Supertest: Tier VIII American medium Autoloading Tank T77

The T77, it belongs to a completely different subclass of medium tanks due to its 120mm gun sporting an autoloader with a 3-shell drum. It takes 38 seconds for this gimmick to fully reload and the time between shots is 2 seconds. Each successful hit subtracts 360 points from the enemy’s HP pool; the gun’s dispersion is 0.37 at 100 m while its aiming time is 2.3 seconds. As for the armor penetration, it’s 215 mm for the standard APCR round and 270 mm for the special HEAT shell.


In terms of mobility the T77 is somewhat slower with a top speed of 48 km/h and specific power of 16.3 hp/t.

The oscillating turret has a viewrange of 380 m.

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