Supertest: WZ-132, HKW 12 & Bat-Chatillon 12t

Supertest stats for the upcoming Chinese, German and French Tier 8 light tanks respectivly:


HP: 1100
Engine power: 520
Weight: 24.312 t
Power-to-Weightratio: 21.39
Speed: + 64 / -23 kph
Hull Traverse 56 ° / s
Turret Traverse: 50.1 ° / s
Terrain Resistance: 0.479 / 0.575 / 1.247
Hull Armor: 50/25 /? mm
Turret Armor: 55/35 /? mm
View Range: 390 m
Signal range: 782.1 m
Crew: 4

Gun: 100 mm 60-100TA
DMG: 250/250/330
Penetration: 189/244/50 mm
DPM: 2234.7
Rate of fire: 8.939
Reload: 6,712 s
Accuracy: 0.384
Aim Time: 2.21 sec
Depression/Elevation: -5 ° / 20 °

HKW 12

HP: 1100
Engine power: 275km
Weight: 12.766 t
Power to weight: 21.54
Speed: +65/-20 km/h
Hull Traverse: 44 °/s
Turret Traverse: 45.9 °/s
Terrain Resistance: 0.863/0.959/1.822
Hull Armor: 14.5/14.5/? mm
Turret Armor: 15/10 /? mm
View: 410 m
Radio range: 750 m
Crew: 3

Gun: 90mm Mečár
DMG: 240/240/320
Penetration: 180/250/45 mm
DPM: 2057.1
Rate of fire: 8.571
Reload: 7.0 s
Accuracy: 0.345
Aim Time: 1.92 sec
Gun depression/elevation: -10 ° / +? °


Bat.-Chat. 12t

Tier: VIII
HP: 1000
Engine Power: 300hp
Weight: 12.15 t
Power to Weight: 24.69
Speed: + 68 / – 23 km/h
Hull traverse: 42
Turret traverse: 48
Terrain Resistance:0.671 / 0.767 / 1.342
Hull Armor: 40/20 /? mm
Turret armor: 25/25 /? mm
View Range: 390 m
Radio range: 750 m
Crew: 3

Gun: Canon de 75 mm Vo 1000 m / s
DMG: 150/150/185
Penetration: 170/200/38 mm
DPM: 1407.3
Rate of fire: 9.382
Full magazine reload: 19.58 sec
Number of rounds in the magazine: 4
Reload between shells: 2,0 s
Accuracy: 0.364
Aim Time: 2.21 sec
Gun Depression/Elevation: -6 ° / + 13 °

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Supertest: WZ-132, HKW 12 & Bat-Chatillon 12t

30 thoughts on “Supertest: WZ-132, HKW 12 & Bat-Chatillon 12t

  1. Oh, the tier 8 doesn’t have a bad power to weight for the french. But the DPM is autoloader style…
    HKW 12 ;s dpm is still 200 lower than the others… but it is more accurate but it’s also slower with that power to weight…

    meh, meh I say.

  2. hellMichel says:

    dont make me happy :(, i dont understand why WG nerf the scouts so hard… maybe only to sell OP-Premium-Scouts? … where is the nerf on them? right…

    1. They aren’t nerfed, not in most cases.

      And they aren’t technically moving up a tier either. They will just get regular mm. Which means it’s possible to get platoon xp bonus etc.

      One problem I do have however is that in clan wars, ESL, team battles etc where scout mm isn’t relevant (tier 8 and lower of course). For these arenas light tanks are not going nowhere near as powerful. I definitely can imagine more medium tanks being used. However now there is the possible use of scouts even in a tier 10 clan war etc.

  3. WZ-132 looks fundamentally the same which is pretty great since it’s a very decent light, HWK-12 looks like a non-autoloading AMX 13 90 which is probably a buff to the 13 90 if it needed to focus more on support scouting rather than assasinating, as for assasinations, a shorter reload and centrally mounted turret on the batchat is a welcomed change although I’m not sure if the trade offs were enough. Guess this is wargaming’s way of encouraging players to use medium tanks in team battles. Honestly, tier 8 mediums needed a dpm buff to make them competitive but hey, whatever wargaming.

    Thanks for finding these more detailed statistics!

  4. If this stats went live WZ-132 with normal MM will butcher pretty much everything since the current WZ-132 is already the best all rounder T8 scout right now. (Yes every other LT has some speciality but as a true scout in pub it’s arguably the best)

    Plus also guaranteed to be new LT for CW.

  5. honestly what’s the point of the Bat-Chat 12t? tier 8? more like a copy of the tier 5 AMX-12t with overbuffed gun?
    just think about it, standard AP has the same pen as the 90mm on the AMX-13 90 while it’s premium ammo has even less pen than the 75mm gun on the 12t and 13 75 (200 vs 202)
    besides being a downgrade from the current tier 8 it actually feels like someone found it, probably when they also found the data for the Bat-Chat 25t AP, and now needed something and just looked to the side and thought:
    “to h*ll with it, lets add this one and compensate the data on the gun”

    to add “whatever” why not add one of the other ELC designs at tier 4 (bumping every other 1 tier up) or 5 (if compatible)
    honestly don’t understand what they are doing with the french tech tree, there was a chance for a second line of heavies and sudenly it seems impossible (and their main historical consultant even said he had data for a 2nd and 3rd heavy lines), then they removed the Lorraine 40t and instead of making it a tier 8 again decided to disappear with it

  6. IRON says:

    “Batignolles-Châtillon 12t”???? WTF is that fuckn retarded WG-FAKE® again??? Oh god wargaming you could make a much more smarter and historical Tech Tree with the frenchies!!

    For example:
    -putting the AMX 12t at tier 5 (because historically it shouldn’t have autoloaders… and should have 90mm-ish pen with is real top gun)
    – at tier 6, a new tank, the AMX 13 FL11 (wich is a pre-serie of the AMX 13, with an other turret, and also no autoloarders.. AND note that WG have modeled this one few years ago: ),
    – tier 7: keeping the AMX 13/75 (because it should have his top engine nerfed a bit, and because it is already pretty weak compared.. to all the other t7 lights..).
    – tier 8 : Bump the magnifient ELC AMX bis, because his gun should be buffed, pen/accuracy/dpm wise.. and because right now with siege mode we can have is authentic fully rotating turret implemented when stationary (it would be so much fun to play it balanced that way! 🙂 )!
    – tier 9 : AMX 13/90
    – tier 10 : AMX 13/105

    That way, this line would be really chronological, with no fake tanks, and with tanks that really saw combat (thinking about you AMX 13 FL11.. ) much more diverse and fun to play, and really not OP if balanced well! 😉

    1. Anonymous says:

      Actually, the Bat.Chat. 12t did exist.
      In April 1947, three factories (FCM, AMX and Batignolles-Chatillon) were asked to come up with a light tank design, with AMX winning the contract in December 1949 with what became the AMX 13.

      Bat.Chat. prototype was presented only in June 1950 and, with the AMX prototype being chosen, all experimentations were stopped in September 1951.

      But as you can see it does not bear much similarities with WG’s vehicle.
      However what’s annoy me the most is the gun, “75mm V°1000 m/s” was the early designation of the 75mm SA50 so please WG tell why the definitive version of a gun is worse than itself at the prototype phase. (For the curious, first shooting test of the 75mm in January 1950, final version of the FL10 turret (with 75mm) for the AMX 13/75 in November 1951).
      Since the addition of the AMX 13 the 75m SA50 has always been underpowered compared to reality and now that we have a more life-like depiction it’s under the guise of “It’s not the same gun lol”.

  7. apache1990 says:

    4 shot 75mm on Bat 12t with 19.58s reload, and 6s clip dump time is going to be pretty horrible.

    Starting from a loaded state:
    Bat Chat 12t deals 600 damage and is loaded again about 25.58s after the first shot.
    T69 deals 960 damage and is loaded again about 31.9s after firing the first shot (~400 more DPM, and with higher standard and premium penetration [and also 10m more view range]).

    These new stats for autoloading lights are punishing them incredibly hard for having on the move camo.

    If the per-shot reload was buffed to 1 second, it might be half decent though (clip would be reloaded 21.58s later, and exposure time would be less). Still not very good, but more workable.

    1. IRON says:

      The fact is that historically.. the AMX 13s should have a 12 rounds autoloader! Whereas it is not balance-able on the 13/90 and on the 13/105 (where a half-magazine of 6 shots would be a good option IMO). It is clearly implementable on the 13/75 (after all, the BulldoP had a 10 rounds loader with 30mm more pen, and more damage per shots!)!

  8. nevermind says:

    FFS, Does WG just like to screw the French for what? Why does the French line get housed at everyturn. Coul they not throw a bone just once? A 75mm with 19.58s reload, and 6s clip is NO GIFT!

  9. Blankman says:

    The batchat 12t seems rather underpowered with its 20 sec reload.. But eh, it’s still too early to judge, maybe WG will buff it..

  10. I really don’t like where this is going. 😦 Tanks losing their unique features, all becoming just average so none of them stands out, tech trees all messed up, especially the French one… I am really sad about this.

  11. DonBense says:

    Does anyone know, what happens when u have the Tier 8 Scouts? Do you get the new Tier 8s and have to grind the Tier 9s or do you get the T8s and 9s??

  12. nocomment says:

    Guys chill, it’s their way to test which designs fit the best. It’s only in supertest. After that it will come to public test and then we should be worried if the stats are still bs. Think it like this: make a tank op already from the beginning and majority of people will like it (not complaining about the stats on that tank). But when you start from the worse, people will actually suggest different designs like “please even add x and x, otherwise it’s way too crap” etc. etc. You get it..

    I’m pretty sure they wont stay like this.. Not at all.

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