[Supertest] Tier IX Light Tank Changes


hope everyone had a good 2017’s entry!

There’re some supertest changes on the upcoming tier IX LTs, according to MrConway:

“Now it’s time to share some new info about the extension of the Light tank branch tio Tier X! 

The development team will start testing Tier IX Light tanks very soon. These will be popular Light tanks that are currently at Tier VIII (T-54 ltwt, Spähpanzer Ru 251, Т49 and АМХ 1390) and a new Chinese tank – the WZ-132A.

Generally speaking these vehicles will keep all their features, and the Chinese scout will inherit its stats from the WZ-132-1.

The outstanding changes are:

  • The T49 will have just one 90 mm gun with improved battle characteristics;
  • The AMX 13-90 will have four shells in the magazine, while the characteristics of the gun will be significantly improved.

All in all, other vehicles will also get some characteristics improvements, but there won’t be any fundamental changes of gameplay for them.

Important! Note that these characteristics changes are not final and are subject to change by the results of the Super test. “

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[Supertest] Tier IX Light Tank Changes

105 thoughts on “[Supertest] Tier IX Light Tank Changes

  1. wolvenworks says:

    still won’t see how this will make me play LTs. i’d honestly only play mid-high tier LTs if they get at least regular mm

  2. Anonymous says:

    they dont know how to make a tr9 lights, and they make stupid thing…
    they make tr9 less good then they was before when they were tr8….

  3. Patata Caliente says:

    I cannot see how these changes are going to make World a Tanks a better game, I really can’t. I see a number of problems with the game – arty excesses, gold spam, matches determined by a broken matchmaking system -, but these changes adress none of them. Instead they have this great idea of introducing weird light tanks that seem like pure fiction (the Russian Tier X has the T54’s front armour, but apparently weighs only 15 tons?!?) and compete with the mediums. Can anybody explain to me why I should keep playing the Leo 1 when the German Tier X light is out? I will gladly trade the better gun handling for the extended view range and better camo…

    Sometimes I feel these people have no clue about how their own game works.

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