Swedish Q&A the Second. Ask your questions here.

Hello everyone SP15 has offered himself again for a Q&A, ask your questions regarding Swedish Tanks in this post and he’ll answer them as soon as possible.


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Swedish Q&A the Second. Ask your questions here.

44 thoughts on “Swedish Q&A the Second. Ask your questions here.

  1. leggasiini says:

    Are there plans for medium tank line? If implemented, what would be their special feature?

    Would Kranvagn’s proposed 150 mm gun be too powerful for the game, even if it was balanced to be single-shot gun?

  2. Are there any known original designs for heavy tanks with conventional turrets that could fit into top tier without much needing to be changed?

    Could we see the Strv K, Strv A and Strv T as top tier tanks (9 and 10)?

    As already asked. Is the 15cm L/40 a possible alternate gun for the Kranvagn in-game as a single shot rifled barrel? (I am aware that it is actually a smoothbore autoloader. But with how unhistorical the Swedish HTs already are I doubt its a concern)

    1. Do you think the Strv 81 should be a regular tier 8 leading into the Strv 101 and then into the Strv K?

      What are the chances of the UDES 14 designs being made into tanks for a turreted TD line?

  3. vtalonv says:

    With the introduction of the STR 81 do you think wargaming is close to implementing the light/med line? Also do you think the tanks in the light/med you proposed may change? I really want the UDES 14A….

  4. Rahexi says:

    Having one premium MT in game and another premium MT in testing, when would the MT line introduced in-game? soon or not?

  5. I have two questions.

    1. How likely or unlikely do you think the restructuring of the Swedish tank destroyer line will occur.

    2. What are your thoughts on the Strv 81? Was it historically implemented, are there any other alternatives?

  6. VladCelTroll says:

    Could it be possible to build two separate HT and MT branches?

    Also, are there any SPGs that could build a branch up to tier 10?

  7. No_Quarter says:

    Swedish tanks are most common to see boosting on some high position, it creates a very unpleasant match where someone is shooting you and you cannot see it or deal with it. It is unfair.
    Are there any plans how to deal with this?
    most common maps where you can see this are Sacred Valley, Mountain Pass, Steppes

  8. "Light" tank-player says:

    What gun is the 20mm gun (stock gun) on the Pvlvv and Strv m/38 in WoT? Is it an Oerlikon gun?

    Also, do you think the Strv L-10 M/31 and/or the Strv M/41 would be put in at some point? I really like the looks of those little guys.

    Thanks for your time đŸ™‚

  9. 1.) Considering how WG is okay with fudging the historical classifications of tanks (FCM 50t, AMX CDC, Strv 103s, etc.), would a full light line to tier X ending with the UDES 14A (tier IX) and the UDES 15/16 (tier X) be feasible? And do the 105mm guns on these tanks have penetration values equivalent to the UDES 03’s current top 105 (288mm standard APCR)?

    2.) If the above UDES tanks were added in the light tank line, would it ruin the possibility of another line of mediums or maybe turreted TDs?

    3.) What kind of weapon did the Lansen 25t have? I’ve seen different claims of either a 105mm similar to the L7, or some kind of 90-something mm. What kind of characteristics did the gun have and was it meant to use an auto loader/in-game would it get a magazine?

    4.) I read there was an idea to change the Lansen 25t’s armor values to 100/12/12, thickening the front whilst thinning the sides and rear. Do you think this could potentially be represented in-game or would it be overpowered considering how WG went and nerfed the T-100 LT’s armor from 120 to 90 for balance purposes?

    1. 5.) Is it possible to make a unique tier X medium Swedish tank that stands out from it’s competition and doesn’t feel like just another Leopard 1 or STB-1 type tank? What kind of special characteristics would it feature if so?

      1. 6.) Without the use of hydraulic suspension, how much gun depression would the UDES 14 and 15/16 tanks have? Would the hydraulic suspensions act like the UDES 03 or the Strv 103?

        7.) Do you know if Wargaming has any plans to add the Kranvagn/Centurion hybrid as a tier VIII heavy tank premium or otherwise as a part of the regular tech tree? Would it get a nerfed version of the L7 105mm or is a 20 pdr perhaps considered more preferable?

        8.) With the alterations to light tanks implemented, what tiers do you think would best fit the Lansen light tanks nowadays?

        9.) Would a medium tank line start from the Leo or are their enough candidates to create another full line from the Strv fm/21?

  10. OopSAA says:

    Will the Strv 81 be available in the ingame store like you planned to do with the Strv S1?
    Will there be a Swedish SPG line?
    Can we expect a Swedish Light tank line?
    Are there plans for more Swedish premium tanks beside the ones already in the game and the upcoming Strv 81?

  11. Anonymous says:

    Most of here know by now that world of tanks has already the strv 81(centurion) in game files as tier 8 prem tank, and wot told it would not be introduced immediately, so will they implement a true medium line? will it include ikv 91 as a medium ( even tho it was a light tank) or what tanks would make tier 8-10?

  12. Afrika says:

    When can we expect the sweedish HTs to be balanced? (Armour-wise)

    Autoloaders in the game were balanced before by having bad armour which meant that every time they poked to unload their magazine they were putting themselves at risk. (T57, AMX50b, TVP, BC 25t etc)

    By introducin the sweedish autoloaders, which can sit behind anything that covers their hull and unload clip after clip with imputiny, this principle has been broken.

    Why would anyone want to go for a 50b or T57 now when he can grind for the kranwagn?

    Please dont think mobility and gun handling compensates for the lack of armour in the new meta.

  13. IRON says:

    Can we expect a medium tank line going up to tier 10? The same for a light line.. ?

    And besides the fucked up armor and engine stats, did WG put others retarded fakish stats in the swedish tanks? Like, were all the different guns on the tanks planned IRL?

    By the way, thanks a lot for all the work you’ve done during all those years! đŸ™‚

    1. IRON says:

      And about the lights, I’m wondering.. Why is there so much differences between your review at this point: http://ftr.wot-news.com/2014/05/15/swedish-tanks-part-x-strv-lansen/
      And this more recent one: https://ritastatusreport.live/2016/06/20/the-swedish-lightmedium-branch/

      Why do the engines, guns and speeds are being different? Because now i’m rather confused regarding the stats we can expect from those light tanks, and I’m really wondering for wich tiers they would be suited…

      And about le Lansen M/51, is the 84 mm gun a Ordnance QF 20 Pounder (or a copy from switzerland?)?

  14. Was the Landsverk Lago designed especially for the Hungarians (or other export reasons) then later offered to the Swedish army, or was it the other way around?

    Why did the negotiations between the Swedes and the Hungarians about the purchase of the Lago failed?

    Is the 47mm gun on the Lago originated from abroad or was it developed domestically? It’s a strange caliber compared to the other Swedish guns.

  15. jorg2 says:

    Could an conventional medium/ TD line be made? And a light line?

    What kind of tanks were in the running for implementation, but were ultimately not implemented in favour of the current tech tree vehicles? Could these form a new tree, or be premiums?

  16. I have quite a few questions:
    What whelled vehicles did Sweden design, but were never produced.
    Some time ago you said that there are 50+ vehicles that you are aware of, but you are not interested in helping WG anymore. Could you please post the drawings of the most special/best-looking/revolutionary/unusual ones along with a brief history?
    How many variants were proposed for the UDES 03 in total? Wopuld any of them be different to the in-game UDES 03?
    Could Sweden have a huge derp gun or huge alpha gun in the game? A.k.a. the Swedish deathstar?
    What was the actual weight of the Lansen 25t?
    Are there more projects out there similar to the UDES XX-20?
    Would the Pbv. 301 and Pbv. 302 be viable low-tier machinegun tanks?
    What was the heaviest swedish tank project ever created?
    Were there any swedish tanks planned to be armed with any type on naval gun?
    What was the slowest swedish tank ever built? But the fastest?
    Is there any chance that we could see other Ivk. 65 variant in the game? Those tanks look awesome!
    How many TD lines could Sweden build?
    What was the most armored swedish tank (just raw thickness wihout angling)?
    What was the smallest swedish tank project ever created?

    Thank you! I hope that your efforts will be rewarded!

  17. Brighteyez says:

    Hi, is there any chance we’ll see a swedish medium tank branch soon? And secondly: Will the swedish bandkanonvagn 2 use nuclear ammunition as gold? Thank you!

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