Swiss interactive tech tree

As i have hinted in my Q&A yesterday i’ll be showing off a project me and phdrvrba have worked on in the past 2 weeks, with all proposed vehicles with modules. I have to stress that this is WIP, so thingy may change especially when WG adds these vehicles and do some changes themselves. But all vehicles are historical and only a few modules had to be unhistorically added to a vehicle in order to make it attractive to play and competitive.

Visit the Website here

Let us know what you think and if you happen to see a mistake somehwere, let us know as well. We try to improve the proposal based on feedback so i can communicate the changes with WG and tell them what the players want.

Also don’t forget to share the website if you want to see this tree and maybe we can get WG to add it sooner as they planned.

And as a little bonus: here is a 3D model for the Tier 8 heavy tank and the Tier 10 light tank.

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