Supertest: Tiger II (H) A Little More

We have the Garage comparison from my current client with The Tiger I, Tiger P and VK 45.03 with the Tiger II (H) scaled to fit and pasted into the fourth slot. Click for full size in new tab. And the in garage “Research” grab.

Tiger II H Compare RSR


Russian originals from WoT Express.

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Supertest: Tiger II (H) A Little More

8 thoughts on “Supertest: Tiger II (H) A Little More

  1. That entire line needs a rebalance ASAP
    Its idiotic the Tiger 2 premium having less dpm that the Tiger 1, Just a nonsense.
    The gun doesnt even fit… holy shit… Make it a little bit op for historical reasons… like… Defender gives a damn about historical accuracy but… you can do the same no???

    Tiger 1 to tier 6 and with the short 8.8
    Tiger P to tier 6 and with the short 8.8? Dunno… but it could work.
    Even with the buffs on tier 7 is garbaje.
    Tiger 2 Ausb A or was it B? on tier 7 with the Dpm of the current Tiger 1 would be good and historically accurate imho. While having a weak turret but amazing dpm???
    Tiger 2 Ausb H? on tier 8 with the Dpm of the current Tiger 1 on its stock gun which should be the long 8.8. Then with the choose to upgrade to the 10.5 maybe with a little bit more Rof and pen???

    Dunno man. Its a mess… I dont want to blame WG… but its game design its bullshit.

      1. The Tiger 2 its actually a tank that mounted the historical long 8.8 gun, therefore it should be designed around it and have an “advantage” around it. This would translate into having more dpm and accuracy in the game.

        Other considerations for moving the Tiger I and P to tier 6 and the tiger 2 ausf H to tier 7 are the following:

        1) Tiger P/Tiger I in the moment cant really use its armor. (Everyone knows that)
        Tiger P has a massive turret weakspot which make its 200mm armor irrelevant and garbaje. Tiger I its only good for being a dpm machine at tier 7 with 0 armor.
        Both are hp piñatas that I think should be fighting at tier 6

        2) Tiger P/Tiger I historically could only fit the short 8.8 (the one with 135mm of pen)
        not the long 8.8 with 200mm that the versions of the Tiger 2 mounted:
        Its the same with the panther… well it was proposed…

        3) At tier 7 a deadly machine with the 8.8gun that can use its armor with the long 8.8.
        At tier 8 a not so deadly machine with the 10.5gun that feels like “what if an old platform mounted a bigger gun”. Thing is… give the current tiger 2 a buff. Its slower than the Lowe and its dpm is meaningfull.

        Finally I… havent mentioned the suggested autoloader variants some propose for the Tiger 2… thats… another thing that wouldnt fit… I dont even want to know…

  2. OrigamiChik3n says:

    It’s a photoshoped and therefore not a very accurate comparison. You can see that Tiger II (H) column is more blurry and the text is in Russian. In the view range section other tanks have odd numbers – 388, 442, 427, compared to exactly 380 of the new Tiger. The image is composed from two different clients with unknown equipment and crew setup.

  3. I have doubts on the accuracy on the thing. I quickly compared the stats seen here on the picture with the stats from, and it seems as though the tanks shown here have different equipment configurations instead of all having either no equipment at all or at least the same equipment. Example: The Tiger P does not have 1984 base DPM, it has 1746 DPM. With rammer and vents or BIA I was able to reproduce that DPM value.
    The Tiger however has 2293 DPM, and that seems to be only with vents or BIA and no rammer at all.

    You need to up your game with these things. What are you trying to hide here, some people might want to ask. Why not give us the stats straight and unaltered by equipment bonuses?

  4. Anonymous says:

    My friends and I always joke that the Tiger II is the best tier 6 heavy tank in the game this is getting closer, but it still doesn’t look very competitive.

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