Supertest:Tier VIII American medium Tank T42

The T42 carries a 90mm gun able to make 6.59 shots per minute, each dealing 280 damage points on average. The armor penetration amounts to 190 mm for the basic AP round and to 268 mm for the special APCR shell. While the gun’s dispersion and aiming time aren’t very special (0.36 and 2 seconds, respectively), its depression is outstanding: -10 degrees.


In terms of mobility the T42 has a top speed of  51.5 km/h and a specific power of 15.6 hp/t . The bouncy turret with upto 216 mm of armor at the front and a viewrange of 380 m.

The T42 can use terrain folds and rely on its gun’s stats allowing for comfortable gunplay.

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Supertest:Tier VIII American medium Tank T42

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