Supertest: Tier 7 Light Tank Stats

More detailed supertest stats of the Tier 7 light tanks.


Tier VII
Weight: 9.4 tons
HP: 880
Engine Power: 195
Power to weight ratio: 20.74
Speed: + 58 / -22 km / h
Terrain Resistances: 0.767 / 0.863 / 1.726
Turret Traverse: 45.9 ° / s
Hull Traverse: 44 ° / s
Hull Armor: 10/10 mm
Turret Armor: 15/10 mm

Gun: 90 mm Mečár (without magazine)
Penetration: 158/210/45 mm
DMG: 240/240/320
DPM : 1470.9
Rate of fire: 6.129
Reload: 9.79 s
Accuracy: 0.345
Aim Time: 2.11
Elevation/Depression: + 15° / -10°

AMX-13 75

Tier VII
Weight: 15.195 tons
HP: 850
Engine Power: 300
Power to weight ratio: 19.74
Speed: + 61 / -23 kph
Terrain Resistances: 0.671 / 0.767 / 1.342
Turret Traverse: 48 ° / s
Hull Traverse: 42 ° / s
Hull Armor: 50/20 mm
Turret Armor: 45/20 mm

Gun: 75 mm SA50 (magazine)
Penetration: 144/202/38 mm
DMG: 135/135/175
DPM: 1695.3
Magazine Capacity: 4
Rate of fire: 12.558
Magazine Reload: 13.706 sec
Single Shot Reload: 1.802 s
Accuracy: 0.364
Aim Time: 1.92
Elevation/Depression: + 9° / -6°


Tier VII
Weight: 16.964 tons
HP: 840
Engine power: 400
The power-to-weight: 23,58
Speed: + 64.4 / -23 kph
Terrain Resistances: 0.671 / 0.767 / 1.438
Turret Traverse: 43.8 ° / s
Hull Traverse: 56 ° / s
Hull Armor: 25.4/22.2 mm
Turret Armor: 22.2/22.2 mm

Gun: 76 mm T185 (magazine)
Penetration: 145/202/38 mm
DMG: 150/150/185
DPM: 1825.5
Magazine Capacity: 6
Rate of fire: 12.17
Magazine Reload: 19.58 sec
Single Shot Reload: 2 s
Accuracy: 0.374
Aim Time: 2.01 sec
Elevation/Depression: +20°/ -7°


Tier VII
Weight: 21.1 tons
HP: 900
Engine power: 520
power to weight ratio: 24.64
V-max: + 60 / -23 kph
Terrain Resistances: 0.575 / 0.671 / 1.247
Turret Traverse: 50.1 ° / s
Hull Traverse: 54 ° / s
Hull Armor: 35/20 mm
Turret Armor: 45/30 mm

Gun: 85 mm 64-85T
Penetration: 159/230/43 mm
DMG: 150/150/185
DPM: 1668 6
Rate of fire: 8.343
Reload: 7.192
Accuracy: 0.345
Aim Time 2.4
Elevation/Depression: + 20° / -5°

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Supertest: Tier 7 Light Tank Stats

30 thoughts on “Supertest: Tier 7 Light Tank Stats

  1. banjoman150 says:

    Its a test so if it is not good enough they will update it…. why has this to be said every single time testdata are published?

      1. Because WG can’t use common sense to make the changes. I mean seriously if the tanks are going up a tier but receiving normal mm then almost no changes are required at all for the most part.

        If it is staying the same tier then a slight nervous to bring it in line with current lights a tier lower than it.

        It’s not rocket science ffs. Also really….do they even read these stats themselves? Look at the T71 now…compare it to any of the other lights here other than the Russian one. They are the only 2 worth anything. The rest are such garbage.

      2. Nocomment says:

        If like you they are so keen on people not commenting on their silly numbers then they would not publish them.
        Indeed they do like complaining about anything even others expressing an opinion.

      3. abusemtex says:

        So doing a public test doesn’t include criticism by the players?
        You could do it in a more objective way but the UTTER BULLSHIT those WG monkeys are about to do doesn’t deserve any reasonable feedback.

        The only appropriate reaction would be to put all those mongols into a bag beating them for an hour and if they ask why start again.

    1. Kanalcommander says:

      Because there are so many shitty tank that didn´t get their well deserved buffs for years e.g. british Tier6 TD Churchill guncarrier which was allways awefull and now Nashorn and Ikv 65 are better in every single situation.
      Or maybe the FV42.02 which was released although everyone pointed out 35 km/h and awefull dpm make a medium noncombatative. Now it gets bufft 4th or 5th time and still it won`t be exeptional good.
      So there is a lot of reason to complain about underpowert tanks even if it´s not the final stats.

    1. Nafre says:

      They haven’t mentioned any of the premium lights so I assume they will just be left to +2/-2 mm and not be touched so people don’t demand refunds like the super pershing fiasco

  2. Nyx_Sky says:

    Fuck you wargaming. Leave the WZ 131 alone. 1.668 DPM ? 150 dmg on a 85 mm gun ? what kind of drugs are they using, i want some.

  3. They seem pretty fine regarding their alpha for T7, but their speed is horrific, an FV304 can go 72 while some of these lights dont even make 60. Lights are supposed to be the first that get into aggressive spotting locations, at this rate mediums/TD’s like the cromwell B (64), hellcat (72), udes (70), e25, ikv 90 … will be better for scouting

  4. dddzxc says:

    WG,What are you doing?Not only do you ignore the historical real car of China to create two fake cars, but also delete the historical 100mm gun of WZ131!

      1. dddzxc says:

        I hope a historical tree than this.The WZ131 become the LV8 lt ,the WZ132 get a better gun to become the Lv9 lt , the 132 become the lv7 lt (prototype vehicle of type 62,could use 76mm and 85mm gun, it produced 28 .59-16 is another prototype car 131(produce 1) . type has other prototype car 132A(produced 1) and 132B(produced 3 ,final prototype car) ),the WZ132 hydraulic suspension or WZ132 armor enhanced become the LV10 lt, They are historical.WG’s creation of two fake cars and the removal of the historical 100mm gun of WZ131 make me angry.

  5. Nafre says:

    These changes seem accurate. They want lights to be less powerful than mediums and lights used to be almost at medium capability. Ie the amx 13 75 and 13 90 had insane clips. I was wondering why the amx 105 had 4 rounds in the clip. Now it all makes sense

  6. Indy says:

    I just dont understand why they just dont put all lights simply one tier higher for example amx 13 90 from tier 8 to tier 9. Its the exact same MM they see now. So they wont have to touch all those lights, just add a tier 5 and a tier 10 vehicle.
    And lets be honest 145mm – 160mmm penetration as tier 7 is ok, but when facing tier 8-9 its just too weak. with the current corridormap design, flanking is often not an option. And tracks love to eat those shells right away.

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