SuperTest: UDES 03 Full stats


the stats of the upcoming tier 8 Tank destroyer UDES 03 are now out:


Tier: 8
Hitpoints: 992
Engine: 730
Weight: 20 560
Power-to-weight: 35.5
Maximum speed: 75/75 km/h
Hull traverse: 28
Turret traverse: 26
Terrain resistance: 1,3/1,4/2,4
Viewrange: 370
Radio range: 850
Hull armor: 20/20/20
Turret armor: What Turret?

Gun: 10,5 cm kan strv 103 L/51
Damage: 390/390/480
Penetration: 288/330/53
DPM: 2507.7
ROF: 6.43
Reload: 9.33
Accuracy: 0.3

Aimspeed: 3s


Other Guns:

Model and Armor:

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SuperTest: UDES 03 Full stats

84 thoughts on “SuperTest: UDES 03 Full stats


        probably a supertest mistake…. otherwise HELLO TURRETLESS T-50-2! We missed you pal with every shot fired so far.
        35 P/W
        75 forward
        75 backward

        yeah right

      2. heldermartins1 says:

        I believe these tanks had a rear seat for the driver. This was meant to fight in sweden forests, me thinks. Ence, everytime it had to retreat, driver changed seats and drove the thing backwards. Correct me if Im wrong, pls.

    1. Rombat says:

      3 sec aim time and hp less than a tier 7 td with 20 mm armor is not a td to be afraid of…remember from the next patch you,,ll know from where you are shooted at even then the enemy is not spoted…so you can blind shoot it with he…is one shoot for the new derp guns from type4 and 5 jappanes heavy

      1. CynicalDutchie says:

        You can already blind fire and people rarely do it, why would that suddenly change in 9.16? And I hope for the WoT’s sake those derp guns never see the light of day.

      2. Anonymous says:

        you do know that He cant overmatch armor. In that angle on the tank it will have atleast 200 mm so no it wont be oneshotted

    2. Mikosah says:

      What exactly is the problem with a “super fast, super accurate TD”, as you put it? The armor meta was RNG-dependent to begin with and ever vulnerable to the ravages of ‘code 22’. The mobility meta is the way out for WoT.

    1. septfox says:

      $5 says it won’t stay that way until release.
      This is what, the third time they’ve teased with a high-reverse-speed tank and then been all “NOPE BALANCE” and reduced it to “normal”?

  1. sir_novicius says:

    Wonder what the actual elevation/depression angles will be…
    And how the new “siege mode” will be (maybe just the 103?)

  2. OP gun, OP mobility, then again it looks like it has approximatively 0° of gun traverse and a 3s aim speed which means in the end it’ll be the worst tank you’ll ever get to play in this game.

    It doesnt have the hp and armor to tank hits, it doest have the aimtime to follow and lead shots at long range (and no tank is gonna sit still 3s at that tier unless tracked), it doesnt have the traverse speed to harass tanks like an ELC AMX (yet it’s the only way this tank will work)… Basicaly you have to sit in one spot and hope for the ennemy to throw themselves in front of your gun. Accuracy and pen is good for that situation, but what fun is that ?

    It looks overpowered, in game it’ll be useless. These gun and speed stats it the very least it needs to be halfway decent, but 0° traverse and 3s aimspeed will make it garbage even with the BL10 and 0.3 accuracy…

    1. Also note terrain resistance. The traverse speed is gonna feel even worse, and the 35hp/t will feel like 25. So only good pen, accuracy and raw speed, everything else is terrible. I’d rather play a charioteer than this.

    2. Gustav83 says:

      What you are unaware of is that the gun is completely fixed to the hull, but (like the Strv 103, S-Tank) it has a flexible hull. It uses the fully automated suspension to turn and tilt the entire tank to the gunners commands. This means that it has good gun depression since it can tilt the entire tank downwards (Picture of Strv 103 pointing downwards:, and that if you get tracked… Well, don’t get tracked.

      1. SpeedyCraft51 says:

        Do you honestly think WG have invested any time and work into making these suspensions a thing in the game? Multiturret support isnt there yet we have all japanese HTs. Multigun support isnt there yet we have tanks like B1 or E-100 who could benefit it. So I doubt theyll make the hydrolic suspensions for this tech tree. Or at least not anytime soon. And until then this tank will have 0 depression and 0 traverse with terrible aimtime and bad mobility outside of straight line speed, but will be called OP because of its pen and will probably be nerfed in a patch or two when its in fact underpowered.

        If it does have the suspensions tho it could be interesting. But knowing WG it wont, Havok will probably come first lol…

      2. xCaptainObviousx says:

        Except for that WG have said that they refuse to introduce the Strv 103 without the suspension. If they can’t get it to work they’ll delay the tree.

      3. Gustav83 says:

        I agree with CaptainObvious, if these tanks with hydraulic suspension are to be brought into the game, they’ll have to implement the suspensions into the game. There just is no other way to this. How are you supposed to play this tank otherwise? It would be like playing a turreted tank with it’s turret ring broken constantly, and you’ll have to aim by pressing A or D. I’m sorry, but that is just silly and won’t be the case. Oh, and btw, Sp15 says in the Swedish QnA that he thinks it will be added, and Sp15 is one of the people I trust the most.

        And finally, calling this tank underpowered – I just see no reason at all as to why that would be the case. But, everyone is allowed their opinion, and I’m just happy I’ll have to play against one less player in this E-25 of doom.

      4. xxxtommygunxxx says:

        well… I kinda think that “pneumatic suspension” is not really a big deal to make…
        From technical point of view tanks in wot consist of 4 elements : Gun, Turret, Tracks and Hull.
        Regular turetless TD just have “empty” turret model. Instead “turret” (superstructure) is merged with hull model.

        In case of this turretles TDs, it will be reversed – hull model will be “empty” and turret will simply look like hull with 0 deegre movment..

        So from technical point of view those new TDs will not have.. hull. It will simply be a gun with “oscillation turret” (just like amx 13 turret) attached to tracks. 😀

      5. Terminus says:

        Except we knew that when the Strv 103 came, it would have Hydraulic Suspension.

        Also why does everyone keep asking for multi-turret… You know what happens when the Oi gets multi-turret? Its main turret stats get nerfed into the ground to compensate, you will have 3 guns, yes.

        But to compensate for the insane DPM increase that would come with that, they would have to at the very least heavily nerf reload rates of the main gun. And probably its other soft stats as well, Trust me I don’t think multi-gun/turret is as great as one might think it is.

        At best, I think you could make the argument that it could be implemented on the Lee/Grant and maybe some other tanks that are tier 4 or below.

  3. Anonymous says:

    75 forwards, 75 backwards, this has almost the same power as AMX CDC, a buffed 105mm L7 with 1 second accuracy, no gun depression, no gun arc, hydro-pneumatic suspension for the tank to bend-ova and kiss its knees goodbye to HE-Firing calibres above 149mm, 10/10 would elc top tier again.

  4. septfox says:

    With its utter inability to fine-aim at weak spots unless they drive in front of the gun, it’s gonna need that 288 penetration…
    The 3s aiming time is horrendous. Bet it doesn’t make a difference near as much as you’d think.

    Pretty stealthy. 0.275 while moving is ridiculous on a non-LT. Have fun trying to outspot one with a camo crew+net.

    The traverse speed is potentially deceptive because WG refuses to fix it. If it starts out with a weak engine and 28d/s traverse, but then upgrades to an engine with twice the horsepower, it no longer has 28d/s traverse. See also: Luchs.
    Not saying that’s the case, though. I have no idea what engines they have in mind.
    Also keep in mind the ability for *any* fast tank to quickly turn if moving at speed due to the clutch-braking thing (e.g. stop pressing forward, turn).

    I’d play it once or twice, at least.

    1. HT traverse speed, worse than HT terrain resistances, 0° depression on move (and when stopped aswell if WG screws up the hydrolic suspensions), 0° traverse aswell, 3s aim time, no armor… This thing is like a tier 8 ELC AMX that is slow to turn and doesnt even have the tiny turret traverse ELC has.

      Its pen is needed because it’ll meet tier 10 and wont be able to aim well because of no traverse and aimtime. And its reverse speed will probably be needed too considering its gonna remove its camo factor everytime it wants to aim at anything not in front of his gun.

      Now we’ll need to see its dispersions values when on move but honestly this looks like an ELC AMX with nerfed mobility and broken turret, tier for tier.

  5. Jurrunio says:

    Very French gun stats, Very ELC exterior, Better than ELC mobility.
    Strengths: Highest pen of any tier 8 tank out there with AP. Fast on the straights. Hard to hit. Troll tracks just like E-25
    Weakness:low alpha, terrible hull turning speed, no gun depression at all.
    Probably plays like an SU-101.

  6. So in other words, we have the definition of a Battletanx vehicle on World of Tanks super test?

    I’m being serious, it’s like you take a Mototank, swap the machine guns for that 105mm gun (Which has pen values higher than the Tier 10 MTs, I might add), give it hydraulics, paint it Swedish, and call it a day.

    What’s next, one of those new Tier 10s is going to be the Goliath tank?

  7. NDGR says:

    I can’t believe how everyone shits themselves already….
    “Oh noooo, a new and unique tank that I can hardly compare to anything else!:O I bet it will brake the game because of obvious reasons as….it’s op”
    But mate, no armor, really low health.
    “I said it will break the game so stfu and eat shit.”

    No srsly, 992 hitpoints means, either you know your maps, your positions and escape routes or you can kiss your ass goodbye. That’s a guaranteed 2 shot for other t8 tds if they remember that this game has a 3 key aswell…

    1. Gustav83 says:

      I understand your point, but for good players, this is just something else. Great camo, amazing pen, mindblowing speed? That sounds like the E-25 to me, except that it doesn’t have the terrible pen. And the low HP? That doesn’t matter as long as you don’t get spotted. And with 75 km/h reverse speed, an experienced player will just be double bushing, pulling back, then double bushing again, then pulling back again while shooting the opponents. If there are too many opponents, then yes, it will have problems with its low HP since it will get spotted, but otherwise it can just kite the enemies around the map while wrecking them from stealth. And don’t even get me started on when HT’s will have to cross open parts of the maps, with great camo, 288mm pen and 0.3 accuracy this tank will rip them apart.

      No armour and low HP never stopped good players from understanding how to play those tanks, and if you do, then all those good stats you gained by losing out on HP and armour will come in handy.
      What you lose in armour and health, you can make up for in mobility. And oh boy does this tank have mobility.

      1. NDGR says:

        So what does that mean? One mistake and you might be dead. If you do not, you get rewarded. Situational awareness and using the minimap is an absolute must. And i like that.

      2. Terminus says:

        But that is all in the hands of a skilled player, The Swedish TD line is going to be very strong in the hands of skilled players, I expect that the less skilled players will find it frustrating to play. That might have been one of the influences for them to bring in the medium/heavy line in the same patch, which looks to be what happens when you get an IS-3 and give it a 50-120 turret (and incredible gun depression)

    2. xxxtommygunxxx says:

      Yeah ! Exactly. E-25 on steroids. Right Now E-25 is quite hard to counter even if an average player is using it. If a good player is using it that tanks become OP. Super OP.

      Imagine now that E-25 is avalable doreclty from thech tree. How will random battle look like ? hmm 15 E-25 vs. 15 E-25 ?

      I dnot know if you know but always when a new tech tree/branch i WoT apperas, game is always broken for about 1 – 3 month until nerf / re-balnace patch.
      It is especialy broken whe it comes to tier 7 – 10 random battles.
      This has a name : “Power Creep”.

      Basicly it is somthing like this: If the online PvP game has a lot of content, new content must somehow “encourage” players to use it. So it becemes stronger and better (OP in comparison to older content). This “Power Creep” affects almost evry PvP game, not just WoT.

      And what I think is that people are not worried about it is a new sweedish tech tree that will brake balance for a 1 – 3 month.
      People are worried becouse they will have dificultioes in grindig / leveling tanks that are alredy in game (at tier 7 – 10 especialy).

      And yes. Generaly players HATE Power Creep.

  8. MegamiHestia says:

    Kinda confused by the gun. Is this a fixed gun? It sure looks like a fixed gun with no traverse, then what’s turret traverse stats for? Also, if this is a fixed gun, I don’t think it can work too well with 3s aim time. Unless your targets are very nice to you and stay still, waiting for a shell with his name on it.

  9. xxxtommygunxxx says:

    Ok. I have said this once, and I will have to say it again:
    WG said not so long ago that they will reduce camping and improve role of armor in the game.
    Meanwhile We get a WHOLE camper TD line. Ivsibile, undetectable TDs with ennormous (eaven for its tier) penetration, mobility and DPM.

    In conlusion WG is ether totally inconsistent in what they are saing and what they are doing, or they just think that they will improve the role of armor and reduce camping… by adding this TD line….

    Can you eaven imegine how the high tier battles will look like in first 3 months after this line is in game ?
    something like this probably:
    15 new TDs vs 15 new TDs. (result :draw – evrybody will camp) 😛
    Jus like the “plage” of E-25 (and for those who remember Type-59) it will completely ruin balance nad gameplay on higher tiers.
    Now imagine that E-25 (and Type-59 before nerf) is available directly from in game tech tree.. :O

    ^ unless this stats are compleatly made up and made just for the “hype” 😀 ^

  10. Death_Bot_3001 says:

    Several points to make here:

    1. The suspension aim thing makes the armor, or lack thereof, a real problem. You have to come to a complete stop to elevate or depress the gun. It’s not like the E25 that can fire on the move with ease. Consider also with no armor and having to be stationary any medium tank can ram them for critical amounts of damage.

    2. The lack of features like multiple turret and gun systems isn’t so much a limitation of the developers but a limitation of the game engine itself. The BigWorld game engines core programming has been in use for over 15 years! It was obsolete when they started using it! It literally can not stably support multirole single point inputs. (Calculating changing guns mid battle). The risk is that you will get a delay in sync or packet loss during a gun change, you switch from your M3s 37mm to its 75 and plink… 37mm gun stats went out cause the server never recieved the gun change input. Why do you think the “server rectical” is never synced to your client’s aim point.

    Just a few things to consider….

    1. Anonymous says:

      Actually the Strv 103, and thus to an extention this, could fire on the move, it’s just that it couldn’t be stabilised so the gun would fly all over the place, however you could still fire it on the move.

  11. Lol at all the morons whining OP. This thing isn’t that good at all.

    0 armour. HE pens. French TD aimtime. Has to turn hull. No depression unless sitting still and if WG even implement the hydraulics. Oh and probably utter garbage gun handling stats.

    Add to this the utterly retarded corridor meta and this entire line is completely useless anyway.

    The only things this tank has going for it is the mobility which isn’t as good as it looks when you take into account the horrible terrain resistance.
    Penetration which is nice but it needs it with this kind of aimtime plus the 0 gun traverse. Otherwise you will never pen anything.

    Oh and to all the morons whining that it’s like an E25 are too retarded to argue with. E25 never is and never has been OP. The SU-122-44 is OP.
    The problem comes from too many morons in this game who are unable to use the advantages and disadvantages of their own and the enemies tanks.
    E25 has no alpha, no armour, and requires long sightlines. With the corridor meta it’s surprising that it is even barely useful. But noooo heavies insist on driving out sideways on and getting double tracked and shat on. Them they whine about every tank being OP when in fact their brain is so UP.

      1. Compare to SU-122-44 :
        Lower DPM
        Lower penetration
        Lower alpha
        Worse track traverse
        1% (wooohooo) better camo rating
        View range, aimtime and accuracy is literally the only better stats except….corridor map meta where these stats are completely irrelevant.

      2. Infernal969 says:

        Did I ever say that SU-122-44 was balanced?
        Besides, SU has shit soft stats, worse mobility, larger profile, bad gun depression, worse gun traverse, way worse accuracy, shit viewrange and it doesn’t have limited MM. It’s only OP when it’s top tier, otherwise it’s average at best. Camo, alpha and DPM are the only things that this tank has really going for it.
        The biggest joke of your post is mentioning the tank traverse where the E25 has 2 (TWO) degrees less while having over 11 hp/t more.
        Oh, I almost forgot, SU-122-44 is so OP on the corridor maps, that 150 mm of effective frontal armor bounces things all day long and having 175 pen is great when shooting at fronts of tier 8 and 9 heavies when you don’t have a turret to aim properly. And that 840 HP lasts soooo long, you can easily soak up damage.
        E 25 is broken as fuck and you being salty over getting 390 alpha punch to the face from another “balanced” premium while you bounce off him in your wehraboo tenku doesn’t make you right in any way imaginable.

  12. Derpy_Potato says:

    This thing looks interesting and unique. Super-thin armor but the upper plate is most likely autobounce plus those huge slabs of spaced armor, stupid high pen (288 at tier 8 really?), insane reverse speed, probably high camo…

    1. 60mm guns will 3 x over match. Aka it will never bounce a shot from any tank it can meet.
      Horrible gun handling and 3 second aimtime. No gun traverse.

      This thing is very situational and requires open maps to be useful. Corridor meta will be the first step in making it useless. The second will be HE spam. The 3rd will be the horrible gun handling and aimtime.

      1. Derpy_Potato says:

        If the angling is 70° or higher, any AP and APCR would bounce off regardless of armor thickness. And considering how ridiculously sloped that frontal plate is, I suspect this will be the case for this vehicle.

      2. Infernal969 says:

        If the AP or APCR’s caliber is over 3 times greater than the armor thickness it’s going to penetrate no matter the angle. So this tank is an autopen for almost anything it’s going to meet. In the same fashion almost any tank can penetrate IS-3’s roof. If it can hit it, of course.

  13. IMHO, they will have to buff the front armor just enough to keep all the guns that are over 60mm/caliber from over matching. maybe buff it to say 40 mm? That would keep any gun below 120 from over matching…

    And WG does have a history of buffing armor just to suit a balance need (Now you know why you get the most of BS bounces on an ELC)

  14. xXTeslaXx says:

    I have something a bit offtopic here
    Why does the Mark 1 count to the Tankexpert Medal/Ribbon?

    Iam really curious if they might add this tank later in the game or something o.O

  15. Nyx_Sky says:

    That aim time isnt a big issue, considering the accuracy and pen. Good ELC owners can snipe with that troll cannon with 0.38 acc, so they won’t wait for a closed aim circle to shot. Just 1.5 sec aiming and boom, ELC accuracy. The 0 degrees of gun traverse will make this a worse St Emil experience, but you don’t need to play it like a TD. Just run and shotgun someone in the face like the ELC. Anyways, we don’t know much yet, let’s just wait for some gameplay and see how it does.

  16. Crow says:

    Oh, yeah, there weren’t kidding when they said that 2016 will be a year of changes.
    It’s time to change to a different game.

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