Supertest:A46 British Light Tank


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It’s about time to witness another newcomer blasting off into the Supertest: let’s hear it for the A46, a Tier VI light Brit.

With a top speed of 60 km/h and a specific power of 22.2 hp per ton, this vehicle boasts good dynamics. While its maneuverability is up to its mobility: the hull traverse speed of 55 degrees per second can make your head spin.

The survivability of the A46 is what you would normally expect of a light tank of this tier. The HP pool amounts to 580 points and the armor is 35 mm thick at best. As for its firepower it’s far from impressive: the 77mm gun deals 105 points of damage with a standard AP round piercing 105 mm of enemy armor. The accuracy is 0.45 (safe to say that our hero is a bit myopic) while the aiming time is 1.9 seconds.

To keep it simple, the A46 is a fast light tank best suited for active reconnaissance. It can handle maneuverability-based play. If needed it can retreat with ease—to switch position and lend support in the battle’s critical spot.

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A fuller stat screenshot.

A 46 RSR

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Supertest:A46 British Light Tank

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  1. this time the model is pretty much spot on, it’s just that the antennas are in a different position from the drawings I had seen before
    also, this confirms my idea that the A46 and FV301 would come either as some reward or premium

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