Swedish Tier X Kranvagn Full Stats

Full stats for the Swedish Tier X heavy tank, Kranvagn. So far…


Kranvagn is a continuation of the solutions used in the tank Emil II (tier IX). With similar characteristics and firepower at a faster reload and less dispertion . The vehicle is capable of reaching 60 km / h, but mobility leaves much to be desired. However, 4 shells in the magazine allow for a fairly aggressive gameplay.

Tier X

HP: 1,900

Horsepower: 1200hp

Weight: 44.8 ton

Power/Weight: 19.29

Speed: 60kph (for.)/ 18kph (rev.)

Hull Traverse: 20 deg/s

Turret Traverse: 25 deg/s

Terrain Resestances: 1,247/1,342/2,205

Hull Armor: 105/37/?mm

Turret Armor: 170/70/?mm

Radio Range: 850m

View Range: 390 m


12cm Akan L/40 (magazine)

Damage: 400/400/515

Penetration: 242/320/60mm

DPM: 2075

Rate of Fire: 5.187

Shot Reload: 4seconds

Magazine Reload: 34.266 seconds

Magazine Size: 4 rounds

Accuracy: .345

Aim Time: 2.88sec

Elevation: +10/-12 degrees


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Swedish Tier X Kranvagn Full Stats

38 thoughts on “Swedish Tier X Kranvagn Full Stats

  1. yurrasickpark says:

    A tank that is practically invulnerable in hulldown with a shitty-ass gun and worse mobility than it may seem like? No thx WG, way too situational. Good luck if you’re caught in the open, you won’t get anywhere safe fast enough with that ground resistance and traverse combo.

    In general, I think Swedes trade way too much elsewhere just for -12 degrees of depression, both lines currently seem too situational and gimmicky

    1. wheeledtank says:

      Blame the Swedes for that. The terrain they were made for was entirely hilly environments, with an idea of “Hit-and-Run” approaches (Not in the same way as the French; more of a “Shoot-and-Scoot” kind of way), so they are going to be very situational anyways.

      That being said, the mobility and gun needs some improvements, no doubt. Maybe make the Terrain Resistance around 0.95/1.02/2.04 and 24deg/s Traverse Speed so it feels decently mobile, make the Gun Cycling quicker (from 4 seconds per round to around 2.3), and maybe give it a bit more penetration (maybe around 250? Don’t want to push it though).

      1. Brighteyes says:

        Right. The swedish vehicles are hit and runners so why do they have 3 sec aim time? Good luck hitting somebody before they hit you and run away

      2. arra90 says:

        How the actual f is the terrain resistance that bad, look how thick those tracks are, they were MADE for fighting in the snowy and boggy norrland terrain. I call BS on this

  2. olektheconquerer says:

    like wtf. 4 seconds between shots, not even worth the grind. gonna stay with tier 8 until they ultra buff it. 2000 dpm hahahaha you gotta be kidding me

  3. blakyce says:

    Are the tanks for the Swedish lines listed anywhere? The premium coming out next week is a medium. Will there be a medium line right to level 10 or does it switch to heavies at some point?

    1. wheeledtank says:

      The Swedish Tech Tree is floating around somewhere. There is a “TD” Line (ends with the S-Tank) and this heavy line, which is a Hybrid sort of line, similar to the Maus Line (if you start with the Pz 35(t))

  4. Anonymous says:

    So, let me get this straight. This tank is an armored 50B with great gun depression. The problem being its shot delay. do i see this correctly?

    1. Brighteyes says:

      You forgot that the increase is 5mm for the frontal armour when the rest is decreased. And the worse mobility and aimtime and reload both on the whole mag and each shell

  5. Nopp says:

    Lol this tank as it is is bad. Even though it’s turret is good, going Hull down will not change the fact that it still has 170mm sloped since it’s an oscillating turret and the turret follows the gun so the angle you see the turret on flat ground is the angle you see the turret when the tank is Hull down. If they dun make the gun better, this tank will be worse than the 50b in every way imaginable

    1. wheeledtank says:

      Judging from the last 3 pictures, the oscillating portion of the turret seems to be protected by a non-oscillating part (somewhat similar to an HMG with a fixed gun shield). Basically, that slope is set; the gun and rear portion is moveable

      1. arra90 says:

        They do, but the frontal turret armor on the Kranvagn and EMIL’s are fixed in place like a gunshield with the gun and back section moving.

  6. Only few spots currently allow going in such a deep hull-down position. On many maps even Soviet and Chinese tanks can hide their hulls behind some small hills.

    Now we’re getting this tank whose ONLY advantage is some insane yet obscure hull-down capability, while all the rest of it basically sucks.
    It has more than double HP/t compared to E100, yet hull traverse is 10% slower. Where’s the logic?
    Where’s the pen? Or did they decide to apply Sandbox stats to this tank? 242 pen is second worst Tier X gun after E100, however E100 has unarguably some significant advantages elsewhere – armour, HP, alpha-damage and those nasty screen armour.
    Kranvang has none of it.

    Seriously, where is the 150mm gun? Maybe there is a way to have a rifled 150mm gun in it, despite the historical was smoothbore? Changing gun type is better IMO, than changing calibre.

    1. RedWarning says:

      It’s a ridge fighter, that sloping turret armour is going to be even more sloped when climbing hills. You’ll laugh at T10 TDs as they autobounce you while you carefully fix your aim.

  7. Domo says:

    …so basically this line is not worth grinding past 8… i really hope these arent the final stats/gun

    has so much more hope for this line

  8. xxxtommygunxxx says:

    LoL ! I have read it “Karavan” and than I was like… erm.. is it like a caravan (camper van).
    Oh wait. It is “KRANVAGN” … 😀

  9. Brighteyes says:

    Well right now I feel like the only thing that would make this tank stand out except for the amazing gun depression is if it gets the 15cm auto

    1. yer look, 15cm auto-loader isn’t going to happen, you saw what heppened with the WT auf E100 right? and that thing didn’t even have armor or gun depression… That’s like asking to bring in the T58 with its 155mm auto-loader…

      however I wouldn’t mind a single shot 15cm gun… or 120mm single shot gun… hell even a 105mm auto-loader would have to be better then this as it is

      1. What even is the point of a 2 shot auto-loader, it would be horrid. It doesn’t take a genius to see that that caliber of auto-loader doesnt work. Why do you think the WT auf E100 was removed and they are testing a 120mm auto-loader on the tier 10 Foch…

  10. Maxxonite says:

    Just like 103B WG screw the reality stats up in their fantazy game, KRANVAGN should have a smoothbore 150 mm L/41 gun mounted or 120 mm L/40 or 105mm rifled cannon L/67.

  11. Maxxonite says:

    And if we use planned equipment, i just want to share some epic info, 155mm gun with 2 X 6 shoot magazine, a V12 diesel engine with 900 hp. Why dont wg implement this stuff like they just invented with the WT Auf E100. OP ohh yes but there is to manny OP ingame allready. 🙂

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