Swedish Inscriptions


some inscriptions of the upcoming, later this year, Swedish tech tree have surfaced:

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Swedish Inscriptions

34 thoughts on “Swedish Inscriptions

      1. sp15 says:

        Technically having no inscriptions at all would be most historical since they were banned untill the 80s. However there were some real ones on vehicles used during UN missions or in non combat roles. i have a album with some examples http://imgur.com/a/hEQXQ

        I should also state that the cammo we have seen thus far seems to be fake and the kill rings are completely fake too. Oh and the crew pictures are actually Russian’s in Swedish uniforms. Expect a full article on everything that went wrong after we have seen the full tree.

      2. almightyfox says:

        Is it really that hard to find some Swedish folks? or use some pictures for referens? I really thought the pictures was odd, but didn’t want to say anything as i… well didn’t have any proof.

      3. stormcrow99 says:

        So ban vehicle personalising for historical accuracy in an arcade game.
        Yeah I’m on that side of the internet again.

    1. xCaptainObviousx says:

      What did we write on our tanks IRL?

      Historical or not, I’m still going to plaster Kunglig Hovleverantör on all my Swedish tanks though.

      1. Obsidian_Rose says:

        I have seen Katla on a Strv 104. Personally think i’ll go with “Ring så kommer vi” 😛

  1. Godjira says:

    How about “this way to Norway” or “Would you like to buy some ball bearings” Both written in German?

  2. Anonymous says:

    They forgot the “Sweden yes!” and “Allahu snackbar” inscriptions.
    No hard feelings. But for how long will they neglect and ignore 100% historical and possible Italian tech tree ? A plethora of real tanks to put in the game.

  3. sp15 says:

    “So ban vehicle personalising for historical accuracy in an arcade game”

    If you actually read what i said then you would know i had suggestions for real inscriptions. Im not saying that there shoudnt be inscriptions for sweden, i am saying is that WG should have based the inscriptions on the historical ones. Instead they made a bunch up.

    1. Culloden Muir says:

      Plus not to mention that if Wargaming wanted to keep the Scandinavian theme going, there are entire scores of Finnish inscriptions, mostly names, that could have been used. While unhistorical for Sweden, they would at least be historical.

  4. flakeater says:

    heh, i’ll translate these, because some of them are fun
    >swe – eng
    >arvet förpliktar – legacy commits (last work is a modified form of duty aswell)
    >fort och fel – fast and wrong
    >Framåt! – Forwards!
    >Gamla Bettan – Old betty/ old reliable
    >Heja Sverige – Go sweden (what is this, football?)
    >Kunglig hovleverantör – Royal Purveyor
    >Lisa, Lollo, Lotta, Maggan, Maja, Gittan, Nettan, Ulla – [names]
    >Moder Svea – Mother sweden (Svea is a female name aswell]
    >Nulli Secundus – never second, second to none (this is latin though)
    >Ring så kommer vi – Call and we’ll come
    >Slå snabbt- slå Hårt – Hit fast- hit hard
    >V-gurra- idk what this is. V could be victory, “gurra” is however common a nickname for someone named “Gustav”

    hope it helped

    1. TooMuchEnenenergy says:

      Gustaf V was the king of Sweden from 1907 to 1950 (the time span used in WoT roughly) and was affectionately called V-gurra

  5. StridsvagnS says:

    V-gurra is the nickande for The Swedish king Gustav V Adolf, who was king of Sweden during both ww1 and ww2.

  6. BP OMowe says:

    Why the heck would there be inscriptions in German on Swedish tanks, not to mention the “allauh akbar” non-sense..?

    “Scandinavian theme with Finnish? What?”
    In Sweden, Scandinavian and Nordic are often (and erroneously) used synonymously, mostly since Finland was part of Sweden for close to 800 years.

  7. Erik says:

    Why not use: Carolus Rex, Lilla Gubben, Alfons Åberg, Ur vägen!, Gul & Blå, Klart bakåt!, Kung & Fosterland, “Helikopter”, Kattla, Nordens Lejon, Farbror Melker, Herr Nilsson och så vidare… 🙂

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