Supertest: US Light Tank Changes

Another change in the long line of balance adjustment being tested, a new light tank and arrangement to the US light tank lines. According to WarGaming, they want to keep the US LT lines somewhat contestant, and split along those with autoloader and those without. So both lines will split from the T37 and a new non-autoloader variant of the T71 will be introduced at Tier 7 leading to the M41 (which is looking to lose it’s autoloader again):


3D models from Sergei Glivich

Lines starting from Tier 7 after splitting from the T37:

T71E2 → M41 Walker Bulldog → T49 → Sheridan

T71 → T69 → T54E1 → T57 HT


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Supertest: US Light Tank Changes

15 thoughts on “Supertest: US Light Tank Changes

  1. lostmymarbles says:

    so what happens when players aleady have the t71 through to the sheridan
    and also to the t57 heavy do we get the new t71 as well

    1. GlennA says:

      Why would WG give you the new T71E2 when its a tier 7 in the LT line and not the T57 line? Only time WG gives tech tree tanks out for free is special situations like something being made a premium/reward tank and replaced or they uptier/downtier a tank with something to replace it.

    1. Renarde_Martel says:

      T21 will lead to the current T71 as it was the tank that originally lead to T71 and it is technically part of the autoloader line in the tech tree even now.

    1. Blackswordsmen says:

      Yeah…. t92 light tank promised a year ago cough cough…. no serioisly wg are pretty prejudice against other nations except for the soviets… theyll add 5 for soviet tier 8 prem before they add this… oooh wait… my bad….they already have :3

  2. Blackswordsmen says:

    When is wg gonna add the t92 light tank??? For christ sake that thing was proposed more than a year ago now.

  3. GamingW/War says:

    They should be fixing the tier 9 & 10 lights first before they mess anything else up. I like what they are thinking to some extent but the T37 needs to be rebalanced again. Especially if they make it a autoloader.

  4. SquishyStar says:

    Heck yes! The more researchable tanks the better! ^^
    Although why does WG hesitate in introducing the T92 LT, since this would’ve had been the perfect opportunity?

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