Swedish premium TD the Strv S-1.

It has been seen in the wild on the RU Cluster. Tank Inspector shows the TD is in the client already.

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Swedish premium TD the Strv S-1.

9 thoughts on “Swedish premium TD the Strv S-1.

    1. banjoman150 says:

      With only the selected few playing this tank its very easy to do. Also they have to play the tanks they are allowed to test very often

    1. SpeedyCraft51 says:

      Yeah no camo with 30mm of armor aka overmatched by anything but scouts.

      The only tank that has very low camo for very very low armor is Grille15. And it needs its huge alpha, fast aim time and good mobility to compensate.
      The sweedish have none of that because they cant just poke around a corner once reloaded. They need to switch to siege mode, aim, fire, switch back to normal mode and then retreat.

      Until there is the overmatch mechanism giving them effective armor these tanks need their OP camo to survive ; otherwise the switch delay between modes should be simply 0s.

      1. A lot of mediums and medium heavies can’t overmatch it either but fair point, didn’t know the armor and assumed it was 40 like the tier ix. And fair point about the siege mode and overmatch problems.

    2. Rombat says:

      yeah it will be great if tanks like this will have decent accuracy, reload time and gun depresion outside siege mode…to play like normal td’s. I bet that they won’t play cempy cemp than….if you don’t have this features you are depending the siege mode and camp mode….and they don’t have good camo.

      1. I suppose the reason for siege mode was to stop them from having the multi-role option the E25 is so strong at. Tanks like the UDES at tier 8 is in the top 10 tanks with best camouflage in world of tanks. Can’t have the perfect camping tank also be good at another role like brawling which is what makes russian mediums so powerful since they can switch from an impenetrable hull down heavy to a light tanks or rapid fire td in a heart beat.

  1. SpeedyCraft51 says:

    I still think they should have waited for the overmatch mechanism before adding these TDs ; let alone prems.

    Right now they are either monsters from undetectable positions, either useless craps autopenned by everything without a chance to run away ; depending on the map.
    Or they switch from one to the other once they get spotted.
    So overall broken tanks. Too low armor and siege mode delay makes their mobility unuseable for running away ; so they need insane camo ; but once their camo is on they can kill everything without problems.

    If they had working armor, they wouldnt need such insane camo, they could tank a few shots while running away, being spotted wouldnt mean instant death, while they wouldnt be invisible the whole game. But instead we got another rushed line which can go from OP to UP depending on the map or how the team moves. And that reminds me a lot of arty which is not appreciated a lot at either ends of the gun because frustrating and depends on many things that are not the player’s skill.

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