SWEDISH STRV m/40L *Updated* Stats


these are the updated stats of the tier 3 Swedish STRV m/40L:


Tier: 3
Hitpoints: 230

Engine: 205
Weight: 10 142
Power-to-weight: 20,21
Maximum speed: 45/18 km/h
Hull traverse: 45 (38 Previous)
Turret traverse: 37 (34,4)
Terrain resistance: 1/1.35/1.95
Viewrange: 320
Radio range: 345
Hull armor: 48/13/13
Turret armor: 50/20/35 (50/10/?)

Gun: 37 mm kan m/38-49 strv
Damage: 40/40/50
Penetration: 78/98/19
DPM: 1200 (1 251,4)
ROF: 30.00 (31,286)
Reload: 1,918s
Accuracy: 0.38 (0,364)

Aimspeed: 1.6 (1,53s)

Depression: -15/+25


Gun: 37 mm kan m/38 strv


Penetration: 55/78/19



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SWEDISH STRV m/40L *Updated* Stats

4 thoughts on “SWEDISH STRV m/40L *Updated* Stats

  1. Anonymous says:

    Seems too strong as it is, better RoF, aim time, accuracy, and pen than almost any other tier 3 37mm gun, on top of 50mm armour and 45 speed, good traverse values, and a great power/weight ratio.

    It will have the third best pen of any tier 3 non TD vehicle with standard rounds, and no weaknesses that I see.

    1. lafie says:

      Those 13mm sides do look pretty weak though, it must be said, especially with all the autocannon you can run into in a tier 3 light.

      1. Anonymous says:

        45 hull traverse and good terrain resistance means it will be nigh impossible to flank if the driver has any sense, so I do not consider that a weakness in this case.

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