Supertest:- Tier VIII Panhard Lynx 6X6.

From the forums:- The French Tier VIII wheeled armoured vehicle, the Panhard AML Lynx 6×6 enters closed testing. We will continue to test new game mechanics and balance settings of the vehicle. A decision will then be made, regarding the final mechanics and performance characteristics for the entire mini-branch, based on the test results.


The current build uses a different wheelbase to the previously tested Panhard EBR, having three axes instead of four. However, it still retains the all-wheel drive from the EBR. The new set of game mechanics for wheeled vehicles will feature on this vehicle.

The Lynx is armed with a 90-mm autoloader with a single-shot damage of 240 points. It follows the general concept of wheeled vehicles; fast and manoeuvrable when in motion but not able to turn when stationary. It also boasts good gun stabilization and concealment, countered by a reduced view range.

Depending on the test results, the specs of the Lynx and the game mechanics linked to it may change.


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Supertest:- Tier VIII Panhard Lynx 6X6.

8 thoughts on “Supertest:- Tier VIII Panhard Lynx 6X6.

  1. Mikosah says:

    Its a handsome vehicle, though in spite of all the best intentions the concept of ‘blind scouts’ is probably going to fail horribly in the current meta. Bad players will probably suicide-scout and die pointlessly in the first minute of the match. Mediocre players will probably keep distance and play like weak TDs. Good players might be interested for just the first couple of days, or perhaps not bother with these at all.

    1. wotsniper says:

      As a good player myself, I am extremely interested in how they will play. They could bring a new meta to all the open maps, or what few we have. New paths might have to be used to prevent being spotted, etc.

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