Supertesting of Pref MM Premiums Starts

The IS-6 & IS-6 Black and the Jagdtiger 8.8 are in supertest.


Proposed Changes

IS-6 ( and black)

• change in penetration value of the standard AP: from 175 to 182 mm
• change in penetration value of the premium AP: from 217 to 225 mm
• change in aim-time from 3.26 to 2.68 seconds
• changing the armor of the front of the turret (up to 190 mm on cheeks)


Jagdtiger 8.8 cm Pak 43.

• change in penetration value of the standard AP: from 203 to 212 mm
• change of aim-time from 1.92 to 1.73 s
• change in the maximum speed in reverse: from 12 to 14 km / h
• Changing the HP pool from 1,300 to 1,400

Source WoT Express


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Supertesting of Pref MM Premiums Starts

23 thoughts on “Supertesting of Pref MM Premiums Starts

  1. Bullshito says:

    Whatever, who cares? They decided to give a flying fuck about balancing tanks in the first place. P2W tanks and powercreeps “define” the meta and thus it doesnt matter if the rest of the shithole tanks are worse a lot or a bit.
    Announcing to improve penetration from 175 to 182 tells you everything you need to know. Idiots are meant to fix what greedy management fucked up on purpose.

  2. lukas93h says:

    The mighty Defender looks at the changes of the IS-6, smiles confidently and keeps terrorizing tier 9’s with it’s 225mm of pen and 440 alpha.

  3. Mikosah says:

    It finally hit me that dealing with MM’s BS is actually very simple. All you need is moar pen. Not even worried about premiums like these having ‘too much pen for limited MM’. Even if their pen was ridiculously high for tier 8, tanks like these would still hardly count as overpowered.

    1. Anonymous says:

      A tier 8 tank with 500 mm pen is still balanced because it has less armor and HP compared to a tier 10. Not to mention small alpha. I like your idea very much.

  4. banjoman150 says:

    I would have preferred them to remove limited MM. Most of those tanks are build to bully lower tiers and suffer even more against higher tiers than normal tanks. giving them more armor and higher pen will only serve to make them better at stomping on lower tiers.

    I would have loved a KV5 that was rebalanced to be effective with normal MM. Too many whiny bitches prevented that. Thanks alot.

    One of you smartasses complained about the buff from 175 to 182 wasnt significant enough. Thats what you get for crying about your beloved prefMM to keep their stupid MM. Would have been a great opportunity to completely rebalance the real stinkers instead now we have micro buffs.

    1. fr2d2u says:

      Don’t be an idiot. WG can give whatever the fuck pen they want and they decided an increase of 7 would do the trick.
      It’s got nothing to do with anything you said.
      Not to mention, they’ll make a cool billion the second they decide to put up Obj 252 up for sale again.
      That’s why they don’t want other shit to powerful, at least not until the next big cash grab. Yeah, you know it’s coming sooner or later.

    2. Paglia says:

      You think this game is unbalanced because of pref MM ???
      This game is going south because they keep selling things like the 252U that you can’t pen and that is OP… and because they added all kind of smart ass tanks for clan wars rewards, those you can only dream of but when you meet them, you are dead, clear as cristal

    3. ROMBAT says:

      Premium preferential mm is the only way to play a tier 8 tank without being cannon fooder for tier 10 tanks in 8 out of 10 games.
      So wg and other retards want to remove preferential mm premium tanks in order to be slaughter by tier 10 tanks…gg to all

      1. bajnoman150 says:

        Wich isnt a factor anymore once they figuered out a good MM system. Sure its not guaranteed that it will have the desired effect but once it has proven itself i see no reason for limited MM to stay

  5. While buffing the pen and aim time for the IS-6 is a good start. I’d like to see the accuracy buffed as well. .46 accuracy with the still somewhat mediocre pen of 182 still wont help it much. The way to get past the low pen is usually by overmatching, but now tanks getting less and less weakspots and overmatchable parts. Like Defender with its 60mm turret roof. And IS-6 still wont be able to reliably pen a Defender frontally, except for the cupola. Won’t be hitting that cupola with .46 most of the time.

    1. Benjeeh_CA says:

      Maybe a damage buff and keep the dpm the same. What good is a tank that’s spotted easily and then has to sit in the open for a long time to make itself useful especially when everyone just presses the 2 key

    2. Maddogatc says:

      At least 1600 HP in my opinion. It has the same armor values as the tier 9 with 2100 HP and the tier 8 Jagtiger (H), 1600 HP, that was in super test awhile back.

    3. I’d rather have more gun depression than increased HP. With gun depression you can work your armour a lot better, which would make the tank more effective harmonizing with mobility buffs.

  6. Nexus says:

    Since when has Wargaming ever fixed anything right, ever? What makes everyone believe they will start now? 6 months? If they knew what they were doing and were serious about it, then they would be done in about 2 months.

    So what’s really behind this? Going to insert some extra changes nobody wants? Some more cheeky greedy money grabs? Or taking care of their special clansman, platoons, special people once again?

    That is IF they do what they say?

  7. paul says:

    useless changes… 175 up to 182? What does that help with? defender lower plate – its “weak spot” is 225+ un-angled.

    Lots of tier 8s you will have to fight frontally have “weak spots” of 210 – 225 mm…

    So this buff and all these buffs to pref mm premiums are useless.

    They need to have at least 200 mm base pen and 245+ premium round pen or its useless.

    1. Anonymous says:

      These changes are perfectly fine. Don’t forget the problem are these “pay to win premium tanks”, not the regular ones. They need to be nerferd not the opposite.

      1. ROMBAT says:

        Nice briliant thinking…dude. The problem is not mine that i bought or earn a preferentiall mm tank (marathons). As a costumer if a see a tank wich underperforms i woun’t play it anymoore. For wargaming is a problem because if they sell an underperforming tank people woun,t buy it anymoore so they’ll have a lot of tanks in premium shop that nobody is buying them. So what,s use spending money on creating a premium tank if nobody’s buying it?…see Panther’s 88 problem.

  8. As I said on other platforms, I do not think the tank by tank way of balancing will change anything since the game has powercreep in its meta. They should just start balancing and thus also NERFING WG, NERFING IS ALSO A REBALANCE… Ahem, rebalance the entire game and stop adding dumb new mechanics like an autoreloader or siege mode, both are stupid OP since they are different from “Normal”.
    The ENTIRE GAME also means premium tanks, since you buy a service of WG, not a real product. You buy the service to use that tank, yet you do not own it, it is like a leased car, if the leasing company says your car is recalled and you need to come and get a new one, you get a new one, even if it is a worse car.

    But as Sliphantom said once, WOT is TOO P2W, it just gets on your nerve and wants you to spend money. I wish none of my friends play it since I only enjoy the game because they play it, not because I like the game myself. I hope the game just starts dying really quick once upon a time and that WG starts caring for it’s customers/players…

    1. As a reply to myself, when is the M4 Ravioli getting a buff? 200 APCR with 250 heat is just not enough for a T8 MT that sees T10, but these tanks that do not see T10s do get better pen than that tank?

      Also the standard Chinese Mediums are down the drain in their preformance for years now and WG does not care about them either…
      Also I remember the Czech tanks being totally OP, now no-one cares about them, (I am talking about the T50 and 50/51) how long has that been ago? 1,5 years? (I know it was in 9.13, after the failed Rubicon patch)

      And take a look at the patchnotes from 9.0 till now, 99% of changes are buffs… That is not balancing, that is called powercreep

  9. oanceax says:

    Giving 182 pen to all 122mm guns doesn’t mean much in tier X…but it will be the end of that premium tanks because they are worse compared to full matchmaking tier VIII’s like t26e5 and amx m4 mle49

  10. ROMBAT says:

    Preferential mm is not a problem. 3/5/7 is a big preblem when it comes 8 from 10 games instead of being 2 out of 10 games.
    Tier10 tanks should fight tier 10 tanks. When they’ll be on impar numers the remaining ones shoul be put with tier 9 tanks and after that if there are any remaining tanks then should be put with tier 8.
    The same rule should be applied to all tiers.

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