Supertest: Two Double-Barrelled Soviets

Double-barrelled vehicles can shoot in two different ways:

  • Sequential: allows you to fire the guns one after another. This works just like Italian autoreloaders, just with a two-shot clip. After firing the first gun, it reloads and the second one activates. You don’t need to wait for the first gun to reload and can shoot as soon as the guns have switched. If you do, however, the reload progress of the first gun will be reset.
  • Double shot: as it says, both guns fire at the same time. Wait until both are loaded, then hold the left mouse button for a few seconds to prepare and trigger the double shot. After that, both guns are locked and will not reload for some time. Then they will reload one after another.

IS-3 II (Tier IX)


The main appeal of all the vehicles with double-barrelled guns is obviously firepower. The maxed-out IS-3 II boasts two 122mm guns, each dealing 390 points of damage. One well-placed salvo can blast off ~800 hit points.

The gun takes 10.7 seconds to reload and 3.5 s to switch guns. A double shot is prepared in 3 s locked for seven seconds after. Aside from top-notch stabilisation, the accuracy is 0.4 m at 100 m. Its standard AP shells penetrate 243 mm of armour, the special APCR ones 292 mm.

However, it has rather mediocre armour and just 1,800 hit points, so be cautious on the battlefield. Only the turret offers some protection, with 250 mm frontally and up to 130 mm on the sides. In terms of mobility, the top speed is fine with 38 km/h, the power-to-weight ratio of 12.5 hp/t is average, and the IS-3 II doesn’t turn that fast. Its view range is 380 m.

ST-II (Tier X)


Of course, it’s only fair to place the real-life project of a double-barrelled tank at the top of the new branch. The ST-II is armed with two 122mm guns, each dealing 440 points of damage.

The gun takes 11.7 seconds to reload and 3 s to switch guns. A double shot takes 2.5 s to prepare and is locked for five seconds after. It boasts a dispersion of 0.4 m, an aiming time of 2.9 s, and incredible stabilisation. Its standard AP shells penetrate 258 mm of armour, the special HEAT rounds 340 mm.

As for its survivability: the turret front is up to 250 mm thick, whereas the hull boasts 150 mm frontally and 140 mm on the sides. With 2,500 hit points it is more resilient than the previous vehicles. The view range is 390 m, and its mobility compares to other heavies. While the top speed reaches 40 km/h, the power-to-weight ratio of 12.2 hp/t is average at best. Beware of the turret traverse speed, it’s only 16 °/s.

Overall, these heavy tanks feature strong turrets and fair mobility. In battle, play just like other tanks. But when an opportunity arises, take advantage of the sequential or double shot option to finish off the enemy .

Note: The above-mentioned characteristics for both vehicles are subject to change.


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Supertest: Two Double-Barrelled Soviets

13 thoughts on “Supertest: Two Double-Barrelled Soviets

  1. Anonymous says:

    WG best solution for u: double barrell IS-3A and reward tier 10 – double barrell WT E100 with 6 shots in each barrell.
    What do u said, good idea?

  2. Grampy says:

    Silly Russians. They could have given us an M42 Duster double barreled 70 km/h wheelie killer at tier 6 and made everyone happy, but instead we get this…

  3. Tachenk0 says:

    You know what….I like and support this. Why? Cause I cant wait to play multi-turreted tanks in the future! I really want that.

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