

Aim Time: 6 sec

Reload: 22.6 sec



Tier: 6

HP: 280

Hull Armor: 12/12/12

Hull Traverse: 22°/sec

View Range: 265m

Speed: +56/-14 kph

Penetration: 39mm

Damage: 550

Maximum Stun Time: 10.4 sec

Stun Radius: 7.7m

Accuracy: 0.72

Aim Time: 4.9 sec

Reload: 19.9 sec



Tier: 6

HP: 270

Hull Armor: 30/20/20

Hull Traverse: 22°/sec

View Range: 260m

Speed: +48/-12 kph

Penetration: 38

Damage: 600

Maximum Stun Time: 16 sec

Stun Radius: 8m

Accuracy: 0.76

Aim Time: 5.9 sec

Reload: 24.8 sec




Tier: 6

HP: 300

Hull Armor: 30/20/20

Hull Traverse: 26°/sec

View Range: 265m

Speed: +42/-10 kph

Penetration: 39mm

Damage: 700

Maximum Stun Time: 16 sec

Stun Radius: 8m

Accuracy: 0.68

Aim Time: 6.1 sec

Reload: 28.2 sec

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Supertest- Tier 6 Arty Stats

18 thoughts on “Supertest- Tier 6 Arty Stats

    1. SpeedyCraft51 says:

      Impossible to balance with the new sandbox mindset.
      -they cant nerf its damages because its already capable of hitting for 0-30dmg on some tanks of same tier.
      -they cant buff its splash too much for this caliber but current splash is non existent.
      -they cant make stun too long otherwise it would mean permastun but they cant make it too short otherwise simply useless.
      -they cant really do much about accuracy, maybe aim time, and RoF is already too good.

      The only way Bert can be rebalanced is if it gets a bigger “standard” arty gun.

      1. The best they can is just replace it. The only thing left is that OP french tier 5 arty. The best thing they could do if they leave the tank as it is, is just increase the damage en reload and give it a stun time max 15 sec pr something

      2. Heinz says:

        but I would prefer if they just wouldnt change it at all, its a small gun so they dont even have to give it stun

    1. Oh golly, Arty can still somewhat defend itself in close quarters situations against tanks? And its pen is still higher than the armor of these lights… I guess arty never hits an odd angle, or hits the tracks which eats most of the potential damage which results in a wounded light rather than a shotgunned light, no never. Plus its not like players refuse to help out their own arty 90% of the time leaving them on their own in the back of the map, no, they never leave arty out to dry… Thus arty shouldn’t need to be able to try to defend themselves in close quarters combat because they are a valued member of their team, which the team actively tries to protect…

      You hear that, that’s called sarcasm… Get over shotgunning, it happens and its a statistical rarity due to the amount of arty played per day, and the amount of arty rounds fired per day… It just seems common because there is so much arty played per day… with a s*itload of shells fired some oddities are bound to happen on a seemingly frequent basis…

  1. The reason FV304 did not have these changes is because these changes come into play on guns 150mm and larger… so the FV304 & LeFH18B2 will most likely stay as is…

  2. I’m curious how they come up with the stun timings. Evidently it isn’t tied to the dmg since the Hummel and AMX have the exact same pen and dmg. The Hummel has a longer reload but shorter stun time than the AMX.

  3. Soifon99 says:

    Funny to see that a tier 6 arty has as much dmg as a tier X arty.. it’s just impossible to balance this correctly.. so tier 6/7/8/9/10 will all have 600-750 dmg.. wauw what a improvement!

  4. Steve says:

    The sad fact is, these changes will end up making artillery even more powerful, not less. The vehicle class itself is badly designed, and WG refuses to acknowledge as much. The best way to fix artillery? Turn them all into TDs. To do anything else is just putting another band-aid on a mortal wound.

  5. Dexter5021 says:

    AMX: Max stun time 22 sec? WTF?

    Meanwhile in AW: “The artillery class will be removed from all game modes with the exception of PvE.”

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