Supertest: Tiger II P


there’s a new clone tank in supertest, behold, the Tiger II P:

-Thanks to Ctacello for translating the stats.



Tier: 7
Hitpoints: 1500
Engine: 700 hp
Weight: 69.720 tons
Power-to-weight: 10.04 hp/t
Maximum speed: 38/12 km/h
Hull traverse: 20 deg/s
Turret traverse: 24 deg/s
Terrain Resistance: 0,959/ 1,151/ 2,205
Viewrange: 380
Radio range: 740,4
Hull armor: 150/80/?
Turret armor: 185/80/?

Gun: 8.8 cm Kw.K. 43 L/71
Damage: 240/240/295
Penetration: 203/237/44
DPM: 1668.6
ROF: 6.952
Reload: 8.63s
Accuracy: 0.326
Aim: 2.21

Model and Armor:

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Supertest: Tiger II P

65 thoughts on “Supertest: Tiger II P

  1. P? As in Porsche design? This is clearly the Hanschel hull and turret… the VK45.03 was Hanschels initial Tiger II design that had the Porsche turret as the Hanschel turret wasn’t ready and the Tiger II was the completed tank with with 50mm of extra plating welded to he front with the hanchel turret…

    This is just the Tiger II we already have in game but a tier lower… get this shit out of supertest WG, the fuck man

      1. T34 doesn’t have a “P” after it now does it? Because that was once the tier 9 HT and the T30 was the tier 10 HT before the M103 and T110e5 came in. So why doesn’t the T34 have the “P” if it was once regular and now premium?

        Ultimately WG is being WG and is just trying to milk people of their money… but this time it’s just that touch too obvious

      1. no, the VK45.03 would be the prototype as it’s the original Henschel designor the Tiger II that only had 100mm of hull armor and a Porsche turret as the Henschel turrets weren’t ready.

        This here is the complete Tiger II with historical armament, not a prototype

      1. No, Krupp didn’t design the turrets, they built them for Porsche and Henschel before they started designing tanks themselves.

        And the difference in the Porsche design, other then the turret, was that they proposed a front mount and rear mounted turret configuration for their VK45.02 P design where Henschel went for a mid mounted turret design on their VK45.03 H design.

      2. Sorry, you were correct, both turret designes were by Krupp, that was missinformation on my behalf. But again, the main differences were in the configuration of the modules and turret placement

      3. Treadhead1 says:

        I just realized that I confused the porshe suspension Jagdtiger with the porshe tiger II. Thanks for (Indirectly) making me correct my mistake. 🙂 I wonder If this model is a Tiger II based on the Porshe Jagdtiger suspension. Not sure if it existed though, I doubt it.

  2. blockhaj says:

    Wg is getting out of ideas. Just implement some new nations ffs. If they prioritising the swedish tree we could have a new line every 2 months. They should also introduce the complete japanese light tank line and also their td line. Also if they can get their hands on the info they kan implement some new jap heavy tanks that are not made up like the tier 7 and 8. The type 95 kai or mitsu 104 should be the tier 5 heavy and the oi’s should be buffed and moved up a tier. The type 3 should be the tier 8 and the type 4 and 5 should have their hull sheeks removed.

  3. SpeedyCraft51 says:

    How to make a tier * premium for the × class of # nation :

    1-Go check the tech trees of the # nation
    2-Look at the × line
    3.1-Take the tier * and buff one stat while nerfing another. It now is a different tank.
    3.2-Take the tier *+1 and use the stock gun. Note that if the tank is supposed to have a second gun researched from the tank before, for exemple T-10, then use this gun instead, exemple IS-5.

    Congrats, you can now make more money for minimum efforts.

    That’s all for today’s economy efficiency lesson with WG.

  4. tribun1211 says:

    Dear Wargaming…why bringing out tanks noone wants because they can get it in the tech tree….if you want to sell us more prem tanks…catured KV1 with the german 7,5 cm and comand copula which existed…or a hungarian td or an italian td which existed….stop making those stupid clones of clones which not even existed in paper…there are still enough tanks to implement…and if you need money so desperate…how about selling the reward tanks … just mark them so people know who bought and who earned them…i would love to get my hands on some of those tanks

  5. bbmoose says:

    So… It’s a historical correct Tiger II in the tier where it should be? I would be a fine premium, but it’s not what should be prioritized. Please WG, fix the issues of this game first. After that you may go on with copy-paste premiums and stuff like that without me complaining. I can help you with prioritizing targets:

    1. Fix (or remove) arty. It’s unbelievable that you haven’t done anything about it. It’s just ignorant, admit it.
    2. Fix the mm. I don’t want to see 8 heavies in the enemy team and 2 on my team on a citymap. I don’t want to see teams with 6 TD’s and 3 arties on Prokhorovka. I don’t want to see failplatoons (and that means that you shouldn’t be able to team up with any other tier). I don’t want to see tomato’s in Tier 8 games or higher. Let those kind of players compete against eachother. Remember: those are the kind of players that hardly land ONE SHOT PER GAME, and still be able to earn more XP then the top players of the losing team. Yes, fix that too. Just balance things out and make it fun for everyone.
    3. Nerf the obvious OP tanks (IS3, TVP’s, T110E5, Grille 15, and so on…) and buff the obvious UP tanks. Fix powercreep. Make every tank viable to play, nowadays you only encounter IS3’s on randoms and teambattles/strongholds/clanwars.
    4. Give us more maps and remove the small maps from hightier gameplay
    5. Rework corridor maps
    6. Bring back removed maps in a reworked state.

    No need for Balance 2.0 or things like Sandbox. Just. Fix. The. Obvious. Please.


    Maybe then I’ll even buy your cntrl+C/cntrl+V-tanks. Just like I did with the VK45.03. That tank is just awesome. But fix the obvious things first, or I won’t spend a dime on WoT again.

    1. Agreed with all except the list of OP tanks. I don’t think Grille should be in that list.
      And there should definitely be more Russian tank listed 😉 Although I know you weren’t making a full list.

  6. We have no idea what the P is for.

    It could be
    – Porsche
    – its a placeholder
    – Prototype.

    i will go with the last one. Indicating that this could be a regular T7 tank, because redoing the german heavy line is nescessary since 5 years now.
    T4 is crap, T5 heavy is poor (only pen and acc is good), T6 is total Crap, T7 works only because of high dpm and acc, T8 is total crap again (low alpha, no speed, no armor, thats the real deal). The line gets good only when it gets unhistorical at T9.

    Since these 5 years only the german tank fanboys keep on saying “Tiger is a gut tank, because its a deutscher Panzer”. It was never truely good, but the recent powercreep totally outclassed almost all german HTs.

    1. Tier 6 VK3601 is total crap? What game did you play? I certainly think otherwise!
      Its very speedy for its class has good armour and the konish gun is great at all relevant tiers.

  7. leggasiini says:

    Guys, dont get crazy yet. The “P” might be there for just placeholder as long as current Tiger II exists on tier 8.

    I have odd feeling that they are gonna completely overhaul German HT lines. VK 100.01P and Mauschen are first steps of it. They said that Mauschen and VK will be alternatives for 4502s, but WG tends to change minds very often, and after arrival of this thing, i think:

    – tiger 1 and tiger 2 will be both dropped to tier 6 and 7, respectively
    – VK 4502s will be replaced by VK100.01P and Mauschen. VK4502 becomes tier 7 with historical guns and armor; most likely the B variant because it fits better, and because of tier 7 version has been on supertest for ages (VK 4502 B7).
    – Due to point above, Tiger P will be dropped to tier 6. VK 30.01P probs stays as alternative.
    – E75 either stays at tier 9 and WG puts new tier 8 or E75 becomes tier 8, effectively being just Tiger 2 with new name and better sloping on UFP
    – If E-75 becomes tier 8, then tier 9 is probably going to be early version of E100 that was more a just mashup of Tiger and Maus components.

    1. Anonymous says:

      This looks probable to me, but then leaves the Tiger (P) (The Porche one), and the Ferdinand & Jagdtiger, and all the related designs, to rework…

      1. leggasiini says:

        Dunno, TDs are quite fine IMO. JT is better balanced as tier 9 than as tier 8 anyway. Dropping it to tier 8 would make it like Ferdi with +50mm casemate armor, that would be honestly OP unless its balanced by crappy HP.

        Ferdi would work very well as tier 7, though, especially considering that Tiger P would then still retain ability to lead to it.

  8. abusemtex says:

    Viktor: “Tatjana, have you seen my credit card? Yes, the black one.”
    Tatjana: “Uhm, no…”
    Viktor: “Holy shit, someone used my card to buy giant platimun dildo covered with swarovski?!? Tatjana – where are you?…(Seeing the backlights of his golden Bentley disappear in a cloud of dust)”

  9. Xavier says:

    Oh WG. Instead of putting the Tiger I at tier 6 and Tiger II at tier 7, you put them a tier higher and give them guns that couldn’t have fit in their turrets (Tiger I with its L/71)

  10. betterdead thanred says:

    insult number 43656436 from WG aimed at EU…..just keeps piling up…
    sad thing is, we cant do anything to prevent this type of shait from keep coming….

    panther 1, Tiger 1 and 2 should have been placed 1tier lower.
    THE MOST POWERFUL WW2 TANK THAT WAS SERIAL PROCUCED is the worst tank in tier 8, and now insult to injury this tiger 2 P ????

    keep saying this but EU region should buy a WOT license from WG and adjust/balance to more comfortable levels the tanks in EU.

      1. betterdead thanred says:

        good point. but balance suggests strongly that tiger 2 should be better balanced stock in tier 7, than with 105mm in tier 8.
        And u have to pay for the ”balance”

  11. Bricktop says:

    Calm your horses. What you see is Tiger II with HISTORICAL gun, at tier 7, which it should have been in the first place. Altrough it creates other problem; with tiger I ought to be tier 6 with short 8.8 it had historically. Well we have Tiger I with historical gun at tier 6 and it @&$;* balls

  12. well, wargaming was clear about how they didn’t like how the tiger II’s armor functioned at tier 8, this could be a sign of them trying to shift the entire line down one tier? Supertest stats are not final as many of us already know. Anyways, wargaming needs to release new standard tanks rather than premiums, a lot of people are getting to the point where they’re owning most if not all the tanks they could want and the lack of global content is going to shrink the player base even more. If wargaming isn’t careful, they’ll get stuck in spiral of only releasing premium tanks to keep their funding from rock bottom because they are only thinking of the short term gains.

    1. betterdead thanred says:

      at the rate they are pumping out prems, i reckon they are either already knee-deep in shait, and sucking in all the money while they still can b4 WOT crumbles.
      OR gathering money for some grand scheme that will benefit us all.
      1st option seems more likely….

  13. Jesus Christ WG has no shame whatsoever. At least in the past the shit clone tanks had different textures…. This thing is a carbon copy but a lower tier.

    Yet I bet all the retards will go run to buy this garbage and keep making WG churn more crap like this out. Enough with the fucking premium spam.

    1. betterdead thanred says:

      problem is that before, a premium was equal or below in stats compared to their peers, but not anymore, now they are becoming equal or better than their peers.
      i can see this tiger2P doing great in tier 7, perhaps too great.

      to remain competitive in tier 7, many will buy this.
      We are perhaps seeing Pay-to-win again?

  14. SCARed says:

    well, this would be a rathe nice tank on tier 7, that’s for sure. with the top-turret of the current Tiger II it has a good but not great turret (T29 is VERY much better), the hull works good if you angle it while being mid- to toptier. against tier 9 all tier 7 HTs are butter (ecxept T29 turret).

    plus: the DPM is NOT that of the stock Tiger II, even if you would use the stock turret. this config still has 2,241 DPM, where the VK 45.03 has 1,787 and the Tiger P gets 1,746 (Tiger H has 2,241 like Tiger II after the buff). so basically a more unmobile version of the VK 45.03 but with better armor. that could work just fine. 🙂

  15. VladCelTroll says:

    I think all of this is in preparation for a HT overhaul. It would be more than welcome, as the KT struggles a lot at tiers 9 or higher. Hell, it feels dull even at tier 8. If they plan on downtiering all Henschel HTs, then they must find a replacement for either the E-100 or the E-75. Other than that, the VK 36 could probably fit tier 5, but then the VK 30H should be removed. The latter could be transformed back to a MT that once lead to the Tiger.

    We’re talking about WG here, so I think this will be just a premium. Pity it won’t be a regular tank.

  16. Craig says:

    Doesn’t it bother anybody that the historical tanks (ie Tiger I with historical gun and Tiger 2 with historical gun) are largely unplayable? Even though I have the Tiger II I would DEFINITELY buy this if it were a premium for the same reason I bought the HT No.6. I want to play historical tanks without totally ruining my or my teams chances of winning.

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