Swedish Emil II Full Statistics

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Today we have the full statistics for the Swedish Tier 9, the Emil II


Tier IX


Engine Power: 665HP

Weight: 44.8 tons

Power/Weight: 18.02

Speed: 56 kph (for.)/ 18 kph (rev.)

Hull Rotation: 25 deg/s

Turret Rotation: 20.9 deg/s

Terrain Resistances: 1,247/1,342/2,205

Hull Armor: 90/35/?mm

Turret Armor: 170/60/?mm

View Range: 380m

Radio Range: 850m


12cm Akan L/40 (magazine)

Damage: 400/400/515

Penetration: 242/320/60mm

DPM: 1772.5

Rate of Fire: 4.431

Rounds per Magazine: 4

Reload Between Rounds: 5 seconds

Reload for Magazine: 39.161 seconds

Accuracy: 0.364

Aim Time: 2.88

Elevation/Depression: +8/-12 degrees

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Swedish Emil II Full Statistics

21 thoughts on “Swedish Emil II Full Statistics

      1. Well, with this tank I can see autoloaders that are capable of going hull down / poking ridges and have strong armour might be causing them balancing issues. It’s not like this thing is particularly sluggish for a heavy tank. ( though I doubt it will reach it’s top speed a little like the IS-7 can never reach it’s top speed. )

  1. Infernal969 says:

    Dat DPM and shell delay.
    That being said, it’s faster than 50 120 and has actual armor with great gun depression. But 50 120 is pretty bad to begin with.
    Compare it to the totally balanced Skoda T50 and laugh.

    1. Enigmaticmuffin says:

      when the 50 120 gets its own tier it can 1-clip tier 7 tanks and abuse tier 8 tanks with impunity. 50 120 is pretty good if you know what to do when the situation caters to you

  2. Meanwhile other tanks in this game have almost the same reload between shells.. only they are no autoloaders and they do not have to reload a clip..

  3. Terminus says:

    Ill ask again, why the 120mm it makes no sense, should be a 105mm. Least then would have a branch that dident end up with yet another 120mm autoloader t10.

  4. septfox says:

    Wow, that turret slope and gun depression combo are really something else.

    Gonna take an arty hit to uproot this thing if it decides to nest behind a ridgeline.

  5. Daxter says:

    Wow, that is some seriously lackluster dpm. You can’t go hulldown and expect to hold a position with that tank ever. That thing will always have to run.

    WG said they wanted to make them punishers that would have to fade away though didn’t they?
    Doesn’t seem like they’ll be punishing very hard though.

  6. Hopefully these are place holder stats or a generous limitation to the tank so they don’t release an overpowered vehicle. Arguably, this tank has the same dpm as a T69 or AMX 50 100 which means the DPM isn’t awful since these thinly armored tanks can still rack up 3k dmg easy in a game so the increased armor will just help them last a tier 9 fight. 5 sec reload is also still outstanding for a 120 mm. It does mean this tank can’t clip a tier 8 heavy in under 10 sec. like a AMX 50 120. Oddly enough, this tank is lighter than a AMX 50 120 and AMX 50 100 so something has to be wrong for an armored tank to be faster than an unamrored vehicle unless I am to be expected to believe the AMX 50 120 is a DPM tank. Essentially, this is an armored AMX 50 120 ridge line warrior. Novel Enough? I suppose, I highly doubt the armor is good enough for the package.

  7. Gunner says:

    I have the first prem swedish tank, I have to play it as a sniper as the loading of every shell is painful, this tier 9 looks pretty much the same,

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