Supertest: Tier VIII US med. T77 Fuller Stats

We now have a fullish stat screen shot.

supertest T77 RSR

Current in Client Stats

  • US Tier VIII Premium Medium tank
  • Gun: 120mm Gun T179 in mount 169
  • Damage: 360/360/460
  • Penetration: 125/270/60 mm
  • Reload Time: 36.438 s
  • Magazine Reload time: 2 s
  • Accuracy: 0.355
  • Aim time: 2.21 s
  • Rate of Fire: 4.451
  • Damage per Minute: 1,602.4
  • Turret Travers Speed: 39.6 °/s
  • Elevation / Depression: +15/-8 °
  • Max Ammo: 36 rounds
  • Max Speed Forward/Reverse: 48/15 kph
  • Engine Power: 800 bhp
  • Specific power: 16.33 hp/t
  • Hull Travers Speed: 33 °/s
  • Health: 1,350 hp
  • Hull Armor: 120/76.2/35 mm
  • Turret Armor: 152/70/50 mm
  • Veiw Range: 380 m
  • Signal Distance: 745 m
  • Crew: 4

Camouflage Values

  • While Staionary: 20.1 %
  • While Moving: 15.1 %
  • While Firing in Staionary: 3.62 %
  • While Firing and Moving: 2.72 %

Original images from DoM1N and WoT Express

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Supertest: Tier VIII US med. T77 Fuller Stats

9 thoughts on “Supertest: Tier VIII US med. T77 Fuller Stats

    1. the T69 is no longer valid at Tier 8, it would be much easier to balance it to Tier 7 and get something else at Tier 8, like the H.L.Yoh concepts with osciallating turret (M-IV/V/VI-Y)

      1. That is their likely plan to downtier the T69 to tier 7 where 90mm guns are more common.

        I mean tier wise the average tiered guns are T6=75/76mm, T7=90mm, T8=100mm, T9=105mm, T10=120+mm. So it would make sense to put the T69 at tier 7 where its in its element. Only downside is that it further creeps autoloaders into tier 5 which is a tier that has largely been unaffected by autoloaders(I don’t consider autocannons as autoloaders btw)

      2. @ 0gungrave0 I think you are forgeting that the T77 will be a Tier 8 premium, simply put WG has no will to ever again work on the US TT

        I’ve seen WG NA staff say all kinds of things from «we have no candidates» to « we can’t find detailed info to model the concepts» to «we have added pretty much everything we wanted» (for researcheable lines) so no, I have no hope watsoever they will ever fix the most outdated TT in the game

        they have talked about a US TT rework since at least 2015 but nothing has been changed, at least not anything done specifically to improve it because they did the recent simplyfication that removed a couple of tanks, the extension of the LT line up to Tier 10 (that all TTs with LT lines also received) and changing the classification of the T54E1 from its historical MT classification to HT

        with that being said it will take them a few years until they run out of premiums, just T95 variants alone are 10 or more left

        just by looking at basic characteristics of the many tanks left, I believe I could easily organize 8 or 9 new lines and line-splits (including reworking lines to make gameplay more consistent from tier-to-tier) where every single line starts at least at Tier 8, 1 or 2 even capable of starting from Tier 6, and yet they would still be left with 30 or more potential premiums, and haven’t even counted wheeled vehicles or amphibious tanks

    1. both the T77 and T54E1 were medium tanks, both tanks used the hull from the T48/M48
      the turrets look similar (between T77 and T57) because they were designed by the same company

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