Swedish Camo Patterns


these are the camo patterns for the upcoming Swedish Tech tree line:

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Swedish Camo Patterns

48 thoughts on “Swedish Camo Patterns

  1. sp15 says:

    Actually a lot better than i thought. Maybe some of my feedback got ot them. In any case only one of these seem questionable. So overall i like it.

    1. wheeledtank says:

      From what I recall, Italy is missing info on a mid-tier vehicle, while Sweden had all of the documentation and information ready

      1. Dario123 says:

        What about 1 Premium italian tank
        Tehy added the turan,an hungarian tank, a country that most of the world dosent even knows exists
        And they cant add 1 italian tank?

      2. stormcrow99 says:

        Now now, Dario. I’m sure everyone knows that Hungary exists. Mostly educated parts of the world I mean but whatever.
        Drop your national bias and have mercy on us Finns who have literally no hope of having what little we ever had in terms of tanks in the game that isn’t already in the Soviet tree.

    1. stormcrow99 says:

      Jesus christ how much choice do you need when camos should be standardized anyway, you won’t see a brigade where every tank has a different camo.

      1. always two of them are says:

        Standardized painted on the tank camo? That’s a good one.
        Check some pictures of tanks in camo in WW2 – each crew had simply the same paints but it was down to them what pattern they want.

      2. stormcrow99 says:

        I just pulled that out of my ass in hopes of being correct as, well, you know, it’s the f*kin military. They don’t exactly let you enter your artistic whims and express your feminine side as far as I know.
        No but if that’s the case then it’d be pretty awesome to winter camo your tank with trollfaces.

    1. gpc_4 says:

      They tested an autoloader and a single shot. I don’t recall where I saw the info but I think they went with the single shot.

  2. Steve says:

    A bit boring like the Czech line of camo. But a few of the lines really need a makeover, am I alone in thinking the German line is badly done? FWIW the Chinese camo patterns are a thing of beauty and variety.

    1. Dario123 says:

      They can add hungarian tanks but nit italians
      Very disappointing considering italy was one of the leading war countries and a axis power, on the other hand 90% of the world dosent know hungary even exists

      1. gpc_4 says:

        The two Hungarian tanks are in the German tree. What would one Italian tank bring to the game? What tank would it be? An Italian produced tank could maybe be a tier VII, but after the war they only used NATO vehicles. There is really no benefit for WG to add an Italian tank or Italian line. The Czech WoT community is big on EU…WG can make money with that. The Swedish tanks look like they are going to have some unique characteristics…WG can make money with that. Italian tanks…uh…

      2. stormcrow99 says:

        Lol Italy mainly rid off Germanys back and was like “hey! look at us! we’re friends with Germany! fear me!”

  3. stormcrow99 says:

    Firstly the camos are great, props on that.
    Second, what’s this sudden mass of Italians rushing in and complaining, full of bias, how Sweden is crap and inferior and can’t have tanks prior to them?
    No I’m not Swedish, I’m Finnish so we are not best friends with swedes unless we’re drunk, but this is just stupid.

    1. Culloden Muir says:

      They’ve been at this for a while now, they think that just because Italy was one of the big three of the Axis that Italy should automatically be included in the game. Problem is, Italian industry was so corrupt that armored vehicle development was terrible, and so there isn’t a single WWII Italian vehicle above tier 6 or maybe tier 7 if we’re extremely generous. Postwar, Italy relied solely on foreign vehicles for its tanks, and didn’t start development of their own until the early to mid 1970s, which was a Leopard 1 modified for a tropical environment. So instead of these people whining about how bad Italian industry was during the war, or how reliant Italy was on foreign vehicles postwar, they blame Wargaming for going with other nations that don’t have numerous problems creating a tech tree.

      Also, I wouldn’t be surprised if some Finnish vehicles turn up in the Swedish tech tree at some point. The Comet with the 20-pdr is a pretty good premium tier 8 medium candidate, the T-34/85 with the 7.5cm StuK 40 is a pretty good tier 5 premium vehicle, and the BT-42 could be a tier 4 or 5 premium TD or something along those lines, as its historically bad HEAT round doesn’t matter in terms of WoT.

      1. stormcrow99 says:

        As for the BT, I would go for light tank due to it’s speed, kinda like the ELC, which is a fantastic TD.
        Well, as long as it doesn’t have arty kind of accuracy I’m good, view range isn’t an issue, I don’t scout in my lights anyway. Lights aren’t scouts, but surgical strikes, distraction and terror drones.
        I want to do this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v3-vqYvTXjc

  4. John Doe says:

    Very original. Never seen. As the entire branch… One more forced made Frankenstein branch. Until when will we have to wait for Burkina Faso branch ??? I can not wait any longer.

    1. Culloden Muir says:

      There’s nothing Frankensteined about it. You’re thinking of the Italian branch, which needs a whole lot of Frankensteining in order to make work.

      1. John Doe says:

        For me there is American, Russian, German, less British and little bit of French technic school in Tanks history. Japs… c’mon… Chinesse copy paste…
        Every other are just Frankesteins… Just excuse for programmers contracts and invented only to grab money from the players.
        Experienced players who may be need new branches would be much happier if the developers solve some of the chronic problems in game.

      2. Klimax says:

        Every other are Frankenstein? You don’t have much clue, do you? You may want to read up on them.

    2. Shiva says:

      Well, yeah, Strv103 could maybe be called that?
      bkan1 and akv151? Yeah! “evil grin”
      I haven’t seen any official info on what tanks they will add to the Swedish tech tree.
      Some will be blueprint/prototype tanks, but other will be tanks that has been built and used.

      1. Gruhl says:

        Doubt the bkan1 will enter the game unnerfed… I do believe it is a bit too horrible. Remember, swedish arty is mostly known for having very good accuracy and rate of fire. When you add a 14 shot autoloader with a time between shells much better than the t10 french arty, it ends up with a sustained rof of a bit over 5 shots a minute.

  5. John Doe says:

    For me and for majority players who like WW2 +-10years tanks game this branch is just cash grab stupid unnessesary branch…
    T-34-2-3-4-5 or miu-mio IO-OI-Yoi or skodilack tanks…. what’s next?
    Volvo amx-16-19-17 autoloaders or Fiat light tanks?
    I understand but I don’t like targeting of huge markets.
    Too many managers and not enough players in Minsk…

    1. Shiva says:

      IKEA tank 😉
      If an IKEA tank destroys your vehicle, you have to rebuild it, without any instructions 😀
      Mio tank:
      If it destroys your tank, same as with an IKEA tank, but it takes 3x the time to rebuild it.

      John Doe, when did you do that WoT poll?
      My vote is missing from it. And a few others too.

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