Swiss Q&A with Mizutayio


Mizutayio has selected and answered your questions about the Swiss armoured vehicles.

Thank you for typing your Qs and Mizutazio for his time.


-Are there enough Swiss tanks to be in the game on their own tech tree WITHOUT having 60% of them as paper tanks?

Switzerland wasn’t really a Tank building nation, expecially not during the War, before and during the War we’ve bought foreign Tanks and added our own flavour to it, the first indigenous Tank design was the NK I, NK II, KW 30 and finally the Panzer 58, 61 and 68 family. (and other less well known projects like the MOWAG Skorpion, Pirat, Taifun, the HS 30 and the Panzerkanone 68)

Counting all those above mentioned Vehicles it would make Less than 50%, but most of the really interesting vehicles would be paper tanks. Take a look at the articles I worte for RSR, they include some of them.


-Are there enough Swiss tanks to create a new line without many of them being just modified copies of german tanks (mostly low tiers) and just a couple of them (higher tiers) being somewhat unique?

Well we didn’t use any German tanks, I think you’re refering to the Czechoslovakian Tanks like the LT. Vz. 39. The LT. Vz. 39 was called the Panzer 39 in Swiss service and was modified, yes, such a thing is impossible to avoid in most new nations. While the Panzer 39 does play very similarly to the Panzer 38 (t) or the Lt. Vz. 38 the upgraded version the Panzer 39-2 was a lengthened Panzer 39 with an additional pair of roadwheels. The stock variant would have the Regular Panzer 39 turret and a 34mm AA gun mounted while the upgraded variant just has a well armored Turret with a 75mm gun.

The other tank that could “count as a German copy” would be the Swiss “Hetzer”, the G-13, which would be pretty much the same as the Jagdpanzer 38 (t).

However there will be a Premium drum loaded variant with the AMX 13 75’s gun, but thankfully we managed to Keep everything from tier 5 and up *Swiss only*


-What will happen with the Panzer 58? Will they move it from the German tree to the Swiss tree?

Since I am not working at WG I cannot tell. However looking at the Pz. T-15 and T-25 situation, I am fairly certain that it will stay in the German tree.


-What type of vehicles can we expect from the swiss interms of roles and strengths or weaknesses?

Generally speaking Swiss lights (normal and scouts) will pack quite a punch from tier 5 and up. Both lines would get a 90mm gun at that Tier.

As for Strength and Weaknesses:

Mediums would be quite nimble and would have good mobility as it should be since the terrain in Switzerland would not suit slow and heavy tanks. Therefore the armor would be lacking for the Lights, Meds, TDs and SPGs, The Heavy tanks (yes there are some available) on the other hand would be similar to the Chieftain with a bit better frontal hull armor in exchange for turret thickness (the top Tier heavy would still have ~400mm of Gun mantlet armor).

All of these Tanks would come with good gun depression levels, like the Japanese tanks. Despite really good front armour though the tanks are balanced by the far weaker side armour.

I’m impressed that you’ve done all this work on your own, how much help have you add in making this Swiss tech tree?

I’ve had some great help from Vollketten who helped steer me in my research and we’ve been working on this together. His insight and thoughts and my research trips have been a great partnership. I am really looking forward to getting Swiss tanks into this game, something which last year was looking impossible is now looking brighter.

-What would the Swiss emblem look like?


-What Swiss TDs and/or heavies were planned or developed?

As of yet we have 3 heavy tanks planned, there is a chance though to find a fourth one, but that would probably be the most I could find and even 3 is an enormous achievement for a country like Switzerland.


This is a potential 46 ton heavy tank for the Swiss tree, more information to come in the future.

But one thing i can already say: There is a very good premium heavy option, Similar to the Japanese Tiger the Swiss could have a Kingtiger which was gifted to Switzerland from France after the War along with other German Tanks like the Panther, the Jagdpanther etc. and used for testing.


-Is the Panzer 68 WoT viable? Or is it too new?

It’s the Planned tier 10 medium tank.


-Will it be a subtree in the german branch or will it be a independent tree like the Czech / Swedish will be?

It has a great chance as a independent tree and really needs to be. It has plenty of vehicles with many interesting features to appeal to novice and expert player alike.


-Will the Tier 1 tank will be the Renault FT as it is the first tank the Swiss used?

As much as i’ve wanted to avoid that question it has to be said at some point.

While we do have a FT which we could add it would be the fourth Renault FT.

Thus we looked over to lovely Austria who just happened to produce the RK-9 in the öestereichische Saurerwerke which belonged to Saurer AG Arbon (Switzerland) during the RK-9’s development. So unless you want another Renault clone, the Austrian RK-9 has to be the single best option.


-What about the Panzer 68 ET project?

Too new sadly; it has a smoothbore gun and is past the 1970 date WG nominally use. Pretty much 2 factors that would make it unviable for WoT. It could make it into AW though.


-Will there be only Swiss tank in the techtree or will we see the Swiss AMX 13 and the Swiss Centurion tanks

AMX and Centurions will be Premiums at best. I’ve tried to put as few clones into the project as possible, which worked perfectly but yes they are certainly possible as premiums. We don’t need them as tech tree vehicles.


-As pointed out previously, the Panzer 58 (and Panzer 58 Mutz) is incorrect in-game (it is a mashup of the first and second prototypes). Do you think WG will correct this, and how?

*Looks at the German T-25* I have my doubts.


– Which one do you think would be better: making it the first prototype (sideskirts + removing one cupola) or the second one (switch to 20pdr)?

In game, the prototype: it would sacrifice a tiny bit of mobility in exchange for having sideskirts which would increase it’s survivability quite a bit, especially against HE shells.


– If WG ever adds wheeled vehicles would this affect the Swiss tree?

Well  it would make it even better, there are few countries who could match the wheeled vehicle options the Swiss have.


-Would there be room for the tank destroyer project Taifun?

It’s part of our tree already and will in the trees current state a tier 9 TD with a 105mm L7 and posibly the option to fit an 120mm L11 gun

-And also will the Panzer 58, 61, and 68 get historical upgrades unlike how the Mutz was treated?

I’ll make sure they don’t screw it up.


-Will the Swiss tanks be made to be competitive for esports?

I am certain that some tanks will be seen in esports, especially the top tier heavy tank since it has good frontal armour and good mobility.


-Which vehicle in the theoretical Swiss tech tree has the highest top speed? Could the MOWAG Pirat become the next ELC AMX?

Top speed of the mediums and lights varies from 50km/h to 65 km/h, but the Taifun TD would have the highest Top speed at 72 km/h. [In game this may be capped at the maximum which I think is 70km/h]

Also the MOWAG Pirat is about as tall as the AMX 13 75


-Why is the Panzer 58 called Mutz?

“Mutz” means Bear in the Bernese dialect, from the canton of Bern. In addition the Coat of Armos from Bern has a Bear on it and there’s the famous Bärengraben which houses multiple bears. Bears are fierce territorial mountain dwellers, like the Swiss.


-For how long will WG neglect the 100% realistic and vast Italian tech tree ? I mean for real, the Swiss ?!

Spare that Question for the Italian Q&A coming soon.

But I do want to answer it myself. Italy does not have the best options for their top tier medium tanks and are missing a just one ideal tank for the line atm. So far the Swiss tree has solid branches and many original tanks, and the reason that it’s likely to see the Swiss before the Italians is just the fact that the Swiss tree is pretty much ready and only needs a bit of refining. If WG gets to chose between a War nation with an unfinished tree and a neutral nation with a fully fleshed out tree then you can guess what they’d pick.


-Is it possible for you to release a full tech tree of tanks instead of 1 line and then adding another line a year later, and then the final line a year after that.

Technically yes, but in practice it’s smarter for me to focus one line at a time, I have spent the last couple of months working on the Light / Med / Heavy line, after that I plan to focus on the TDs and the SPGs will be the last. Mainly because it doesn’t give everyone 40 tanks all at once which they have to learn but only like 12 or 13 which would be easier to get used to. In addition it keeps the game running for longer if they add


-What would you say might be the highlight of this potential tech tree?

I’d say the Tier 10 heavy tank, the tier 8 medium.and the Taifun TD


-Why do Swiss even have tanks they are a neutral country and never get involved in wars.

Neutral doesn’t mean pacifistic, the Swiss mindset always has been to defend the country at all costs with all means possible.back in the day we also went as far as doing shady business with Germany. So it’s only natural to see Tanks being bought or developed by Switzerland.


-Will Toblerone be food consumable?

Generally I  planned to add ‘Racelette’ as a premium consumable since Toblerone would be to similar to the Chocolate consumable used by the Germans

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Swiss Q&A with Mizutayio

32 thoughts on “Swiss Q&A with Mizutayio

  1. Aditya says:

    Amazed at accuracy of these answers!!! Unlikely in world of tanks. Looking forward to the Swiss tree. I am not one of those who comment but this Q/A, couldn’t help myself. Thanks buddy

  2. ndiver says:

    Small typo: it is not “Racelette” but “raclette”. The “muesli” could be an alternative food consumable, as it is originated from Switzerland.

  3. great Q&A, although some question were totaly out-of-place (like the one about german copies, those who have read the articles would know better, and the one about the italian tt)
    too bad the question I posted about some concept mock-ups (TD’s and SPAA vehicles, I think) found by Volketten, who helped Mizutayio, was deleted shortly after I posted it just because I linked the only photos I found of them online (you can clearly see VOLKETTEN written across them) just because they were hosted on a different blog from someone rita was close not too long ago

    1. I did read that question, yet i wanted to answer it later, it’s gonna take a couple of months till i’ll talk about that topic, but i can say 2 things so far:
      1. The top picture is a variant of the Taifun TD
      2. The bottom picture belonged to the chansard MBT project aka. NKPz. and was one of the proposed layouts of the tank

      1. thanks for replying, since you had mentioned that Vollketten did help you then who better than you to talk about those, since he didn’t talk more about it
        I just thought that since my post was deleted not long after posting that you wouldn’t have seen my question, nice to know you will talk about it sometime later when you have more info on them

      2. Anonymous says:

        Mizutayio what are the Swiss wheeled vehicles? I haven’t found anything really online about them.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I love the optimism that any of this will reach the live servers as anything like historically accurate without being hacked to pieces by WG to fit their requirements…

    1. but isn’t it like that for everysingle player proposal? the same happened to the Cech tech tree, although with all things considered most of the content in WoT is somewhat historical but that’s only because no one develops a tank to be balanced against the opposition but to be superior and for that reason they need to make some compromises
      no game developer can claim to be 100% historical content and hope for it’s game to be balanced, just look at what gaijin is doing with war thunder, it’s a game in wich it’s easy to have fun but when you are grinding you will often desperate for how unbalanced the game is at certain levels

      1. I did say I loved it (that was me, I can read & comment while at work, but not sign in…). Considering the relentless negativity and hate devoted to every WoT forum, this is remarkably positive…

  5. Dreadnought1906 says:

    I’d love to see the Panzer 68 in the game. I served in the Swiss Army in a tank batallion, and we had Panzer 68s, so that would be really cool.

  6. Jagdwerwolf says:

    Nice to see my question(s) got answered!
    Despite not being a heavy tank player, that thing looks nice, reminds me of a Leopard / Centurion combination, which is certainly not a bad thing.
    Being hopeful to see it and the Pz68 in-game someday. I can gurantee I’d play them.

    1. Jagdwerwolf says:

      Also, that autoloading G-13 sounds interesting. Could easily see that at tier 5 or 6 depending on the exact stats, and im sure itd be a fun little tank.
      And the stats mentioned for the heavies sound very nice too. 400mm mantlet armor, And presumably gun depression? Nice excuse for me to try a non-E5 heavy line, 😀
      Not really sure how to feel on the premium Tiger II idea though, could be great, could be bad, depending on the balance at the time, lol

    1. I can’t think of a Brit wheeled scout that would be above tier 2, maybe 3. During the WoT time;line there were damn few wheeled AFVs that would be anywhere above tier 4.

  7. septfox says:

    “Bears are fierce territorial mountain dwellers, like the Swiss.”

    Yes, they’re well-known for farming damage.

    Also, was I reading that right? A Hetzer with a 75mm autoloader?
    So basically…a slower e25, then?

  8. kingtrygon says:

    Panzer 68 can be the first tank in the game that fires its gun when taking fire damage and jams its turret when its radio is taken out!

  9. baileyhun says:

    The Swiss should get Swiss cheese as a premium consumable and the Swedish premium consumable currently is stupid I forgot what it is called but they need to change it to either Ikea furniture or Swedish meatballs

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