Supertest:Prem British Tier VIII LT Senlac.Pt II

We now have a fuller Stat screen caps including soft stats, plus some pics.

For the record, this vehicle is a contribution from Ed Francis to WG.

Senlac English watermarked

Selnec compare RSR


And now the pics.

Source WoT Express.

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Supertest:Prem British Tier VIII LT Senlac.Pt II

15 thoughts on “Supertest:Prem British Tier VIII LT Senlac.Pt II

    1. jerryatrick53 says:

      Not yet just more info, I would say test 2 or second iteration if it was but we don’t always get more leaks till release.

  1. Avalon304 says:

    I dislike that theyre calling it a 20pdr, but it only deal 180 damage on its AP and APCR… either give it the normal 20pdr damage or make a new gun between the 77mm and 20pdr for this one…

    1. Mikosah says:

      I’d say that both kinds of light tanks only exist for memes in the current meta. Much of that comes down to map design. And of course the proliferation of extreme armor hasn’t helped either. I look at something like this new Senlac and see a tank with mediocre view range, zero armor, and low DPM. Could be a decent passive scout but who in the actual f*** passive scouts in 2019? And as for the gun, the only interesting thing about it is the HE.

  2. Shrike58 says:

    I expect a full branch with a Scorpion at or near the top being announced sometime in the near future.

    You know that there will be a marathon for this tank too.

  3. Rob Kirk says:

    That would be a scimitar which was never a light tank it was an apc different turret same hull used in the british army in the 60s and 70s

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