Swedish Q&A with sp15


sp15 has picked and answered your questions on the Swedish vehicles:

“Will there be anything else besides the one light/medium line?”

-The light/medium line will not be part of the tech tree introduction. If it comes it will happen later on.

“Do you think we can expect more than one line (i.e. a line of MTs and a line of TDs) with the initial release of the Swedish tree in World of Tanks?”

-I will not comment on what line or lines that will be in the tech tree introduction. Though you shouldn’t have to wait much longer for that information. Well other than the above.

“Are there any possibilities for a Heavy or SPG line”

-Yes. For information on the heavies, you should check out my articles on them. As for SPG’s we have a basic line worked out with solid tier 3-10 candidates but I wouldn’t expect to see that line anytime soon.

“I would like to ask about the reality behind tanks. Were all of these vehicles produced, or there are some paper/partly made up vehicles.”

-As with any tech tree, there will be vehicles that never left the drawing board. Everything you will see is based on a real project, most of which I have covered throughout my Swedish tanks series of articles.

“what is the primary thing, that makes a difference from the other nations?”

-The two things that come to mind is the size and gun depression. Swedish heavy tanks, tank destroyers and mediums will be smaller and lighter than you might expect. Swedish tanks also have a minimum of 10 degrees of gun depression and in some cases up to 15dg or even greater.

“Which Books would you recommend on the Swedish tank development history, particularly the first half of the century until 1945?”

-Unless you read Swedish there are none that I am aware of. There are however a few Swedish books I could recommend: Svenskt Pansar by Rickard O. Lindström & Carl-Gustaf Svantesson, Landsverk I Landskrona.
I would also recommend you check out the Pansar magazines by SPHF (Swedish historical armor association) just be aware that they are also in Swedish.

“What is the most interesting things you have found while researching the line.”

-From the top of my head, the Swedish plans for liberating of Denmark before the allies in 1945 was quite an interesting find. But if we are talking tank related finds I would have to go with the documents from the various UDES projects from the 70s. They are a goldmine of strange and experimental ideas from right before the introduction of composite armor.

“what has been the most difficult”

-Making compromises with WG when it comes to the structure of the tech tree. More about that after the initial line(s) are revealed.

“Do you think hydraulic suspensions will be added if the Strv 103 was to become the Swedish top tier tank?”


“How many of the tanks will be remodels from other trees maybe with different cannons but otherwise same”

-There will only be original Swedish tank designs in the Swedish tree. However, there is already a “remodel” of a Swedish tank design in the game in the form of the Toldi 3.

“How many crewmembers will be in the premium tank and will the first tech tree contain tanks with more/less crewmembers?”

-The strv m/42-57 Alt.2 will have 3 crew. Swedish tanks will have between 3-4 crew and most Swedish top tier vehicles will have 3 crew as well.

“In terms of Ammunition development did the Swedes prefer Chemical penetrators or Kinetic penetrators and what sort of standard/premium ammunition are we likely to see in the tree?”

-HEAT rounds were generally only used for howitzer armed vehicles but also did appear on a few other vehicles like the heavy tanks. However, most Swedish tanks use AP & APDS rounds.

“Is the Strv 103 a TD?”

-Historically no the Strv 103 was designed and used in the role of a medium tank/mbt.

“How many Swedish vehicles could fit into WoT”

-Currently, Sweden can realistically fill 4 full branches and one mini branch. These include top tiers for all vehicle classes.

“What is going to be used for Swedish desert camo”

-Something WG made up most likely. WG has not consulted with me or any other expert on the matter of camo and the ones we have seen thus far have been made up.
The only historical desert camo option would be this the camouflage used by Swedish UN peacekeeping troops during the Kongo war.

Thank you, everyone, for sending Qs and sp15 for providing the answers. 🙂

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Swedish Q&A with sp15

43 thoughts on “Swedish Q&A with sp15

  1. MrTumnus says:

    Awesome! Cant wait till I get my hands on some nice swedish tanks. Thx Rita & SP15, you make this game and franchise more interesting! Kepp it up!

  2. Not Tim says:

    Man hype for the Swedish tanks :))))) MUH GUN DEPRESSION. Plus, its interesting to receive a whole new branch.

    1. Culloden Muir says:

      While it’s Hungarian, the original base vehicle was an Strv m/40, which is Swedish. The Hungarian Toldi is a licensed copy of that, with the Toldi II and Toldi III being further evolutions of what was originally a Swedish design.

      1. Anonymous says:

        It was my understanding that the Toldi was a modified Landsverk L-60 and that the M/40 was a medium tank developed from the L-60 but with a longer chassis and IIRC one more road wheel per side.

      2. sp15 says:

        The L-60 was designed by landsverk and the toldi was essentially a licence produced version of that. The Strv m/38 trough m/40K were the later versions of the L-60 design made by landsverk for Sweden.

    1. MrTumnus says:

      The swedish tree hasnt even entered the game yet, wait 2-3 years then maybe it will be israeli tanks in the game.

    2. Diego2015 says:

      I would rather see vehicles from nations which fought in WWII (Italian, Romanian, Hungarian…) in the game before the Israeli tech tree which mostly would be a copy paste tree like the Chinese is.

      1. no, the Chinese tree is a copy of the Russian, but the tanks are worse. there are AMAZING Israeli vehicles out there, like the M51 Super Sherman, M50 super Sherman, T-6 Tiran… its gonna be a French – british in low tiers, British – American in mid tiers and Israeli with some Russians from tier 6 +

      2. Diego2015 says:

        Does not change the fact that it will be another copycat tree which have nothing to do with WWII

      3. Yeh? Well how much does the Swedish tech tree got to do with ww2? And what about France? They didn’t so sh*t in ww2… and basically half of the Czechoslovakian tree (they didn’t really do much)

  3. Anonymous says:

    I want the Italian tanks please~ I need another tier one Renault copy and the L3/35 for the girls und panzer tank collection I have.
    And the Polish TKS and 7TP please

  4. atomicemu says:

    “Swedish plans for liberating of Denmark before the allies in 1945”

    Can we get an article on that? Pretty please?

  5. Kallecrash says:

    “-The light/medium line will not be part of the tech tree introduction. If it comes it will happen later on.”

    Wait… Does that mean that there will be no light or medium tanks when the Swedes gets introduced? Only a heavy line?

    1. MrTumnus says:

      It means there will be no LT up to tier 8, then go over to MT at tier 9 & 10 line. Like the AMX-13-90 then lorraine then BC.
      There will probably be a MT line since the Premium is a MT.

  6. Kallecrash says:

    “-The light/medium line will not be part of the tech tree introduction. If it comes it will happen later on.”

    Wait what does that mean? Will there be only a heavy branch and/or/maybe a TD line on introduction?

  7. Just looking at the Comments and the fact that some pole still think that only nations that were involved in WW II deserve to be implemented.
    From the amount of Interaction i had with WG devs so far, they seem to think otherwise.

      1. well while your comment in specific does say that you would rather have other natons, which i understand, i wasn’t planning to attack your comment, it just reminded me of other comments i saw on other posts, expecially my articles i wrote.
        If did not want to upset you and if i did i apologize.

  8. dude says:

    Heavy and SPG line?
    – i want both…
    with rockets…

    I think i should try it in wot forums. SPG players sure will support it 🙂

    1. Shiva says:

      Artillerikanonvagn 151 and Bandkanon 1.
      These are heavy artillery 🙂
      But if they come to WoT, then they would be very heavily nerfed for sure!

      1. Shiva says:

        Hmm, migth be the wikipedia links that the blog refuses?
        Anyway, these are similar in weight to the T92 SPG.

  9. wolvenworks says:

    so sp15 is working with WG to bring the Swedish line, like SS did with the Czech, and Daigensui with the Japan line?

  10. Erik says:

    As a swede living in the town of Skövde were the tank regiment is located, it’s a blessing that WoT is finally making a Swedish tech tree. 🙂 And specially with the Strv 103

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