Supertest: Tiger II (H),

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In November 2016 the Tiger II P was put into supertest. At that time it was intended as a tech tree tank but promptly shelved. Now it is back in supertest but as the Tiger II (H) a tier VII premium. We have the stat screens for then and now (click to open in a new tab).

Tiger II (P)

Tiger II (H)

We also have some in the wild screen caps.

Source WoT Express.

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Supertest: Tiger II (H),

22 thoughts on “Supertest: Tiger II (H),

    1. OrigamiChik3n says:

      Yes, let’s rush into conclusions before it is even announced how you can get the tank.
      T25 “Pilot” is full fledged tier 8 premium tank. It was a reward for completed fairly simple marathon. Emil 1951 is a full fledged tier 8 premium tank. Anyone can get it by renouncing real life and overrated outdoors for at least 7 weeks this year.

      1. Seth H says:

        LOL!!!!! I have a life, family, and work and I feel should be able to get both the 1951 and the mystery tank from FL in the 10 weeks (not 7) and it not impact my life/work/family. I’m an average to above average player, so don’t take this as some uni beating his chest and looking down on you. If you don’t feel you can do it, then don’t.

        Nobody is making you do it or even to choose between real life and a game.

      1. Infernal969 says:

        Making one of the most popular WW2 tanks absolute dogshit for f2p players and good for wallet warriors. And with WG’s brilliant pricing policy it will probably be more expensive than some tier 8 premiums. Yeah, no problem, comrade.

      2. Robopon says:

        It’s not “absolute dogshit”, it’s just outdated. I see nothing bad in historical Tiger 2 as a tier 7 premium just like I don’t see anything bad in historical Tiger 1 as a tier 6 premium. It’s not even THAT good, lol.

    1. torturebear says:

      Great… you write that NOW. 🙂

      As tier 7 it is pretty ok… damn, my whole post is then not seriously relevant even though the critical elements prevail anyways.

  1. torturebear says:

    It is utterly useless… I already found the Mauerbrecher a disgustingly bad tank in comparison and a thin blooded version of the VK P of tier 8 and also a lesser tank in comparison to the Löwe, which is already underperforming.

    So they give us another tier 8 premium German tank which has garbage armor since it is flat and an awful rate of fire since it is even less good than the normal Tiger H… surely. Awesome.

    Just buy a FCM, same gun, better reload, mobility and nearly the same armor. Or just a Somua… just imagine going against one of those… and just let’s not go against Defender, IS3A (which will give this thing a good stabbin … more clubbin with its magazine and golden armor and this guy hast not even a good chance of penning it back).

    Took me nearly eight years to see a pattern of underwhelming German vehicles… and it is not because of Germans bad, Russians good… it is just the case of powercreep penetration against armor wich was meant to fight the American 76 mm, the American 90 mm, the English Firefly and the Russian 85 mm or 122 mm.

    The German flat armor is bad in the E100… even a Maus is struggling. An IS 7 not so much…
    So instead of nice new tanks or special premiums (maybe for ONCE a German countertank on tier 8 against a Defender or such – for instance the super secret E75 Version A Ausf. 2 [do not google it, I made it up] good armor, not so flat and a nice accurate gun) we get a copy paste tier 8 garbage tank which was already obsolete when I was playing the game and grinding the Tiger 2… I mean that was 2011 and even then it was not popular.

    1. Matthew Shine says:

      To be fair to the Lowe, the stats show it’s underperforming because a lot of idiots drive it.
      It’s actually a very good tank since its last buff.

      1. torturebear says:

        True. It has good buffs and can work… But it is by no means what it should be: an alternative towards the toughest enemy tanks.

      2. As I pointed out in an earlier comment regarding the recent Buffs to Tier VIII Premiums with formerly Preferred Matchmaking,:

        The Löwe had some of the worst stats when compared to those newly buffed vehicles (and that was already when pre-buffed).

    2. OrigamiChik3n says:

      Even if you don’t read Russian, there clearly is “VII” in both screenshots. Not many people know this, but “VII” is not “8”.

      1. torturebear says:

        Awesome information – I replied to the author and admitted me being wrong already (Me 2019 reply to jerry from 19th February). But in fact my critique is more than just the Tiger 2…
        Even on tier 7 it is horrible and no match for the standard Tiger – I believe WG would make themselves a favor by adding a Tier 7 Tiger H as premium version, just plain the same like a Cromwell B or so…

  2. That tech tree needs a HUGE rebalance.
    Moving ther Tiger I to tier 6 and the Tiger 2 without the gun to tier 7.
    It would make it a lot different imho.
    Problem would be Tiger P… since it would not differ a lot from the Vk.. dunno… could have a dpm buff… but its armor would become somehow relevant?

    1. I sincerly hope they’ll consider this.
      As for the Tiger (P), would one advocate the idea of finding another VK to substitute it, thus forming a branch that’s constituted of nothing but VKs?

      1. Anonymous says:

        They could just have the normal vk45.01p as the replacement for the tiger p since the current one is just the unarmored command vehicle

  3. RAD FROOD 25 (Console) says:

    Hahahaha PC players complaining about Reskins, just check out the King Tiger for the Germans and the Captured King Tiger for the Americans on console

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