SWEDISH IKV 103 *Updated* Stats


these are the updated stats of the upcoming Swedish tier V IKV 103:


Tier: 5
Hitpoints: 350 (320)

Engine: 175
Weight: 8 800
Power-to-weight: 19,89
Maximum speed: 60/20 km/h
Hull traverse: 32
Turret traverse: 18 (18,8 Previous)
Terrain resistance: 1/1.1/2.1
Viewrange: 340
Radio range: 525
Hull armor: 18.5/07/12  (18,5/7/?)
Turret armor:0/0/0

Gun: 10,5 cm kan ikv 103
Damage: 300/300
Penetration: 120/140
DPM: 1 691,1
ROF: 5,41 (5,637)
Reload: 11.1 (10,644s)
Accuracy: 0.42 (0,403)

Aimspeed: 2,1 (2,01s)

Depression: -12/+20


Gun: 10,5 cm kan ikv 102

Damage: 320/300/370

Penetration: 112/110/53





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SWEDISH IKV 103 *Updated* Stats

15 thoughts on “SWEDISH IKV 103 *Updated* Stats

  1. How is this balanced when an OI exp is too according to WG. Its gun is worse in every way (except aim time) and it is a TD, so the gun is the main feature… (I mean this more as in OI exp needs nerfs than this buffs)

    1. Infernal969 says:

      You people forget about the fact that OI Exp is about gorillion times larger, is a lot slower and has no camo.
      Those things will shit on it, especially if they have any decent soft stats.

      1. I don’t forget that, but the OI exp has armour a giant HP pool and better view range(!) than almost all T5 tanks, but my point was that its a vehicle that’s all about the gun and has a worse gun than the OI exp, that means the OI exp has a crazy good gun. (Which is a fact, as it gets middle gun handling and good DPM with GREAT alpha, seems fair…)

        And you are the first to say the OI exp is slow, that tank is crazy fast for such a big heavy machine it is one of the fastest tier 5 heavies. And another advantage it has a turret this doesn’t…

      2. Infernal969 says:

        Sure, let’s make a tank the size of a barn, no armor and give it shit view range. What could go wrong.
        And maybe before you start arguing on the Internet try learning to read comprehensively. I never said that OI Exp is slow. It is a lot slowER than this TD.
        OI Exp is OP but this thing is borderline broken with 12 gun depression, speed, small profile and that gun.

      3. We all know how “Broken” the ISU 152 is, not at all, while that has similar accuracy, if you want to reliably hit targets you can not sit outside the view range of enemies when you fire. Added to the fact that 120 pen, and 140 pen, is gonna struggle/not gonna pen vs a LOT of tier 6/7 tanks.

        This tank only carries 24 shells so you cant afford to shoot willy-nilly unlike the OI exp that carries a 100. 2 degrees more gun depression isn’t gonna change the world. But most importantly this thing has so little armour that anyone can pen it with HE and an OI exp for example will oneshot you with HE.

        Also important there are quite a few maps, himmelsdorf, ensk and ruinberg and their variants where camorating isn’t that important as a lot of the fighting happens on short range and there this tank loses even more compared to the OI exp

  2. lafie says:

    One thing this fails to mention is this tank’s shell choices with that gun, which I found out on the test server earlier.

    HEAT and HEAT. Yes you did read that correctly, this tank is the first tank in the history of WoT to have HEAT as it’s standard round.

    Not entirely sure what to think of that..

    1. Teknokraatti says:

      Why would you be troubled? For a long time IRL, almost all shells were HEAT and low velocity guns have used HEAT rounds in anti-armour or anti-fortification work since the WW1. Besides, in reality HEAT shells are pretty cheap and easy to make, certainly more so than sub-caliber AP tungsten-core rounds, and have an in-built anti-crew due to their operating method.

      Frankly, it’s about time WG accepted that. The NATO meds really should be using HEAT shells as standard rounds and AP as gold ammo, but game mechanics and unwillingness to burden the player with extra learning made them choose the current AP- and APCR-dominant system.

      1. lafie says:

        I am aware of this Tekno, it has nothing to do with history that has me worried about that gun.

        It has everything, however, to do with this tank’s combat effectiveness in WoT.

      2. Teknokraatti says:

        Yes, HEAT shells have a bit different mechanics. However, the shells aren’t T10 standard HEAT rounds. It has OK penetration and will need to aim carefully with heavies, and its DPM isn’t that good.

        Other than noobs learning how to aim, I can’t really see what is so worrisome about this tank getting standard HEAT.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Until you find that you’re completely useless against anything with a decent bit of armor. Sidescraping KV-1? Nope. O-I frontally? Nope. T29? Nope.

      If it were 120mm AP pen and had an HE shell, it might be good. Right now it’s just a fast pinata when bottom tier.

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