Swedish Vehicle Test Server Updates Nov. 28

Good day everyone,

A small update to the test server today. 33.3MB for the SD client with 12.4MB added to that for the HD client. So straight from the RU portal…

Strv 103:

  • The time to enter siege mode is reduced from 2.5 to 2 seconds, exit time is reduced from 2.5 to 1.25 seconds.
  • Reload time is now independent of the mode.
  • The accuracy at 100 meters in siege mode is increased from 0.2 to 0.3 meters.
  • Reload time is done independent of the mode and is 9 seconds guns 10,5 cm kan strv 103 L / 51 and 10,5 cm kan strv 103 L / 62.
  • Variation after firing is increased from 3 to 18 m to 100 m.
  • The speed of the vertical movement of weapons (machine) has been increased from 5 to 7.5 deg / s.
  • The speed of the machine in siege mode is increased from 3 to 10 km / h forward and from 3 to 10 km / h in reverse.

Strv 103B:

  • The time to enter siege mode is reduced from 2.5 to 2 seconds, exit time is reduced from 2 to 1.25 seconds.
  • Reload time is done independent of the mode.
  • The accuracy 100 meters in siege mode is increased from 0.15 to 0.25 meters.
  • Reload time is done independent of the mode and the same 7.7 seconds.
  • Variation after firing is increased from 3 to 18 m to 100 m.
  • The speed of the vertical movement of weapons (machine) has been increased from 5 to 7.5 deg / s.
  • The speed of the machine in siege mode is increased from 5 to 10 km / h forward and from 5 to 10 km / h in reverse.
  • Fixed some technical problems.

Also noted that there may be some problems with chat and the in-game friends list.

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Swedish Vehicle Test Server Updates Nov. 28

71 thoughts on “Swedish Vehicle Test Server Updates Nov. 28

  1. SpeedyCraft51 says:

    “Reload time is now independent of the mode”

    I hope the 7.7s is with 100 % crew alone…
    That’s still 6.5s reload with rammer and vents. And using both means you have to lose one between camo net and binos… So that’s a strong nerf considering the low caliber.
    But the siege mode mobility and delay buff makes it all worth it. Less frustrating to play and to fight against. I’m all for it.

    The accuracy nerf however…
    0.25 is still good but not as lazer as 0.15, and Grille15 is still able to miss ridiculous shots because of rng so in that tank and with its new reload…

    The tanks are still good tho. They killed the KRV before it even went live but at least the Strv line is still worth grinding.
    Now stop there and release the patch before you fuckup something please.

    1. SpeedyCraft51 says:

      Edit : the reload on the tier 9 is terrible tho… 9s for 390 damages at tier 9, dude Jagdtiger has the same reload for almost 600dmg per shot. And again, accuracy went from lazer to “okay”. In a game where KV2 can snipe and Grille15 can have ridiculous misses, too accurate is never too accurate…

    2. fighting_falcon93 says:

      0.25 accuracy is not good. The entire awsomeness in this tank was its accuracy, and now they ruined it because they listened to donkeys and buffed speed in seigemode >:(

      1. SpeedyCraft51 says:

        Mobility buff was needed. Accuracy is still good enough. And dpm became reasonable (even slightly too low, 3.3k dpm, but I guess its balanced by the siege mode camo and stability).

        The tank is good, far from destroyed and useless unlike the KRV which has been so nerfed it’s now just a strong slow turret unable to do anything.

      2. fighting_falcon93 says:

        The mobility buff was not needed at all. If you play your TDs properly then you have no need to constantly move around all the time.

      3. SpeedyCraft51 says:

        With that mobility it was dead as soon as spotted. Now it can retreat faster and go out of siege mode faster.

        I mean of course it wasnt necessary… If you enjoy getting oneshot by arty or fired at by half the ennemy team every time you’re spotted.

        Survivability increased a lot with this buff, and dpm went from completely broken to average for a tier X TD.

      4. fighting_falcon93 says:

        If you’re getting spotted in this tank without knowing it before the 6th sense go off you’re doing it wrong… 2.5 seconds is not much at all… unless you’re too far farward.

      5. > 0.25 accuracy
        > bad

        Dude, give me whatever you are smoking right now.

        So yeah, these changes are what this tank need. Previously, the only thing this tank could do is extreme range sniping, a meta which is almost dead. With this you could actually be more flexible and play more offensively. Which should be a good thing for everyone.

      6. fighting_falcon93 says:

        Yeah play offensively in a TD with 390 alpha and siege mode… Great idea! Now we know what kind of players WG listens to…

      7. fighting_falcon93 says:

        If you want to play offensively jump into a MT or HT instead… Not a frickin TD dude… You sure it’s not you that smoke?

      8. “Offensively” of course does not mean that you could use it as a freakin Obj 140. It means you could actually move in some distance behind your mediums when you need to push rather than jacking yourself in the bush 600 m away from the battle. It means you could take that riskier bush that would be great, but you can’t risk spending 2.5 second of exiting siege mode before arty hits you. It means you could move forward and backward in that hill easier to abuse your extreme angle when there’s no SPG around. It means you could actually ambush that one hit MT with ease rather than spending 3 sec in front of him awkwardly before you can actually shoot. It’s not about “TD should not camp”, but about ” TD should be able to do something other than camp”. Not every map is a freakin campinovka!

      9. fighting_falcon93 says:

        What you’re describing here could already be done before the nerf. If you get hit by arty 3 seconds after you’ve been spotted, you’ve been in that location way to long and spotted way to often. Having 2.5 seconds to get away is more than enough.

      10. – Shorter transition to siege time change and better vertical traverse speed means that you could shoot your gun much faster from travel mode, which adds up.
        – 1.25 sec is much faster than 2, which is very crucial not only against SPG but against other tanks. Added together, transition time reduction means a lot less of pain if you are changing positions a lot.
        – 5 km/h vs 10 km/h means a lot, especially in hill fighting/getting to 15 m behind bush for better camo management.

        You also still didn’t address the point that 0.25 + 1500 m/s shell velocity + almost no aimtime is still the most accurate gun in the game, miles ahead of other guns. If 0.25 is bad, then tanks like grille 15 or E-50 M is goddamn awful. Don’t even bother to compare it with soviets.

        So yeah, it was overkill.

      11. fighting_falcon93 says:

        It was nothing overkill with 0.15 accuracy. In fact, other TDs could actually get a buff in their accuracy to cover the big gap. RNG is not good for this game and I had hoped that this was WG first move into reducing RNG.
        The mobility buffs will only help players to play this tank in a way that it wasn’t intended for. As I said before, 2.5 seconds is not that much, if you can’t get away with that delay you’re playing too close and too agressive. We already have other tanks for this kind of gameplay, such as Obj.263 and E3. This tank was about finding that sweetspot between being too far away and too close. With this change WG has removed part of that and therefore even part of the skill that was required to do well in this vehicle.
        It is not a good change and I sincerely hope that WG realises this before release and revert it back to its previus stats…

  2. fighting_falcon93 says:

    Why did they nerf the accuracy??? WTF WG???
    They give it better speed in siege mode, but they nerf the accuracy… Good job WG listen more to the players that can’t play TDs…

    1. I agree I think it was fine before, horrible mobility(Siege mode) in trade of good armor and epic gun. Now that it can move a lot more in siege mode, I find it less challenging and less fun to play, also the gun feels like a potato now, not horrible but not great either.

      Also the improved siege mode and seamless switch between the modes feels like it encourage you to be more mobile, but then you can’t prem track other tanks anymore if they got full repair skill and you get screwed over, mainly because for every shot you sit there for an extra 1-1,5sec allowing arty and other stuff to get to you.

      (Still manage to keep 98% Marks on it it seems, but more awkward to play though it’s more mobile, how ironic)

  3. King_Viper says:

    Why are all of you bitching this tank still has good camo value, pretty dank meme armor especially against heat, and the reload is still good regardless if they changed the reload times. They buffed the mobility in siege mode and yeah .15 accuracy? You’re gonna tell me you would enjoy having all those shots hit if you were on the other team being on how high the pen is on the tank already? Btw the reload for the JT isn’t 9 seconds don’t know what tank with a 128 you’ve been playing. So if a nerf from .15 to .25 is so bad how come the average for tier 10 (all types) is around about .36 to .40? Unless you want to add smoothbore and/or modern tanks than yes you could complain.

    1. Ion7 says:

      With you on this, the accuracy nerf is not a problem. Overall I think the quicker conversion times alone makes up for this. Not to mention the doubled speed and quicker elevation/depression.

      1. fighting_falcon93 says:

        What do you want quicker conversion times for? Seriusly? A TD is supposed to snipe from distance, it needs have good accuracy and either alpha or DPM. It already could relocate more than fast enough.

    2. SpeedyCraft51 says:

      JT : 9s with rammer, vents, BiA and food. 9.4s without food. It has 560 alpha.

      Obj263 : 8.4s with food, 9s without food. It has 550 alpha.

      But indeed they dont have the crazy camo. 263 is the closest to Strv right now. It is superior to Strv in dpm, but loses the camo bonuses when traversing. Armor is awesome too, arty is not awesome too, and it has pretty good camo. You trade 300dps for the ability to keep the camo net when traversing, and better accuracy.
      Imo the Strv is well balanced as it is. If they nerf it any further it will be underpowered for sure, but right now I’m happy with its stats. It can do its role of TD, and 4.5k dpm was too much (3.8k wouldnt hurt tho considering it has low alpha, but 3.3k without food and vents is good).

      1. martingalindo says:

        So you are comparing a jagdtiger or obj263 with rammer vents and bia vs a TD with only 100% crew. IT is not really a good comparation. Compare it with both crew with 100% Jagdtiger reloads in 11,40 with 128 L/61 and 10,9 with 128 L/55. So it is near 2 seconds of reload faster.

      2. Anonymous says:

        Well that’s like trying to compare a T57 Heavy reload to a T110E5 reload, doesn’t make sense really. But like Martingalindo said it doesn’t make sense to compare a tank with a blank 100% crew with nothing else like rammer and vents. Plus the comparison for two tier 9s vs a tier 10 with varying stats will just confuse some people and are irrelevant to a point. So the tanks aren’t bad overall they’re good and unique which isn’t too bad at least they are changing it up now before it hits lives servers(never during a campaign of course), so we’ll see soon the final changes.

  4. Rombat says:

    The heavy line was ruined and now this one…they put alot an efort to create this vehicules but the lost after nerfs the players interest…let,s see who,s gone grind them now.

    1. ApolloF117 says:

      tell me how did they ruin the heavy line? its still works but not as fast as the french ones, so what did they broke? can’t go yolo and came out without loosing your tank?

    1. SpeedyCraft51 says:

      Mobility in siege mode is a huge buff that can mean a lot.
      And dpm is still 3.3k with rammer, and without losing camo net when traversinf in siege mode, so that’s still pretty big.

      Object263 only has 300dpm more and it doesnt have the siege mode advantages. Imo the tank is better this way, 4.5k dpm was just too much (people complain about E25 but they dont mind having even worse at tier 10…)

      1. “Mobility in siege mode is a huge buff that can mean a lot.”
        If you need more mobility in siege mode you’re doing something wrong.
        And yes it can engage enemy tanks hull down and up front and close even with 5kmh and still have full control of the situation, 10kmh is just overdoing it, especially with worse dpm and accuracy.

    2. fighting_falcon93 says:

      I fully agree with @GPC_4. This tank was unique because of the accuracy and DPM. The buff to mobility was not needed, if people want to be on the frontline jump into a MT or HT instead, not a TD ffs.

      1. SpeedyCraft51 says:

        Dude I’d love to see how you do in tanks like ARLv39 and Hellcats. You know, typicaly the kind of tanks that are almost instantly killed when spotted until they get back behind cover quickly.

        Well this tank is the same. Now it can survive when spotted. Before that, if it was spotted and exposed it was dead.

      2. fighting_falcon93 says:

        Yeah exactly… give it shit accuracy and dpm so that bad TD players can save their anus without getting rekt… Great idea by WG once again!

      3. SpeedyCraft51 says:

        If you’re that good of a TD player you’ll be able to work with this “terribly bad” dpm which is still higher than most tanks in the game.

        In fact, 4.5k dpm is so much THAT looked more like the way to make up for the bad survivability and difficulty of gameplay of the Strv so idiots could still do a lot during their 2mins of life in battle.
        So your point doesnt stand I’m afraid

      4. fighting_falcon93 says:

        You’re forgetting this this TD has the lowest alpha of all TDs on tier 10. THAT was why it was compensated with a higher DPM… Alpha means more than DPM, because any decent player is smart enough to find cover as soon as he get’s hit by a TD…

  5. betterdead thanred says:

    not a lt of spaces in maps, where u can get 300+ meters free firing range, to be succesfull in those medium-range engagements a TD needs to have either: -big alpha – good armour – speed and high ROF/DPM.
    103B having above high speed, insane camo, and good armour. But bad viewrange and now nerfed ROF.
    Having now 3K stock dmg potential. Same as russian tier X meds. but according to tanks.gg. 103B has the highest among TD’s DPM still.
    accuracy matters little in 50%ish of maps, u gotta fight at 200M or less most of the time to be effective.
    and at 200m or less, casemate tanks cant compete im afraid.
    what it boils down to is it worth getting a tank that is awesome in 50% of situations? or get an allround russkie bullshait tank that owns in every map it meets?

  6. Was keen for the Swedish but the turret of the Kranvagn is too strong considering its also thicker then hustorically documented… so they nerfed mobility from tier 7 to tier and the point of the TDs were accurate and fast firing

    1. * so they nerfed from tier 7 to tier 10 mobility wise (which the tier 7 didnt need to be nerfed) and nerfed the hull armor of the HTs?

      And then they nerf the accuracy and RoF of the Strv 103? Altho siege mode speed buff was needed this is now more like a low caliber and more deadly T95…

      1. fighting_falcon93 says:

        5 kmph was enough to peek out of ridge lines and then reversing back. If you used the siege mode mobility for anything else you’re doing it wrong…

      2. Even for poking over a ridge 5km/h is excrutiatingly slow. If you think its fine then you clearly never played the T95.

        I would say I have patientiance for slow tanks since i have over 1.6k battles in the T95 and its my most played tank. But even i got annoyed with how slow the tank moved to peek over ridges when in siege mode and ended up missing the chance to shoot the enemy

      3. I revoke what I said about the Strv 103s RoF and accuracy, it feels a lot more balanced now. Very solid tank.

        But the Kranvagne is still overpowered with its unhistorical armor. it’s meant to be a moderately armored tank with great mobility and gun handling but WG is over buffing the armor and giving less gun depression then it should have. It should have only 170mm of turret armor at 50 deg would give it about 265mm of armor, then with -14 deg gun depression would be 387mm effective. Less then what it currently is but still more then efficient. WG should give them the historically documented armor.

      4. No it didn’t need a mobility buff in siege mode, it should have stayed like it were. Horrible mobility in trade of epic gun performance.

        With more mobility and worse gun performance it will perform worse, and bad players are too dumb to realize this.

      5. DMMINION… you do know that it’s a highly versatile tank right? It’s medium tank, it got balanced as a medium tank. The only reason WG made it a TD is because they didn’t think people would understand how to play it if it were classed as a MT, and this proves it.

        Instantly it doesn’t need mobility because it’s a TD so it should have great gun handling… Do you see how the simple classification of a tank changes how people play it? If they had made it a MT and did this change then people wouldn’t complain that much because it’s a MT that’s classed as a MT getting balanced as an MT.

        Do you play the T30 HT as a sniper because it’s classed as a TD despite being a HT? The same principle applies here.

        I have had as much success playing this tank up front with MT as I have sniping with it. This balance makes it a far more versatile and enjoyable tank then it was initially

      6. fighting_falcon93 says:

        @Deadarashi: It’s besides the point if it was a MT or a TD in real life… Even if it was classed as a MT in real life, it still could NOT operate like other MTs because it had no turret, and a gun that was locked into the hull. Other MTs could use their turret and can fire on the move, the 103B could NOT do that. This tank was designed around the idea of relocating into a strong defensive position and get the shot of before the enemy even know where they where, exactly the same as TDs was designed like. It doesn’t matter what its designation was, this tank did not operate like a MT in real life, it operated like a TD. If you want to play a MT I advice you to find another line because this one is not suited for that kind of gameplay because you’ll get permatracked and circled and killed.

      7. This is clearly not going anywhere since you can’t comprehend how it could be played… just as WG foresaw… i have played it as a MT i have managed to out perform people playing actual MTs… you believe what you think and I’ll believe what I have experienced.

      8. fighting_falcon93 says:

        “How it *could* be played”… You know I’m sure there’re some players that would argue that a KV-2 *could* be played as a sniper…

  7. jetpowerfie says:

    “Variation after firing…”

    I don’t quite follow what that’s supposed to mean. Anyone care to translate? (Is it dispersion?)

    1. SpeedyCraft51 says:

      Dispersion after firing I guess
      Basicaly now the tank doesnt have perma-full aim but with the new reload it doesnt matter anyway

  8. atm i am playing on test server and i am watching wot future. 4x arti in every match. so new td line is already useless. armor only work if you looking towards your target all other angles you fucked if traced you fucked if you close range they hitting your vision port you fucked. you cant fight when you mobile… so my major question. why this td must have siege mod but fucking arti no need? all must agree wot is stupit over rated fucking game.

    1. SpeedyCraft51 says:

      Not an accuracy increase, a shot dispersion increase.
      But shot dispersion is often called accuracy so when you try to mix both it gives this.

      Dispersion at 100m increased, so accuracy decreased.
      But anyone is probably smart enough to get the point just by looking at the numbers following the word “accuracy” : it’s a nerf.

  9. Tommy_Gun says:

    Well… this tier 9 and 10 TD is going to be insanely ridiculously OP.
    It is bouncing guns with 300 m penetration (actually it is even bouncing 350 mm prenium ammo while having 60 mm of armor + 10 spaced armor LOL).
    The only weekspot it has is a little tiny hatch with RNG-ish collision box.

    It has 50/45 km/h speed, armor better than maus (as mentioned above), gun with 308 mm pentration.

    I played this tank for a while and I can say that oddly… it is preforming better as a front line tank (in siege mode) rather than 2 -3 line sniper.
    Something, somewhere went terribly wrong.

    Good lord, WG, please turn back ! It’s not going to end well… and you know it… 😛

    1. Rombat says:

      Who is stopping you to flank it? I got the ideea it has no penetrated armor from the front even with gold so it,s op…i guess you think that every tank that kills you it,s op….

      1. Tommy_Gun says:

        “Who is stopping you to flank it? ”
        Well… it is its speed. The fact that this tank can go 45 km/h in reverse will be a big factor when it comes to flanking.

        Lets just say that I am in typical tier X medium, that can go about 50 km/h. Flanking a tank that goes in reverse (45 km/h) will take a while. Usually in WoT when TD has a lot of armor it is slow and flanking it is relatively easy. When it is fast and mobile you don’t need to flank it (no armor).

        Here, the tank is fast and mobile, yet you still need to flank it. And to do it effective you will need at lest 2 – 3 tanks. That is why I think it will be insanely OP.

        “you think that every tank that kills you it,s op”
        No that is not the case here. But when the tank can kill a whole platoon of “full health” tanks that is attacking it (alone), it is clear that the tank is OP (I don’t know about player driving it, but i assume that on a test server it is new tank and not many people got its full potential).

    2. What’s the problem? It was never designed as a TD, it was designed as a MBT.
      Just because it’s classed as a TD it doesn’t mean you have to hug the red line. That also goes for a lot of other TDs.

  10. GrimmReaperBG says:

    WC did it again! They when from fully retarded to absolute moronic. Only WC is capable to do such things, meaning going from very bad to worse in a blink of an eye…

  11. Anonymous says:

    The people who think the very slight gun nerf to the Strv 103 isn’t worth the considerable mobility buff must be very static players that got a poor grasp of the current WoT-meta.

    1. fighting_falcon93 says:

      Maybe because TD gameplay is static? Or rather, static-relocate-static-relocate-static-relocate… In which case the 103B already had good enough mobility in it’s drive mode. It’s the gun that is important on a TD, not hovercraft mobility.

      1. You do know that, even though its called a TD in game, the Strv 103b is a medium tank right? So yer, mobility is actually its key focus and a lot of people seem to forget this

      2. fighting_falcon93 says:

        The 103B is a MT in real life, but since it’s a TD in game your argument makes zero sense. If it’s classed as a TD ingame, it needs to be balanced as a TD ingame aswell.

      3. fighting_falcon93 says:

        If WG wanted it to be a MT ingame, they wouldn’t have implemented it as a TD and with siege mode…

      4. They made it a TD because they didn’t think players would be smart enough to grasp the mechanics of it if it were classed as a MT. People are actually that stupid that they play the tank based purely as what it’s labled as. If it had been called a MT then suddenly everyone would have no issue with the buff to mobility.

        And let me ask, would you play the T30 Heavy Tank as a TD purely because the in-game classification has it as a TD even though it’s realistically a HT?

      5. this buff has clearly been done with it as a MT in mind. Stop thinking of it as a TD, if you play it as MT suddenly you will realise a lot of things and the mobility buff will be easier to understand

      6. fighting_falcon93 says:

        OMG WTF are you even talking about? Do you seriusly think that this tank can be played like a MT? No, it can’t! It has way too bad viewrange to even be classed as a MT, and the siege mode will still cripple it. If WG wanted this to be a medium, they’d never have given it a siege mode in the first place. What you’re saying makes no sense at all since the whole concept of a medium is to COMBINE mobility and firepower, not to separate them. Even in real life, even though 103B was a MT, it could still not operate like other MTs because of its lack of turret and impossibility to fire on the move. 103B is a TD ingame, and players like you, who want to play it on the frontline like a MT, are the ones responsible for the nerfs on this vehicle. Thank you for ruining a unique and perfectly balanced tank!

      7. and yet in every game i have played with it as a MT I had dont more damage then other players in the tank that are playing it as a TD… and I’m also dealing with 400ping and am by no means a great player…

        It is more balanced now then it was initially and is still unique.

        Once again, WG knew that people wouldn’t know how to play it as a MT if it was classed as a MT so they classed it as a TD so that people like you that can’t play it as the intended MT can understand how to use it yet never fully utilize it. Had it been classed as a MT it would be a unique MT and would have good view range.

        If anything it’s people like you that don’t know how to fully utilize the tank that are hindering it

      8. fighting_falcon93 says:

        @Deadarashi: It’s besides the point if it was a MT or a TD in real life… Even if it was classed as a MT in real life, it still could NOT operate like other MTs because it had no turret, and a gun that was locked into the hull. Other MTs could use their turret and can fire on the move, the 103B could NOT do that. This tank was designed around the idea of relocating into a strong defensive position and get the shot of before the enemy even know where they where, exactly the same as TDs was designed like. It doesn’t matter what its designation was, this tank did not operate like a MT in real life, it operated like a TD. If you want to play a MT I advice you to find another line because this one is not suited for that kind of gameplay because you’ll get permatracked and circled and killed.

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