Supertest- Tier X Panhard EBR 75 proto.

The second wheeled French Armoured Car goes into Supertest. This time no magazine fed autoloader just a single shot. It’s a little slower than the tier 8 version but a smaller turning circle. The Wheeled line may start at tier 5 or 6.

We have the Stat screen with in-game info page and in-game comparison screen. Images are clickable.

Stats Screens


Tier 10 EBR Compare 3-1

Original Russian images WoT Express,

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Supertest- Tier X Panhard EBR 75 proto.

25 thoughts on “Supertest- Tier X Panhard EBR 75 proto.

  1. Noone says:

    This thing with that penetration and view range in current heavy meta is going to be “top worthless grinds to tier 10”.

    Really I don’t see any reason for it’s existence which is sad as I love light tanks.

    1. TheLegendofHorst says:

      totaly agree.
      I think even most T10 lights are bad in the current meta, but this is worse. you will get out spotted by every Light and Medium and who cares about a slightly better power/weight and top speed?

      (pen would be fine if the view range would be on a normal level)

      1. Dez says:

        This have to be active spoter… not another fucking camping bot 😉
        its too slow to be active spoter
        everyone will see you and can hit you without problem but you cant see anything if you want stay in safe range (tank with so low view range cant stay in safe no matter where you will be with this tank)
        this tank just need more speed or just be bit smaller because now is ELC EVEN better active spoter than this (X tier vs VIII and VIII is better -.- )

  2. Players are demanding new lines to grind and to keep the game alive, WG’s devs went full retard and gave us something to sorrow about, one week after the grind starts…
    After that, we start to say how bad that line is, we want more russian mediums.
    Et voilá, thats how russian bias is build upon.

  3. lefanatik says:

    its not a autoloader?? i don’t understand… the VIII premium is an autoloader ! and he just drive 75kmh? i think they have a special feature to drive 100kmh !

    1. Anonymous says:

      The tier 8 is a regular tanks not a premium and it’s slower because it has a bigger gun and it has a better turning circle

  4. Nighthuntertauren says:

    This looks like a wheeled tank destroyer more than a light. That alpha is crazy. With binos you can get into position fast, camp and when the time is right whallop someone before falling back. I’m excited for that alpha, that view range is salvageable, rammer, vents and binos and you got a little monster

      1. Noone says:

        yeah, even shoting at side of IS3 from like 200-250m away is goong to be 50/50 for pen. And this is a tank two tier lower lol

  5. Gorfak, NA says:

    With stats like that, it’s not a scout, it’s a tiny, agile, blind, flanking TD (low penetration).
    Not a scout at all…

  6. Can we appreciate for a moment that this vehicle has 1.15 second aimtime, 0.32 accuracy and soviet levels of dispersion while moving on a gun with 420 alpha and insane top speed.

    To put that into context, the only vehicles that are more accurate at T10 are the German mediums and 1.15s aim time is the best at T10 and with those dispersion values it’s going to be bombing around with a 420 alpha damage laser, albeit one with God awful penetration.

    1. kunexar says:

      it will just turn into damned gold spam, 240 something on premium, so it will get through some weakspots tho:/ still shit dedsign if they force you to use gold

    2. Mikosah says:

      Agreed that the accuracy and alpha are impressive, as are the sheer mobility and likely the camo ratings as well. However the low pen is going to prevent this from sniping anything that doesn’t have paper armor, and the low DPM will mean that the process of a solo-kill will be both very lengthy and very risky (especially for a tank with low view range, so few hit points, and nonexistent armor).

      So that’s the role? Without pen, sniping is off the table. Without view range, spotting is difficult and risky. Without DPM or durability, its trading options are extremely limited. Seems like WG has only given it one option- to YOLO rush and hope for the best.

      1. OpaKnobbi says:

        And exactly that is what they have in nind, basically.
        It’s a terrible idea, but it won’t be their first and it won’t be their last as well, sadly

  7. Anonymous says:

    This is folly. Imho, this whole wheeled vehicle thing is going to be a complete nonstarter. Most people would agree that balancing is a huge – if not the single largest – problem of the game, yet – rather than fixing it, WG introduces a new class that will make balancing even more difficult. I think this company has a management problem.

  8. Gal_Ardent says:

    I take it as it is…. whatever the crying babies, you will always find smart player to use it better than other, and get outstanding results with it… We are too used to OP tanks, and nobody like the challenges.

    1. Gorfak, NA says:

      Yep, this is plain stupid. Meanwhile, some monstrous 120mm gun still have 400 alpha, and this little thing has 420 ! Ridiculous…

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