Supertest: Tier 6 LT Stats

Preliminary stats for the Tier 6 light tanks. Here is what we have:


Tier VI
HP: 590
Speed: + 62 / -23 kph
Hull Traverse: 48 ° / s
Turret Traverse: 48 ° / s
Hull Armor: 45/40/40 mm
Turret Armor: 45/40/40 mm
View Range: 380 m

DMG: 85/85/95
Penetration: 112/189/29 mm
Reload: 2.4 s
Accuracy: 0.34
Aim Time: 2.1 s


Tier VI
HP: 610
Speed: + 65 / -22 km / h
Hull Traverse: 48 ° / s
Turret Traverse: 44 ° / s
Hull Armor: 25/25/19 mm
Turret Armor: 31/25/25 mm
View Range: 385 m

DMG: 115/115/185
Penetration: 130/199/38 mm
Reload: 3.7 s
Accuracy: 0.45
Aim Time: 1.7 s



Tier VI
HP: 610
Speed: + 62 / -23 kph
Hull Traverse: 46 ° / s
Turret Traverse: 44 ° / s
Hull Armor: 50/30/30 mm
Turret Armor: 50/30/30 mm
View Range: 380 m

DMG 110/110/38 *
Penetration: 132/158/38 mm
Reload: 4.0 sec
Accuracy: 0.38
Aim Time: 1.9 s

*Most likely a typo from WG, will correct/adjust if more info comes out.

** No longer carries the 105mm gun


AMX 12t

Tier VI
HP: 580
Speed: + 60 / -23 km / h
Hull Traverse: 38 ° / s
Turret Traverse: 44 ° / s
Hull Armor: 50/20/15 mm
Turret Armor: 30/20/20 mm
View Range: 380 m

DMG: 135/135/175
Penetration: 144/202/38 mm
Magazine Reload: 20 s
Number of rounds: 4 pcs
Shot Reload: 2.5 sec
Accuracy: 0.4
Aim Time: 2.3 s

* Magazine Capacity reduced to 4 shells



Tier VI
HP: 600
Speed: + 60 / -23 kph
Hull Traverse: 54 ° / s
Turret Traverse: 48 ° / s
Hull Armor: 30/20/20 mm
Turret Armor: 45/30/20 mm
View Range: 380 m

DMG: 115/115/165
Penetration: 138/180/38 mm
Reload: 3.8 s
Accuracy: 0.4
Aim Time: 2.0 s


Tier VI
HP: 600
Speed: + 58 / -21 kph
Hull Traverse: 60 ° / s
Turret Traverse: 42 ° / s
Hull Armor: 28/25/22 mm
Turret Armor: 28/25/25 mm
View Range: 390 m

DMG: 115/115/185
Penetration: 130/177/38 mm
Reload: 4.2 sec
Accuracy: 0.36
Aim Time: 1.9 s

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Supertest: Tier 6 LT Stats

76 thoughts on “Supertest: Tier 6 LT Stats

  1. A Dude says:

    Big buff to the 59-16, big nerf to the T37: In other words, they completely rebalanced all the T6 lights, and the result is a pleasure to the eyes.

      1. A Dude says:

        So, small, agile and very fast doesn’t count any more? Tell me more about how light tanks are all about guns. I was pointing out that the gun is now not COMPLETE uncompetitive anymore, no matter whether it has an autoloader or not.

      2. You’ve never seem to have played a medium tank before, cromwell for instance is just as small, agile, faster, roughly 500 more dpm, better alpha, 150 more hit points, more penetration, significantly more accurate. The 59-16 can still scout just as it used to but without burst potential, it has to sit out in the open trading shot for shot assuming the 59-16 can even hit its target with a miserable .4 accuracy (same as on the IS-3 or worse than an E100 for perspective). 138 pen isn’t even much of an improvement as 138 still won’t get through the front of most tanks the 59-16 will see anyways. 85mm of pen was perfectly sufficient to butter the side of any tank, the fronts of lightly armored vehicles, or perma tracking opponents. You’d be out with 600 dmg/dmg assist under your belt rather than off to the garage because apparently you think a gun that forces you to expose your tank for longer periods of time than an autoloader is an improvement for a scout. Frankly you’re just an awful player that doesn’t know how to play this game or the 59-16 especially if you’ve never seen them running in skirmishes. Their high burst dpm with the autoloader is very competitive for light tanks which focus on harrassing lightly armored targets or getting assistance on heavily armored tanks. The fundamental of light tank driving that you do not understand.

      3. Ragnarokbazil says:

        You know they are removing scout match making right and all lights will have -2 +2 match making like every other tank.

      4. Right because light tanks are broken at tier 6, that’s why we never see any mediums like the Cromwell or heavy tanks like the O-I in tier 6 pubs or competitive matches. You probably haven’t heard, but light tanks are under powered at the moment

    1. What pisses me off is that you said “the result is a pleasure to my eyes” as though you thought tier 6 lights were overpowered and the cromwell spam was just a fairy tale. There is less light tank diversity, less carry potential, and the russian bias put the MT-25 as the clear best light tank by a massive margin. None of the lights can compete, the MT-25 has the same view range, better mobility than most, an absurd amount of more dpm and if you thought the MT-25 was beat by penetration, well, my good sir, you must never have heard of the 2 key. The autoloader at least gave the 59-16 a fighting chance, now with this garbage soft ball thrower on it, it has zero chance of walking away from an MT-25 that can equally scout, out trade, and just dominate tanks like the 59-16. The new gun on the 59-16 is anything but an improvement and just another slap in the face of some good o’l russian bias.

      1. A Dude says:

        I think you read a bit too much into it. But I usually don’t argue with people that find even the most absurd reasons to yell “russian bias” at everything WG does anyway, so have a nice day.

        Just a hint: It’s called “balance”. The MT-25 has the weakest gun, therefore it compensates by better scouting ability. It’s quite simple actually. Since you don’t know all the soft stats of the guns it is hard to judge them anyway.

        And: I would love to see you trying to reliably pen the side of a Tiger I or II (which already are on the lower end of side armor thickness) with 85mm rather than with 138mm of pen. Especially considering that the pen is now better and the MM also is, due to the light tanks now receiving normal matchmaking.

      2. light tanks are underpowered ragnarok, why do they need to be nerfed to the point of taking away the traits that made them unique in gameplay? have you never played this game??? There is no such thing as AMX 12t spam. F***ing look at the god damn cromwell and tell me why any team would take a T21 or AMX 12t now? have you not even looked at the AMX 12t?? it lost 2 rounds in its clip but still has the same 20 sec reload. The T21’s dpm and mobility is an entire two tiers worse than a cromwell. It is essentially a useless tank because if all you can do is light enemy tanks then when all the enemy tanks are lit, say a zerg rush in your face, then there is nothing you can do. So what’s the answer? camp to avoid a zerg rush? these light tanks cannot even protect themselves from being rushed by a cromwell or E8. What’s worse is that these light tanks encourage camping, camping is not fun. If these were to implemented as is, we’d see light tanks treated like artillery, absolutely useless in small tier 7 teams. Now there is more than ever a reason to just run mostly cromwells and it kills the diversity of gameplay. This is not worth losing the matchmaking of slaying giants in your light tanks.

      3. @A Dude, The MT-25 has the strongest gun, you can essentially shoot any scout 2-3 times every time they miss at you. .45 accuracy? up to 600 dpm less than the MT-25 for other tier 6 lights? tell me more about how the MT-25 has the weakest gun with .34 accuracy and 200mm of penetration. If this isn’t russian bias, my good sir, I think you need to check your birth certificate and let me know if you’re f***ing russian to begin with. And you don’t try to penetrate tigers or tiger II’s in your 59-16 you dumbass, you track them so your team mates can kill them for you. This is what light tanks do against higher tiered opponents. How can light tanks track their targets when they have the lowest damage per shot AND lowest dpm. It will be more out of blind luck than skill to get tracking assist damage in a light tank.

      4. @Rostislav, I would recommend you look at a website called and review world of tanks game mechanics like penetration drop, the 59-16 is agile enough to flank its enemies and blitz soft armor zones with its 76mm gun but that is only the case when spotting and tracking your targets is not sufficient for helping your team. The 57 is statistically run less on the 59-16 than the 76 if you check statistics trackers like vabbict but that said, with the 57, there aren’t any tier 9 or lower tanks that have more than 112 side or rear armor that is not classified as a super heavy tank. I don’t know about you, but light tanks aren’t really supposed to penetrate those tanks with their standard rounds but if you must, there are always 200mm of premium ammo penetration. The trade off between the 76 and 57 is that the 57 is more reliable and suited for slower gameplay than the 76 that risks not harming super heavy tanks to butter up soft tanks like artillery.

    1. Nafre says:

      T37 was a nightmare to fight against. Now you need to fight up close not in bushes across the map and you can’t always nail weakspots.
      Lights are meant to be the eyes of the team not mediums or tds or heavies or arty.
      I’m happy with the changes though I hope the 59 16 gun sounds the same

      1. skivster says:

        Eyes? with 390 view range and mediocre stealth, health and being tall as a barn?
        Hell the cromwel can outperform the t37 any time

      2. T37 has worst in class camo at tier 6. 385m view range, 3rd worst alpha, 2nd worst accuracy, better gun handling than a cromwell which is the only reason why high skill players prefer it over the mainstream tank. It also helps if you don’t suck ass and know how to apply pressure on it or at least snipe the large forehead on the tank. Yoloing any tank over an open field or driving in the open is a recipe for disaster and a delicious meal for any light tank.

        Lights are meant as support tanks, providing eyes and tracking enemy tanks to assist their allies in doing damage. If you take away their guns, they cannot track their targets anymore. If you they cannot do damage, they cannot spot enemy tanks without the allocation of massive support and thus leaving your flanks vulnerable. Essentially, a cromwell would be a better scout because you can distribute a cromwell over larger areas with less support and having the confidence that your cromwell has less of a chance to die than a scout. Cromwell doesn’t have enough view range for you? vents, optics, good crew, and food. Sure you save some credits driving a scout but in the pay2win format, having a gun is better and gives you more flexibility and carry potential. Essentially, Light tank drivers will be more frusterated that they are missing more shots just like on the sandbox server when they changed accuracy and penetration values.

        59-16 now has less carry potential, less tracking potential, less arty killing potential, less counter light tank potential. You can be happy with the 59-16’s gun but now the tank is less of a light tank because of it. Essentially, for any of these light tanks, killing artillery will be an absolute nightmare. Great job indirectly buffing artillery and siding with it.

  2. bigbossvonduff says:

    Vk2801 lose the derp gun???? FUCK OFF WARGAMING!
    This tank was all about the 10.5cm, it was very special and unique. Now its the same crap as the other lights with the shitty small guns – yes well done wargaming.
    You take me away one of my most played vehicles – it was a lot of fun…
    Thx -__-

  3. jajeczny says:

    vk2801 why?? it will be even worse than now, and 105mm derp was only thing making this tank interesting…if it’s true i want refund for my 7k battles in it and 6 skill crew

  4. Anonymous says:

    Same as the 59-16. It was also very unique (although very situational and on average not very good). Now they removed the autoloader and its the same like any of them and therefore boring.

  5. Thanks for the little notes in between each tank! They are very much appreciated. TL;DR: the MT-25 is now the best tier 6 light tank. Granted, engines have not been shown.

    -MT-25 loses its 72 top speed to 62. 20 hp buff and 10 meter view range buff so it is more similar to other lights. No other nerfs means this is the new best light tank if you can handle 5 degrees of gun depression and trollish turret. #RussianBias
    -T37 loses 70hp, 20mm pen, and accuracy changed from .38 to .45. Aim time increased from 1.9 to 1.7. Reload from 3.3 to 3.7. Massive nerf but nothing said about mobility. Wouldn’t drive this thing for its god awful accuracy.
    -Vk28.01 no 105 derp at the moment, view range reduced from 390 to 380. Reload reduced from 3.4 to 4 sec. penetration increased from 110 to 132. Not sure why this tank would be fun now but now it’s so bad the MT-25 looks appealing.
    -AMX 12t same reload for 6 rounds as for the new 4 round clip, massive dpm nerf, accuracy changed from .36 to .40, inter clip reload increased from 2.22 to 2.5. Health reduced from 600 to 580. Only buff was the aim time decreased from 2.5 to 2.3. The lack of dpm and clip potential just killed this tank, still no info on any new engine if any so not hopeless.
    -59-16 health increased by 10, 5 round autoloader or 57 zis gun, penetration buffed from 85 to 138, .36 accuracy changed to .40, 2.3 aim time is buffed to 2.0 sec. Reload on the non-autoloading 76 increased from 3.2 to 3.8 sec. loss of the autoloader and dpm just made this tank a worse MT-25.
    -T21 top speed buffed from 56 to 58, no info on the engine yet, best in class 390 view range, penetration buffed from 128mm to 130mm. Accuracy buffed from .40 to .36. Aim time buffed to 2.1 to 1.9 sec. it all looks pretty good until you look at the reload. 3.2 sec reload nerfed to 4.2 sec so it will have the second worst dpm to the AMX 12t.

    That’s a lot of comparing, whew, pretty much every light tank other than the MT-25 had a massive dpm nerf and all around the board hp and view range were standardized to 600hp and 380 meters. These tanks are essentially useless against mediums like the cromwell that will boast 150 more health, roughly 500-700 more dpm, more alpha, significantly more accurate….. I’d slap wargaming but shit splatters.

      1. skivster says:

        Indeed we did. Tier 6 lights will be basically a kick in the dick from WG. “Oh you want to have fun? Well fuck you then”

    1. Nafre says:

      Well a new age of spotting by necessity and a playing as a team by necessity as a light you will struggle against anyone that is paying attention to you

      1. You do know this is an indirect buff to artillery, right? these light tanks with their awful guns will not be able to efficiently kill artillery or even hit artillery for that matter. Yes this is a new age of spotting for necessity because light tanks will not be able to do anything else, it is also a new age of light tanks being awful, passive machines like artillery. Maybe some people are into doing nothing but sitting in a bush for the whole game, there is some peaceful, strategic monotony in that. Maybe I could buy a bot program to do that for me.

  6. x says:

    So the russian bastards managed to ruin the gameplay of the vk28… Well done comrades, cant wait more buffs to the is6 and kv5…

  7. Infernal969 says:

    Why the fuck did they take away the derp from VK 28?
    Is the point of this rebalance to make every single light tank the same and the french unusable?

  8. Noidea says:

    That poor sweet Vk 2801… Why WG Why!!! why not keep the 10.5 and add reload time but to take it away is just shit… take its HEAT away, but not the DERP…

  9. VladCelTroll says:


    VK 28 was essentially a chubby scout with a derp gun strapped on it. It was a lot of fun and worked great as a scout repeller.

    T37 was the sniper. The accuracy and the pen allowed it to sit somewhere at the back and pick the enemy team one by one.

    MT-25 used to be the shittiest. The only good thing about it was the speed.

    AMX worked as a flanker. Basically, you would sneak your way around the arses of the enemy and start unloading your 6 shells into their engines, pull back into cover, reload and do the same.

    59-16 was the weirdest vehicle out of all. Terrible, terrible guns. It compensated by being compact and nimble.

    Now, what have we got?

    VK 28 was turned into a pile of crap. No more derp gun, no more 68 kph top speed, bad view range, shitty gun stats on the 75 mm…

    T37 is a copy of the VK 28, but with waaaaaay thinner armour, a shittier gun and marginally better mobility.

    MT-25 still has shitty pen, but compensates by having superb accuracy, aim time and reload; also, it’s slightly slower, but not by a lot.

    AMX is hands down the worst of them all.

    59-16 has insane mobility and pretty much the best gun.

    No words on the T21. Never played that.

    All in all, I can see that WG sucks a billion times harder at balancing compared to the last time. I do understand that they are ST stats, but seriously…
    So much for the balance. Keep up the good work WG. If you manage to screw up the lights even harder, I might leave this game forever.

  10. LoveLights says:

    Yes, there are small buffs to some and nerfs to others, but for me the most important is that these lights will no longer see Tier IX and can now even be top tier. I feel these modifications put them in the correct range for those tiers.

  11. What the hell is going on? Totally nerf lights tanks to dust? No unique features? VK28 and T49 loose their derp guns. Bulldog loose the autocannon. French lights get the clip size reduced. Dispersion values like hell. According to vbaddict no light tank is a damage dealer. So why? The the MM-changes won’t make them OP like hell. Only competitive.

    And the generally lost of speed? Ah i understand. It’s cuz the whining “whimper whimper i can’t hit a moving scout without my aimbot please WG reduce their speed”

    And finally the big question: What happens with the premiums? Type 64 king of tier 6? Type 62 and AMX girlfriend (13 57) rule T7. And the black Bulldog owns T8.

    WG logic: “If you wanna have a good light tank, PAY FOR IT.”

    I don’t believe they nerf premium tanks. They buff them. Like the IS-6….

  12. JrKenny says:

    I’m getting more and more annoyed at this “balancing” of LTs. WG, the reason LTs aren’t competitive in the current game is because of the map design. Down tiering and nerfing them won’t change this.

    If anything, this idea that LTs should have bad accuracy is going to kill them. It used to be that you could use thier camo and view range to out spot tanks. Now some maps you need a good scout or you lose, but again that’s your shitty map design at work.

    I’m so sick of the unique characteristics of LTs being removed to fix a non issue, because the MM isn’t what makes LTs uncompetitive, its high tier MTs and the current maps.

    1. They’ll do one better man, they’ll remove the ELC and sell it back to you as a premium. If you’re extra lucky they lump the tank in a big package with lots of gold and the wrong equipment. Hell, they might even paint it black and call it a day.

      1. Nafre says:

        I’ll be happy to buy it. It’ll make me more credits. Atm the elc is in a weird spot as they rant to buff the 90mm f3 gun pen which means the elc will get 200mm of pen!

    1. They are going to give the elc a fresh, roughly drilled tail pipe the size of wargaming’s ego. No lubricants. The hole will be massive, in fact, they will only have enough room in the tank for the commander after they’re done and tossed it aside. But hey, that’s just a wild guess, realistically, they will probably take away a lot of the penetration and make the overall reload and accuracy. Maybe a marginal top speed nerf.

    2. whitebaron777 says:

      Seeing the way these nerfs are, probably top speed reduction to ~56, and maybe a dpm nerf. It’s not gonna lose the gun and acceleration, I guarantee it

    3. Katyusha454 says:

      I’m 99% sure they’re gonna take away the 90mm entirely. Which, true to form, will ruin the tank even though technically it’d be more historical since the ELC was never meant to mount such a big gun.

  13. Anonymous says:

    The nerf of AMX 12t was really unreasonable….It is already a very shitty tank now…Extremely bad track, long aiming time and bad dispersion….Now they start to nerf its clip size and short reload….Let’s see if WG will buff the dispersion during turrent traverse/movement/hull traverse

  14. whitebaron777 says:

    Man, the MT-25 loses some of the ramming potential, and probably still has to wait half a second after firing for the gun to aim fully. Really unfortunate that the vk lost the derp, it made the tank fun. The 12t is still shit. The t37 finally got the nerf it deserved. The 59-16 got a usable gun. The t21 is basically the same.

  15. Blankman says:

    Ah.. The derp on VK is gone.. I loved that little box with derp, it’s cute and fun.. Now it’s only cute.. Off to the tank dealer you go little fella, i need the credits for the new Germany HT line..

  16. ThePegasus says:

    WTF? No derp on the VK28.01?!? Ah, fuck ya WG. Will make a last screenshot with my 100% MoE on it, retrain the crew for a SPG, and let in rust in the garage. The same rust my real money will get, as I won’t invest any further cent in FucktardGaming :p

  17. Esurio1 says:

    damnit the 59-16 was my go to tank when i needed some fun back after those weekend losing streaks… many people will say the auto loader is not competitive but i dissagree with that, yea the pen sucks but in modern meta there are lots of paper tanks you will meet and you can still pen the is3 from behind if you get close, i actually think it wil be my highest average damage tier 6 light in my past 100 games in it (ive played around 300/400 so not in total) even got it at 100% gunmarks atm.

    those moments you get the jump on a tier 8 amx cdc and just shred him apart in a 1 vs 1, these are the best moments i have in wot and they wil take it away..

  18. MT-25 is surprisingly accurate with .34 accuracy, it’s pretty normal to run a gunlaying drive on the tank to help with the aim time since you can’t run a rammer or vstabs. It will also be able to hit targets more easily now that it can’t go at epic speeds. You could always run food as well if you were having a bad day.

    Vk, definatly… the heat shells were very unreliable and it took a lot of skill to coordinate what was the right shell to load for a time or place with a lot of aiming patience to make it work. Tracking targets is going to be a nightmare now.

    12t is useless, no clip potential, same 20 sec reload, I agree, no idea what wargaming was thinking about nerfing an underpowered tank out of existence.

    59-16, a personal favorite, but this new gun cannot burst and forces exposure, it cannot track tanks for your allies, it cannot hit artillery without getting into arty shot gun range, it cannot kill artillery with any degree of swiftness so you can then retreat, and it cannot capitalize on flanking soft targets. I can understand why having 138 penetration might look usable if you get the side of an IS-3 you want to penetrate it, but the autoloader had a more flexibility and was very usable by the world of tanks community that knew how to track and flank targets such as tracking an IS-3 in a bad position or exploiting its soft rear and turret roof. (I really don’t want to direct this as an insult to any of you in particular but more against the niche community that adores the 59-16 specifically, you need an impeccable encyclopedic knowledge of tank armor layouts to use the 59-16’s gun to know where you could or could not penetrate as well as when was it appropriate to load gold, such as loading gold against an IS-3 is not efficient and you should just use AP with better normalization on the turret roof).

    The other usable gun on the 59-16 was the 57 zis which a lot of players just grinding through tend to use, firing a lot of gold to brute force their way through targets. It essentially made the tank a poor man’s MT-25 to help someone get through the grind if it wasn’t their thing. Insulting this gun would be to say the MT-25 never had a usable gun to begin with and that would be fundamentally incorrect.

    T21, yeah… personally I think it got worse because currently it has roughly the same 2090 dpm as a type 64 but now it has 1643 dpm. That’s nearly 500 less dpm so if the two tanks went into a duel, the T21 would be destroyed instead of simple mutual destruction. There is almost no reason not to pay2win in tier 6 competitive games and run a type 64.

  19. How do they even think this “re-balance” is balanced? They are setting up the T37 to be the best at almost everything. Best gun, fastest top speed, fastest aim time, almost the best (-5m) view range? Meanwhile, they are taking the 28.,01 and giving it the worst in almost every category except armor, which we all know for a light is next to meaningless.

    Tier VII Mediums will be going almost as fast and some will have better View Ranges. This is a complete joke.

  20. xXdolanXx says:

    vk 28.01 lost the 10,5 gun?

    now it’s basically a big, fat, cromwell with less pen, alpha, and hitpoints

  21. tango35 says:

    I had an idea the big nerf hammer was going to fall on the scouts after WG bumped the tier 8 scouts to higher tiers. I’ve sold all of my scouts except for my Type 64 and M41 90mm GF. I’ll wait to see what WG does to them before deciding to sell or hang on to those premium scouts.

    “Most of the players” does not convince me, dear LUCASGREENCHEESECO.
    90-95% of the players can not play on light tanks. No knock damage nor illuminate the terrain.
    I have not met any of the good players who played 76. Personally, I have tried to use the 76 loaded with gold. It is useless, only worsened the statistics. 76 runs in the top, the battle level 7.

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