Swedish Leo Full stats


I apologise for the lack of content, been at Tank Trucks and Firepower and only now got internet connection.

Full stats of the upcoming Swedish tier VII Leo are out:

Tier: VII
Hitpoints: 1100
Engine: 650
Weight: 25 314
Power-to-weight: 25,68 hp/t
Maximum speed: 60/20 km/h
Hull traverse: 30 deg/s
Turret traverse: 37.5 deg/s
Terrain resistance: 0.959/1.055/1.63
Viewrange: 370
Radio range: 710
Hull armor: 70/30/?
Turret armor: 70/35/?

Gun: 10 cm kan m/34

Damage: 300/300/400
Penetration: 155/194/53
DPM: 1722.1
ROF: 5.74
Reload: 10,452s
Accuracy: 0.384
Aimspeed: 278

Gun: 7.5 kan strv 74

Damage: 150/150/185

Penetration: 148/200/48

Gun: 7.5 kan m/43 strv

Damage: 150/150/185

Penetration: 115/144/38


Model and Armor:

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Swedish Leo Full stats

21 thoughts on “Swedish Leo Full stats

  1. Terminus says:

    Seems like the kinda tank you rush to a foward hull down position with that insane HP/Ton ratio then proceed to play peak-a-boom with ur high alpha damage into targets at cloae range using that extreme sloaping on the top of the turret to autobounce return shots.

    Looks like something you dont want to trade shots on corners with or snipe however, looks like it might be-able to become a sniper using the strv 74s top gun if that suits you better.

  2. atomicemu says:

    If it’s really as tiny as I think it is from looking at the screenshots, then I might have a new favourite tank.

  3. wheeledtank says:

    Definately a “Glass Cannon” with the poor armor and big gun, but I could see it being a great Hit-and-Run or Ambush vehicle (like I was expecting in the “Initial” Stats)

    1. wheeledtank says:

      You do know that only the T-34-1 and T20 have noticeably more penetration, and both of them are stuck with 130mm of penetration until you grind out (or free XP) through 40k+, right? If you want you “lel no aim always pen” guns, just go to a TD and load only “Skill” rounds.

      1. SCARed says:

        well, the Skoda T-34/100 wants to have a word with you, as well as the Panter with the 7,5 L/100.

        and I played both the T-20 and the T-34-1 and can say: yes, having more than 150mm of pentration is a nice thing. but both of them have some kind of disadvantages too (lousy DPM for T-20, aweful gun´depression on the T-34-100 with a paersoft hull with tanks virtually everywhere).

        The Leo looks promising so far. but it really looks like a glass cannon. :-/

  4. Henrik Hebsgaard says:

    So tier 7 med thats fast in a straight line, good Alpha, meh pen and most likely good depression… its basically a T20.

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