Supertest Tier IX Panhard EBR 90

Similar to its elder brother in many ways, this armored is equipped with a more powerful main weapon – the 90mm cannon. This Panhard has all the same mechanics specific for its type and is played like all active sighting scouts: relying on agility and speed.


This is the first test phase, depending on whose results we will change the parameters and the number and detail of the settings of the new game mechanics. Also some pics with its final textures.


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Supertest Tier IX Panhard EBR 90

12 thoughts on “Supertest Tier IX Panhard EBR 90

    1. Mikosah says:

      Agreed, these view range values are so low that spotting becomes suicidal and impractical. WG just made another line of turreted TDs.

  1. Nameless says:

    330 viewrange? Wtf France? Did the mirrors on these things get removed or what? You know that by removing the mirrors you won’t be able to see the battlefield?

  2. voodoospirit says:

    i m a light player and this tank, active scouting, it s like asking to go to the hangar in 2mn….so blind….aggressive spotting and the actual meta = masochism.

  3. Anonymous says:

    It can still be useful when spotting over ridges and making scouting sweeps past TD bushes. I mean the VR sucks but with this kind of speed it might still be useful. Plus they might still change the values if they find the tank underperforming

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