Swedish Crew, Rank Pads, MoE, Consumable & Exterior



here’s the Swedish… never mind, you read the title already:

-The food is coffee and pastries.

Found 2 more:

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Swedish Crew, Rank Pads, MoE, Consumable & Exterior

59 thoughts on “Swedish Crew, Rank Pads, MoE, Consumable & Exterior

    1. really??? they have pretty much confirmed it together with the decision on the Czech tech tree, they were the only two tech trees on wich WG was seriously working towards implementation more than a year ago

      only recently they started to look more seriously, and found what they were looking for, to other candidates like Italian, Polish and Hungarian tech tree, maybe even Switzerland or a European tech tree

      the Sweedish tech tree has been mentioned on Q&As and by the guys that have been digging for info on Sweedish tanks for WG for over a year, only in the last months other nations also became candidates for implementation

  1. sir_novicius says:

    Even though I prefer tea, coffee is sort of the national drink in Sweden…
    But what is in the box?

      1. Teobold Tor says:

        Opening a can of Surströmming in the tank would give a penalty to crew abilities :p

    1. Anonymous says:

      To take a guess it’s hot coco, we had an over abundance of coco powder when i was in the service 😛

  2. Roophert says:

    I hope WG will add more than one line of tanks (likem it was with French, British and Chinese tech trees) 🙂

  3. vladceltroll says:

    I guess Sweden will be the reincarnation of a lost cub, when Germany had a good night with France lol

    Jokes apart, Swedes are looking like a really good nation to play with, kinda like French which prefer speed, but combining German firepower supremacy. Still, I expect stronku ruski developers to nerf them, cuz they not ruski tenk. Ruski tenk bestererest tenk evah!

      1. vladceltroll says:

        Still, most popular tanks are Russian. Just the IS3 and KV-1 and you get what I mean.

  4. I have a feeling that most swedish tanks will have good gun depression since swedish armored forces is based on ambush defence, like the S-tank, mixed up with some autoloaders but weak armor etc.

    1. Anonymous says:

      “swedish tanks will have good gun depression”
      “swedish armored forces is based on ambush defence, like the S-tank”
      Thats a myth and does not represent reality.

  5. flakes says:

    The food looks like some sort of chocolate drink (like oboy or something).
    The crew doesnt look very swedish though, more russian tbh.

  6. hmn says:

    For a Swedish bunch of tankers, they have very bright skin colours. Shouldn’t they be a mix of Somali and Arabs?

      1. Klimax says:

        Because it is in the strange middle between attempt at joke about confusion between Swedes and Arabs (haven’t seen it nor seen joke around it) and ignorance which is fixed by quick trip to wiki (/https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swedes). Can’t decide WTF…

  7. Michael Hughes says:

    I would like an Isreal tech tree. They seem to like upgunning shermans and Churchills. And th Briazz chaffe with a 90mm that was mentioned eariler on this blog

  8. Anonymous says:

    The Swedish are the most badass looking crew of any nation in WoT. Of course you’d have to expect that since they descended from Vikings…

  9. Pixl says:

    Why a Swedish flag? Why not the three crown symbol? Not many, if any, other tanks have teh flag of the nation on them at start ^^

  10. SMGJohn says:

    Should have added Surströmmingen and when activated, every enemy tank within 1000 metres receives a combat penalty because of the strong odour emitted from famous Swedish food Surströmmingen.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Only some of the guys look Swedish. Most of them lokks like Germans or Russians! Please use pictures of real Swedish people WG! Do as you did with the Czhec crews!

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